The remaining 1%


A mysterious new recruit stylist for a well known Idol Group started her first day in a strange way.

She was beautiful. She was fantastic. 
She was too perfect. Someone that 99% of the people admires but she met that 1% that didn't. How would she react? 

Minatozaki Sana x Chou Tzuyu AU Fanfic


This is a work of fiction. Celebrity's name that are involve in here doesn't imply to their real life, this story don't have anything to do to their real lives. Their personality, gender etc. is of imagination. Any scene is pure imagination. Similar involvement in real life is pure coincidence. This story is OPEN to any types of love, uality, personality, and etc. This story may contain curse words. If I ever offended you with any particular scene in this story please let me know politely and I'll correct my wrong. I'll be putting warnings on chapters with mature scenes or chapter that I think may trigger other people.

Thank you for reading this and enjoy!
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