The First Sire (under editing)

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“WAIT!…you said what Chaeryeong-ah?!”

“Huh? I said we gotta have to be back to our masters for safety measures but since you said there’s no danger so...” only to be stopped by Joy.

“ that one…you said Chaeyoung’s rut is coming??”

“Uh…yes(?) urmm…I..I mean both Master and I are *cough* having our ruts after one and another, and I..I just finish my rut a week ago, so..yeah…I just thought that…that Master might gonna has one in near future” the shy Aquarius’ vessel became so red because of her own answer.

“Wah..HAHAHAHA…Omonaa…’s gonna be merrier soon hahaha”, the Loyal Vessels just stared at their teacher with confused looks due to Joy’s weird reaction.





A continuant story, based on a story entitled “Apotelesma” by mndzjn2748 author-nim. The story is taking a setup of the werewolf dimension with a modern-day setting in which realms, kingdoms, and empires exist. It is kind of the aftermath of the battle and takes place after Jeongyeon recovered. This short-chaptered story is focused on Dubchaeng featuring Wenhyo, 2yeon, Satzu, Mimo, Itzy, and some RV.


A couple of weeks ago, I randomly stumbled upon this wonderful story:

I never thought that I would be so immersed in a story to the point, in which, it’s bugging me for weeks.  The relationships between characters in the story were portrayed in a very refreshing way that I have never read before. I’ve been wishing to have the continuant of this story, however the last time the author-nim updating was dated back in mid of 2021, and I know it would be so inconsiderate of me if I ask for some epilogue to the author. Thus, here I am, humbly trying my best to write down some ideas that have been bugging me for weeks.

All credit for the characters belongs to the original author of the story. I merely took part by writing the plot of this story based on the original story. Please, do read the original story for a better understanding of the story.

And since English is not a mother tongue of mine and I pretty much have no skill in writing, I humbly hope you will be able to enjoy this story. Any constructive comments and suggestions (as well as, urmm maybe, requests, still not sure if I’m up to this level tho haha) are welcomed.

Thanks :D

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