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A/N: the fact this is longer than the 1st chapter? over 3k words??? everyone say thank you AJ (ao3 anonymous user!) for leaving a comment bcs if they didnt i wouldnt have written a follow-up chapter of this heehye fic

also i went to a ridiculous route with the fic's direction so like . haha this is my attempt at crack .. or humor in general idk this is gna be funny at all

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"You said WHAT?"


Hyeju winces at the volume change. "Shut up! I know! It was stupid. You don't know how much it's been haunting me at night, Yerim." She groans, tapping the floor with her heel as she scratches her head.


Yerim frowns. "And you're sure this was the same café I told you about?"


"The café in District 5, across the bridal shop, between the thrift shop and that English academy? Then, yeah, that one." She lets out another whine. "Uhgfmn.. I don't even get WHY I said that?! I just wanted to say thanks to that barista, I mean, the pretty barista.. Maybe, that contributed to my nerves?? But at the same time, it was an unfamiliar area, so—"


Having had enough of listening to this girl ramble for the past 20 minutes, Yerim takes ahold of Hyeju's shoulders and violently shakes her out of her trance. "HELLO? You're malfunctioning like crazy! You've got to calm down, Hye. This is like the most I've ever heard you talk in, well, since we met in kindergarten..!"


Hyeju looks like she's about to burst into tears. Instead, she lets herself fall back onto the couch's cushions. "I swear this is your fault," She jokes.


"My fault? I wasn't even there at the crime scene!" Yerim defends.


"Exactly. If you were there I wouldn't have panicked that badly." Her leg continues bouncing. "You and your tendency to ditch me the moment Yeojin becks for your call, I swear it's gonna get me killed one day."


The older slaps her hand over Hyeju's thigh, effectively stopping her fidgets. "She told me it was urgent."


"And would you kindly admit out loud what it was?"


"..Julian left her Animal Crossing town."








"What the hell happened to you?" Vivi pinches her nose, taking big steps away from Yeojin. "You're gonna stink up the place." She's trying her best not to gag, just so the younger wouldn't feel embarrassed. No one's got the heart to say the kid's already humiliated at this point out loud.


Yeojin aggressively throws off her apron and polo shirt. "A couple of homeless people decided to set up camp in our dumpsters.." She snatches a couple of wet wipes and wipes it all over the areas that got hit with both solid and liquid rubbish. "I'm sure you can piece together what happened."


Heejin just so happens to come in the bathroom, exchanges looks with her boss and half- coworker, and promptly leaves without a single peep.


Yeojin heavily sighs with a frown. Gripping the edge of the sink, she wonders, "I look horrendous, don't I?"


"No, you're fine," Vivi tries to reassure her. "You just need to freshen up..?"


Heejin bursts through the bathroom door again, this time, with extra clothes and a bar of soap. "Uh, I don't really know if these are gonna fit, but I hope this helps ya, Yeo!" She sets the items down atop the counter. "I can tell Hyunjin to guard the door for a bit so you can," She vaguely gestures to her figure. "Yeah.."


Strangely enough, this is yet another normal work day for those who work at 1/3 Café. The whole gang's here for once! Heejin doesn't really know why or how, but she's gonna assume it's Haseul's doing since Heejin knows she's been noticeably lacking during her shifts lately and her coworkers are clearly not having any of it.


"You seriously need to get up, Heejin. I can't stand you getting this weak in the knees. I thought you might've had fun with a girl, but no, you're just sulking over that girl you served 5 days ago!" Hyunjin suddenly blurts out as they wash up the dishes.


Heejin blinks at her, immediately halting her actions. "Damn?? I know you had that marinating for a while now, huh?"


She side-eyes her. "I'm not playing around, Heejin."


The barista pouts. "Hyunjin, if I knew you'd start getting braver after getting Chaewon's number, I would've started your villain origin story."


Hyunjin raises her dish soap foam covered gloves, balled up in a fist, making Heejin flinch. "Oh, you little—"




"What if she's lying to you?"


"Hyeju, I don't even get why you're here with me. I didn't even ask you to tag along," Yerim complains.


"I just wanna make sure this isn't another one of Yeojin's stunts again." Hyeju walks ahead then turns around to keep on messing with the older girl. "What if it's Pokémon this time? I'll break her 3DS—"




Yerim can only watch the scene unfold before her. Two baristas covered in foam and dish soap water come rushing out of the 1/3 Café. Hyunjin doesn't look too pleased with Heejin, and Yerim can only wonder why. It gets better when Hyeju recognizes Heejin and bumps right into a pole because of her staring.


