Devil´s Riddle

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  Xiaojun and Kun are working for the Special Police Department. Their job is to read and save memories so they can be used in court. An old closed case seems to be resurfacing, and the team has little time to solve the case...
Devil´s Riddle


Kun and Xiaojun work for the Federal Police Agency as Special Agents. An old case of a serial killer that was closed as unsolved years ago seems to resurface. The team is joined by Yangyang and Ten. The skills of each team member form a task force with little time to catch the killer. Old and new evidence, new crime scenes, and tensions between team members complicate the investigation. Will they solve the puzzle and catch the killer this time... or will the killer be able to get away again?



Reading Example  (Age order = Ten - Yangyang - Kun - Xiaojun)



"You are completely crazy." Kun mobbed Xiaojun again, but he just ignored him.
Xiaojun looked at Yangyang.

"Remember the plan?" Xiaojun whispered.
"We're not even hiding. What's with the ing whispers?!" Ten complained, and several people around him flinched.
"Sshhh!!!" Xiaojun was excited.
Kun slapped his head.
"What was that for?" he huffed, but Kun just sighed. "Nuts. You're NUTS."
"Is that your favorite word?!" roared Xiaojun, pouting.
"It's the only word that fits your damn head. Did you upload your brain somewhere too?"
Before Xiaojun could punch him, he felt a hand on his back. "Xiaojun, this is illegal. What the hell are you doing?"
"Sometimes you just have to be brave."
"This isn't brave. This is ing mind control!" snapped Yangyang.
"Let's look at it ... As a good opportunity to deepen the relationship between the government library and four young and healthy cops in their prime to solve a case."
"You're nuts!" muttered Kun, starting to leave.



Yangyang whined in annoyance. He agreed. They had all agreed to this ridiculous and dangerous plan. They would all be fired. Not just fired, they would be put in the bottomless hole of the most brutal and cruel prison ever built. Probably somewhere near the core of the earth.
He followed Kun into the library.
A young woman was sitting at the desk. He immediately entered her mind.
She began typing on the computer, and he searched the database.
Yangyang stared at the screen through her eyes and remembered the floor.
He left her mind.
She seemed a little daze but looked up.
"Can I help you, gentlemen?" she asked.
"Yes, we're with the Federal police. This is my partner. We need information about a case that happened in 2099. It's ID 3204398."



"Nice." Xiaojun hopped around like a bunny when Kun waved his hand, and they entered the library, followed by Ten.
They had been looking for ordinary murder crimes a few years ago, which was confidential to disguise their reason for coming.
Yangyang approached them and turned his head to the left to cover his eyes again.
"It's the basement." He said, and Kun pouted.

"YA! SHUT UP!" Xiaojun exploded, only to blush as the entire library seemed to stare at him.
"Sorry..." he whispered, tiptoeing after Ten. This was so super cool. His plan was fantastic.
A security guard stood up as they approached the basement door.
"Sir, can I help you?"
"Now..." whispered Xiaojun, and the policeman's eyes went rigid. He turned and typed something into his computer.
"Section B, seat 334." Yangyang muttered, staring at a nonexistent point. Xiaojun was shaking with excitement.
"I can hold his mind for twenty minutes, not a second longer, or I'll damage his brain. I froze the cameras. Hurry." said Yangyang, and Xiaojun walked through the door, followed by Ten and Kun.



Ten strolled confidently down the hall.
As expected, Xiaojun looked painfully uninterested, which made him suspicious.
"Stop that." snapped Kun at him, and Ten grinned.
So far, so good.
In front of them was a large sign that said Section B was on the right. They turned and hurried but not too suspiciously.
Ten checked the time. Eighteen minutes to go.
Finally, they stopped in front of the large door that led to Section B, cases 300 to 400. Another policeman sat in front of it.
"Sir, can I help you?"
"Yes, we are from the Federal Police Department and need to check some files."
"I need to verify that you can look at these files. Please tell me the security code."



Kun wanted to cry out in relief. Xiaojun had planned it this way, and everything was going smoothly.
He jumped into the officer's head and read off the security code from the paper he was holding.
The officer rubbed his temple as he left his mind again.
"Okay, gentlemen. Please follow me." he said when Kun repeated the code for him.
Kun looked at his watch. Fifteen minutes to go.
They followed the officer through a jumble of small hallways, and finally, he opened one of the large desks.
"Here are the files, Sir. Let me know when you're done."
Kun nodded. "Thank you."
The officer left.
Ten threw almost everything on the table as he closed the door and began laying out the paper clips. Yangyang grabbed them and handed them to Xiaojun in a steady rhythm as Xiaojun photographed each file.
And it was a LOT.



Yangyang focused on the officer's mind.
To him, leaving his mind would be like nothing had happened. But they had to be careful, so he had to control him to the end.
Six minutes were left, and no sign of his teammates.
"Hurry." he whispered, continuing to stay in the camera's blind spot.



Xiaojun was getting dizzy from blinking so much. They had almost finished all the documents, and now he was looking at some videos and saving them under their original file name.
"We have to hurry up. Yangyang can't control him for that long."
"I know."
"There's no way we can copy everything. We copied all the important data and the videos. Let's go back." He heard Kun's voice and sighed.
As he touched his tattoo, he felt himself losing his balance.
Strong arms wrapped around him. "Are you okay?"
"Y...Yeah. Just saved up too fast." He mumbled, and Ten helped him regain his balance.
They packed everything back into the box and hurriedly left the room towards the main room.



Yangyang had to leave his mind.
He had one minute left, and the officer's nose was already starting to bleed. He tried to be as careful as possible, but he already knew all his secrets.
Suddenly the door opened.
"Ya, he's bleeding!" urged Ten.
"You're two minutes late!" shouted Yangyang back, but they turned around in front of the desk.
Yangyang left his mind.
The officer looked at them.
"Sir, can I help you?" he asked.



Xiaojun was stunned. The officer didn't remember them at all.
"We're looking for Section D." Ten said, and the officer sighed.
"This is section B, Gentlemen. Section D is on the seventh floor."
"Ah, thank you very much. Sorry to bother you, sir."
"No problem." The policeman muttered and shook his head.

Kun  - (Legal Society Name Jeon Gon)


Mutant ( Mind Catcher)

Calm and rational personality


So Deokjun (Prefers to be addressed with Xiaojun)


Human (Saver)

Hyper and overexcited personality


Yangyang (Legal Society Name JOO YangYang)


Mutant (Mind Controller)

Very cautious personality 


Ten  (Legal Society Name Lee Young Heum)


Mutant (Death Catcher)

Impulsive Personality



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author's note

Hi guys, 
I'm not usually cocky, but the story is really good, and the plot is REALLY good. But... the story is about four cops chasing a serial killer and trying to find him based on evidence. 
And that's the point... the story is very detailed. That means that every injury, every clue, and every possible help to the killer is explained by me. And the evidence is ed up, I promise. In addition, the victims are relatively young and female. So I want to point out that this fic probably has all the triggers that there are ;-) 

Anyone who has read my other fics (Count on me is a good example) knows that by triggers, I mean real triggers, not a bit of crying over a black eye. 
I don't want any whining later. 
So if you want to chase a serial killer with me, then sub ;-) If you want to read fluffy fluff stuff, please sub to "One day is not enough" ;-)











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