discord kitten looking to fc and be fced


minors interact (hags dni) (or do)

title is a lie i'm not a discord kitten (meows)


just as the title says, i'm looking for someone to fc. i don't really see these idols in roleplays so if you're under 18, this is a call for you. i have a lot of affection to spare. i'm not very active in joining rps anymore so i decided to try my luck here. you could apply to be my friend (with or without benefits) or a plotting partner 

more about me 

  • minus timezone with a fairly regular sleep schedule. 
  • i'd prefer something more casual and laid back but plotting wise i'm semi lit. 
  • i love dad jokes. my form of affection is playful banter. 
  • underage. 
  • fcs change depending on my mood but i'm usually ive's wonyoung or enhypens jungwon. of course, you can also tell me who you'd like me to fc (real). 
  • some of the fcs i'd like to woohoo with are tnx junhyuk eunhwi, enhypen niki, treasure junghwan haruto doyoung, epex jeff, p1harmony intak and mcnd win. 
  • grant my wish and i'd be open to granting any of yours. 
  • my love language is quality time so you'd be receiving all of my attention. i'll watch anything with you, even anime. 
  • platoforms are kik, twt, line, kkt, messenger, ig, discord 
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