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bad news: i've kinda gotten writer's block so i haven't been able to finish the next chapter for 925 >:T
good news(?): i'm dipping my toes into creating twt aus??? i've posted 2 so far (heehye & chuuves) but i'm still kinda shy abt it so i won't drop the username just yet ;P

anyway, yea, that's p much it. here's a snippet of what i've written so far! (sorry again! it's not much but it's smthn yk?) :]







"Isn't it cute?"


Hyeju jumps in her seat, clutching the cup sleeve and holds it up to her chest as she glares at the chuckling barista. She lets out an annoyed huff as she relaxes her tense body. Looking at the cup sleeve doodle again, she purses her lips. "It's.. alright. Did you run out of pick-up lines?" Then tucks it away in her bag.


"Pshhh~ No..? Whatever. Just shush." Heejin pouts. This girl really loves to trigger my cuteness aggression. "Also, hey, I thought we were way past your hard-to-get front with me?"


"Since when did we establish that?"


"Since you looked very comfy in my old dance troupe shirt." She wiggles her eyebrows as she whispers, "Don't think I didn't catch you sniffing my shirt!"


(Hyeju patiently waits for the oil to heat up. Leaning on the counter, she dusts off her shirt and shorts. It was a subconscious action, but now it's got her acutely aware that she just slept in Heejin's room and is actively wearing her clothes too.. Unashamedly, Hyeju brings up the shirt to her nose and breathes in a huge inhale of the faint scent lingering within the cloth.)


(Oblivious to Hyeju, Heejin's sneaking around the corner, accidentally catching her in the act. The barista flushed a bright red. Hyeju takes one last quick whiff then starts to prep the other ingredients for brunch. Heejin wasn't really prepared to make her presence known, but a yawn's threatening to come out. Her efforts to fight it are futile as Hyeju suddenly teases, "For a gal working in a café in the mornings 'til the afternoon, you wake up pretty late.")


Hyeju's the one to flare up now that Heejin revealed she caught her. Heejin laughs, loud and proud. The barista even teases her about how red the tips of her ears are. Hyeju lowers her head on the table and covers herself with her arms. Heejin's laughter lessens up. "Awh, Hyeju, don't be embarrassed! I found it cute, not creepy, I swear!"


Hyeju turns her head, glaring at the amused barista with a pout. Heejin lets out a puff of laughter through her nose at the girl's dramatics. She crosses her arms. "To make it fair, I actually missed you. A whole lot if you want me to be real honest."


If it were her friends that said all that, Hyeju would've bust out laughing and even pointing at them, but this is Heejin, the girl she's completely enamored with. So, Hyeju wears the same blush as the barista, much more flustered than earlier. "..You missed me?"


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Chapter 3: Do we will get more chapters? This is fun story! I reaaaally LOVE to read more 💕
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Love the story 💕