"!" She curses out loud the moment her hit the ground, earning the attention of passerby's and, most importantly, Heejin's too. The barista, not wasting a single beat, rushes up to Hyeju, only for Hyunjin to finally get her hands on her.


It happens all too fast.








For the first time in her life, Hyeju blushes a deep crimson as she looks up at the handsomely pretty barista she had told she was proud of on that faithful first time visit 5 days ago. How, just how, is she supposed to react when that same barista is on top of her, breathing out labored breaths and is wearing the same blush as her as they stare with the same panic behind their eyes?





"Holy ," Yeojin breathes out in amazement then bursts into evil laughter as she pokes Hyeju's sides. "Ahh, gay , ahhh."


Hyeju, grown tired of living at the ripe age of 19-years-old, just looks up at Yerim with pleading, sad eyes as she continues sulking on 1/3 cafe's bathroom tiled floor.


"Im Yeojin," Yerim warns.


She squeaks, "I love you..?"


"Yeojin, I love you too, but try again." Yerim holds her glare.


Yeojin's back slumps with a pout. "I will behave."


"Thank you."


The trio then stand around the bathroom, all thinking about different scenarios when one of the toilets flushes and the stall's door opens slowly with a prolonged squeak, revealing,


"Chaewon?" Hyeju looks at her in shock. "W-what are you doing here?" She asked and checks the rest of the stalls out of panic. Fortunately enough, no one else is around.


"Hi," Chaewon waves at them, then heads over to the sink to wash up. "I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but did they really kiss?" She looks at Yerim through the mirror.


Yerim glances at Hyeju then at Chaewon. She gingerly nods. "Yeah, I saw it."


She stops the sink. "Seriously?" Chaewon turns around to make direct eye contact with Hyeju as she dries off.


"Why?" Yeojin looks at them. "Is there something I don't know?"


Hyeju massages her temple. "I've never kissed anyone before. She stole my first kiss. I-I don't know why I even hold some sort of importance over it. It's not like I don't want to kiss Heejin, but I would've liked if it was at the right moment, you know? Like maybe after a date or something." She looks up at her friends. "Sorry. I'm rambling."


Yeojin snorts. "Since when were you such a romantic? Ouch!?" She sputters, clutching her side that Yerim just jabbed. "I think you hit an important organ or something, Yerim.."


Unphased, Chaewon perks up with a story to tell. "Oh, have I told you girls when Hyeju had a crush on me, she—"


"LET'S NOT BRING UP THE PAST RIGHT NOW.." Hyeju pinches the bridge of her nose with an annoyed groan. "Seriously? You know what, whatever, I don't care right now. What do I even say to her out there?" She lazily raises her arm to gesture to the door.




"Am I gonna get arrested for this? W-we—I kissed her without consent! I'm sure there's something about that in the law or whatever." Heejin paces around the locker room. "No one's even gonna assure me that I'm not going to jail for this?" She glares at her coworkers.


Hyunjin shrugs. "I've had my fair share of time in that place. Wouldn't really recommend it." She waves a dismissive hand at Heejin reacting to her admission of being a convicted criminal. "Forget it. I'm the one at fault, don't you agree? If I didn't push you, we wouldn't be here right now."


"You are absolutely useless to me," Heejin tells Hyunjin straight up and turns to the only two that's somewhat responsible and smart enough. "Thoughts?"


"And prayers. I don't know what you're expecting from us." Vivi and Haseul exchange looks like "are these really the same kids people are saying are our future?"




"You're not helping, Yeojin." Hyeju shuts her down immediately.


"I haven't even said my idea yet?!"


"No, she's right. Let her say her idea at least." Yerim gestures for her to go on.


"Thank you!" Yeojin clears as if she's about to say something seriously helpful for once. "I really just think you should tell Heejin you liked it."


"Yeojin, do you take constructive criticism?"


"Oh, no, I only take cash or credit, Chaewon."


Chaewon shoves her in a stall for their collective peace. After slamming the door shut, Yeojin knocks again and again as she whines. "No, please, I'm gonna behave, guys, please."


Yerim shakes her head no when Chaewon looks at her. The latter mischievously grins. "Sorry, Yeojin, Yerim just gave me the green light to keep you locked in there."


Hyeju lets her body fall limp as her friends start bickering. She loves them, sure, but sometimes a little help would be nice every now and then. Hell, she'll even take a simple "just go out there, Hyeju." Or, you know, just anything to motivate her to even try.


