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✿ ˚₊ ꒰ — playlist i #bad
blackbear: the idea
artist: song
✿ ˚₊ ꒰ — playlist ii #sad
paramore: last hope live version
artist: song
✿ ˚₊ ꒰ — playlist Iii #mad
bad omens: dethrone
artist: song
✿ ˚₊ ꒰ — playlist Iv #hAPPY
stephen sanchez: until i found you
artist: song
PSG was established with the intention to create a space where everyone can rant, confess, share some unpopular opinions or leave some song recommendations.
this is just a formalty :D be nice y'all this is not a request [ submit HERE ]
we are open for some rants, unpopular opinions, confessions and some song recommendations!


an extended (lengthy) version of the rules that no one asked for but is absolutely necessary

  1. this space is for those of you who have no one to talk to, there were a lot of times where i wanted to tell somone some things but i was afraid they'd tell someone else behind my back orz. so i would make multiple accounts just to rant and that was just a lot of work... right, rule no.1 you can talk about absolutely anything here, there are no restrictions as to what you may submit. you want to talk about the snakes you called friends, your toxic partners, bad experiences in general.. any unpopular opinions that you may have, people you miss.. this is supposed to be a safe space, keep your minds open and do not judge, everyone is entitled to their own opinions (try not to uh have opinions of others' opinions. yep, that sounds a lot better.).
  2. don't have anything to submit? well, that's alright, feel free to send in songs that make you #happy, songs you listen to when you're #sad or when you're #mad  or songs that are so #bad  you loop them till you get sick of them. people are always looking for song recommendations. Your favourite song might become someone's new favourtie song too! The songs that helped you through your dark days might just help someone too. (this isn't even a rule orz)
pspspsps taking everyone back to rule one "try not to have opinions of others' opinions" and remember to be kind! we all agree and disagree but we're trying to create a safe space not start a war so submissions that are neither kind nor encouraging to a certain anon will not be published.
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