Charity Case: Cancer Szn Repellent.


we must overcome the last hurdle before Hot Summer. mdni.


heyyy. you're suffering because of cancer szn? or just needed someone to complain to about your inner suffering? you came to the right place! i, (op) am the same so we can do something about that. been craving some attention in Bold


  • plus side, and fairly busy with a painfully normal sleep schedule. (I Know. the grass got to me.) i reply pretty fast whenever i can though.
  • 20+, and i'd preferably like you to be near my age as well!
  • if it matters, i usually fc men with a few girls there and there. would very Gladly fc anyone you want too. (REAL) (FACECHASED)
  • up for anything. and i mean Everything. hb session and spotify session? yeah i'm clingy and i'm nosy about your taste count me in. trauma dump about your ex? i'll be on your side. cpdp and match statuses to be obnoxious? being obnoxious is my full time job actually. dragging me to your next rp? thankfully i'm a doll.
  • not really a gamer #SorryToDisappoint. but i'd gladly crank out my gaming skills to plato with you. or maybe even ml. (if you're  a streamer i will be your #1 Fan.)
  • not really actively looking for anything atm, but if things get swaying then i'm not opposed to it.


if that interests you, (yes it did.) drop your dc tag in my pms and i'll get back to you soon! cannot wait to see U.

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