And maybe someone up above does listen, 'cause the bathroom door swings open and Vivi nods at Hyeju. "Can you come out here? I think you and Heejin have something to sort out. Thanks." Then she shoots an apologetic smile and leaves.


Hyeju purposefully bumps her head against the wall. "."




"Hey," Heejin eases up a bit once she sees Hyeju coming in the room. She goes to stand up, but opts that it might be better if she doesn't do anything to overwhelm the girl.


Hyeju gives a tight-lipped smile the moment she sat opposite to Heejin. "Hey," She returns and silence envelopes them quickly.


Heejin fiddles with her hoodie's sleeve. "Uh, I'm sorry—"




Their heads shoot up at the same time and they share a little laugh. Hyeju's the first to look away, mostly from her heart not really taking Heejin's smile well.


The barista huffs out a puff of a giggle through her nose at the red hue noticeably building up in Hyeju's ear. "Can I go first?"


The request makes Hyeju turn to her again, with an amused smile dancing across her lips now. She rests her cheek atop her fist. "You went off script."




"Normally, wouldn't we be stuttering and saying the same stuff back and forth like 'oh, you go first' or does that only happen in movies?"


She laughs with a crinkle of her eyes and nose. "I think that only happens in movies."


This time, Hyeju smiles with teeth. Pretending to be shocked at the info, she looks at Heejin like she's lying. "Really? Darn." She chuckles a bit. "Anyway, sorry, go on, I just found it funny you said that instead of the cliché."


Heejin breathes in. "I'm so sorry for what happened out there. Hyunjin also extends her apologies. We were, uh, f-fighting about something and she really wanted to kill me." Hyeju raises an eyebrow. "Trust me. I know. She always resorts to murder to solve problems."


The girl blinks at her with wide eyes. "I'm kidding! She totally isn't a criminal at all. We're just regular baristas here, heh.." Heejin scratches her cheek. "I'm going off track.. But, yeah, I can't possibly apologize enough for all the trouble and the accidental.. Yeah.. I mean, you can report me or something. I don't know. Just anything you think I deserve, I'm willing to accept it without any questions on my end."


Hyeju just tilts her head around, humming as she does so. She squints at Heejin, stressing the barista out a bit. Drumming her fingers against her cheek, Hyeju purses her lips. "I should report you to the authorities and basically ruin your life."


Not really expecting the worst-case scenario to happen, Heejin chokes on nothing. She coughs out, "Wh-what..?"


The girl gets on her feet to pat the barista's back. "Oh, jeez, I was joking! You're too pretty for jail time."


"Eh? Then—"


"Go on a date with me?"


Heejin chokes again. As she coughs, she waves Hyeju off. "Excuse me. What?!"




Hyeju stares at her.


She stares back.


"Oh, you're.. serious?" Heejin questions. "Like this is really happening?" She looks around. "Is this some sick YouTube prank video? Did you pay my coworkers for this? I knew you were too cute to be a real customer. You're an actress—"


"Hey." The said girl immediately places her full attention on Hyeju. "Alright. I'll be serious, serious. Can we just start over?"


"Start over..?"






Hyeju offers her hand. "Hi. I'm Son Hyeju."


Heejin quirks an eyebrow. 'Really?'


'Yes, really.'


With a smile, she takes Hyeju's hand and shakes it. "Nice to meet you. I'm Jeon Heejin."


"Now, can I get your number?" Hyeju teases with a cheeky grin.


Heejin releases her hand and throws it away. "You know, for someone who called me out for not following clichés, you really aren't a romantic, are you?"


"Well, nothing about what happened with us screams romantic." She shrugs.


"You're right."







"Venti Carmel Frappuccino with non-fat coconut milk, exactly 2 1/2 cups of sugar with 4 chocolate drizzles, 6 1/2 pump of caramel drizzle, 3 expresso shots mixed in extra whip cream, as well as birthday cake pop mixed in with a bit of strawberries on top, chocolate flakes, pump of vanilla, one pump of hazelnut, banana slices mixed in, chocolate shavings coating the bottom, cinnamon dolce and just a pinch of matcha powder." Jiwoo flashes that same triumphant grin at a mildly-ticked off Haseul.


Hyunjin glances at Haseul. "Is that all, girls?"


Chaewon's the one to grin this time, and Hyunjin knows she's done for. Only for short "a cold, hot chocolate" to come out of her lips.


Furrowing her eyebrows, she exchanges a look with Haseul, who shrugs in return then goes to mind her business making Jiwoo's order. Hyunjin tilts her head. "So.. just chocolate milk?"


