Forbidden but I love you


Dongwoon is a vampire who have a human lover, Gikwang. But, it is forbidden because his step brother, Junhyung really hate humans especially this fully human, Gikwang. With the hatred, Dongwoon will protect his lover from his brother and he will change his brother's heart to like human because of his son like human too!



Okay, don't kill me if the story wasn't really good. My English is really bad but it because I love to write online and have fun on here, I would to do so. Hehe! :D


Lee Gikwang -

22 year old

Fully human

Dongwoon's lover

Love everything, caring, always acts cute


Son Dongwoon -

Fully Vampire

Likes human

Gikwang's lover

Human's heart


Yong Junhyung -

Fully Vampire

Hate human, in the end likes human

Hyunseung's lover/husband

Annoying family member


Yoon Doojoon -

Half human, half vampire

Likes Yoseob

Yoseob's boyfriend

Make funny things, live in human world


Yang Yoseob -

Fully Vampire

Doojoon's lover

Love humans

Junhyung and Hyunseung's son

Logic brain cells


Jang Hyunseung -

Fully Vampire

Junhyung's lover/wife

Agree with human

Very beautiful, happy, mood maker in family

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