"No. I want a cold, hot chocolate," Chaewon states as if that clarified anything for the confused barista.


"Jeez, Hyunjin, don't you know how to make a cold, hot chocolate? How'd you even get hired by Vivi like this?" Heejin strolls up next to the younger barista, clicking her tongue as she scolds her. When Hyunjin deflates, she fights back the urge to point and laugh. "Dude, c'mon, it's just milk, chocolate syrup, with a little ice."


Hyunjin flutters her eyes shut, her hand grips the pen and cup a bit tighter before relaxing with a sigh. She turns back to Chaewon, who smiles at her like an angel. Her right eye twitches. "Oh, why, of course. How stupid of me! I'll get you that cold-hot chocolate right away."


Once Hyunjin went on to prepare the order, she and Haseul both grumbled about their strange girls' orders.


"Yah, Jeon Heejin," Hyunjin nudges the said girl. "Does Hyeju pull these type of pranks with you?"


Haseul smacks the back of Hyunjin's head. "Stupid. Hyeju hasn't come by at all after you and your grubby paws caused all that trouble."


At this point, is anything considered normal at a typical shift for those who work at the 1/3 Café? Hyunjin's admitted time and time again that she's gotten into shady businesses, Haseul's a Leo, Yeojin's Yeojin, Vivi is just there to enable their behavior, and Heejin's.. easily susceptible to falling in love with girls who look like they can kill but are actually cinnamon rolls.


Say speak of the devil since the bell's ringing and guess who comes in with a tight-lipped smile. Heejin still feels her nerves act up the moment they lock gazes, but pushes through because of homoual tendencies.


"Welcome back to 1/3 Café! What can I get for you today, Hyeju?"


Hyeju smirks. "Do you know why it's named 1/3 now?"


"Actually, I do." Heejin puffs up.


"Oh? Do tell~"


"The 1 is for our boss, Vivi. The 3 is for me, Hyunjin and Haseul. Apparently, Yeojin's the slash since she pretty much does a bunch of odd jobs here and there for the café." The barista ends the explanation with a proud stance and a smug smirk. "Now, can I get your order?" 


"Wow." Hyeju chuckles fondly at Heejin. "Just an Iced Americano like last time."




Ice, expresso and chilled water in a cup; Heejin prepares it quickly and with a dash of love sprinkled in, or more accurately, written in. Calling for Hyeju's name, Heejin bravely shoots a wink, throwing the girl off-guard enough to get a faint blush out of her. Instead of hiding away, Hyeju sits with Jiwoo and Chaewon.


The three baristas lean back on the counter, horribly failing to hide their longing stares at a particular booth. Yeojin's going around checking in on their customers. She notices her coworkers' gazes and points it out to the three girls, who immediately look and wave with a smile.


They look away right away, some choking on nothing and the other trying to suppress the squeal she so desperately wants to let out. Heejin grabs a towel and starts uselessly wiping the counter, Hyunjin messes around with the cups and Haseul shoves her head in the fridge.


Hyunjin fans herself with tugging her collar. "So, Heejin!" The girl jumps at the unexpected name call. "Any progress with Hyeju?"


"Surprisingly, yes." Heejin sticks her tongue out a bit to tease.


Haseul scoots closer. "Seriously? What'd you do?"


Just as Heejin's about to flaunt, her phone vibrates in her back pocket. She exaggerates her gasp. "Right on time!" Fishing out the phone, Heejin shows them the notif. "Look who just secured Hyeju's number."


". You." Hyunjin shoves her with a deep scowl.


Haseul erupts with a cackle. "Aha!" She points and laughs at Hyunjin. "You owe me big time, Hyunjin!"


Heejin puts a hand up to her chest in offense. "What the?? Did you two bet on my love life? How much did you two put in?"


"What? Are you insane? We'd never bet money on you, Heejin." Hyunjin shuts her down. "I bet my day off on you taking a whole month."


Heejin rolls her eyes. "Well, jokes on you. I only took a week and a half!" She looks over at Haseul. "Wait, why aren't you bitter about me being faster than you two?"


"Huh?" Haseul looks up from her own phone. The same-aged baristas raise their eyebrows in suspicion. "Oh, Jiwoo's my girlfriend now."











Unknown Number sent a photo!


Unknown Number: "Been thinking about you a latte."

Unknown Number: Seriously, Jeon Heejin?




jyujyu: So strange.


says the one who said "im proud of you" the first time we met???


jyujyu: .

jyujyu: hey




jyujyu: Good job today. I'm proud of you :]


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