[ 𝐁𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐍𝐄𝐖𝐒 ] 📷 DISPATCH ROLEPLAY 📷 ACTIVTY CHECK IN PROGRESS! Come back soon to apply! non-au, facebook, semi-crack & semi-lit roleplay. join us now, we have many face claims available! BLACKPINK needs lisa!

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pw: what's a unique fact about your muse?
news mod. shared rules.
9 hrs ago ·
0. read everything, including the chat box on the right!
pretty straightforward, right? come online at least 4 times a week, post in groups, interact, get crazy! hiding in pm won't cut it and neither will changing dps because we need to know you're alive. be active within the first 48hr of joining or you will be removed.
2.one account per head. we know you love multiple muses but double accounting isn't allowed here. if you get caught, you will be removed and blacklisted from joining. though! you can have fun with mutiple muses in the next rule.
3. tcc & cc. unlimited. there is a one week ban upon entering the roleplay. tccs last five days. there is a two week period between tccs, and you must wait one month after ccing to tcc or cc again. (if you tcc and would like to cc to someone different than your tcc, you are free to do so as well.)
4. RELAtionships. we love them! however, there is a two week dating ban upon arrival. please state in your application if you're a move-in couple. please keep the age gap between you and your partner under ten (10) years.
5. stan loona, stan talent but don't just stan your fave, which means don't be biased, facechase or godmod. be respectful and mindful of the community as well.
6. DRAMA. we're called dispatch, so we'll expect a little here and there. however, keep ic and ooc drama limited and controlled. the pw is in the status box at the top of this page. should issues escalate, the mods will step in to moderate.
7. hiatus & semi-hiatus. there will be a post within the roleplay to write down your hiatus. hiatuses are max one month and semi-hiatuses are max two-weeks. please message the mods if you need any extensions.
8. 18+ content. please keep all rated posts (including shared content from pages/groups)  behind closed doors or in the group itself.
9. COMMUNITY. only keep members of dispatch in your circle. we are a closed roleplay, meaning do not add anyone that's not a part of us!
breaking mod. shared how to join.
9 hrs ago 
1. subscribe, upvote (if you can) and find your desired faceclaim. shortcut: use ctrl+f to search quicker!
Our ban list includes the following:
- deceased idols.
- those involved in burning sun.
- minors / idols younger than 18 internationally.
- aoa & april members.
- baek sumin, dana lee, eddy kim, haha, iu, jay park, kangin, kiji kush, jamie park, park yury, roy kim, saay, son hwamin, kris wu, yongguk (jbj), yoo jaesuk, lucas, others who state they would not like to be roleplayed.
- currently married idols (ex: taeyang, chen, sungmin (suju), bobby, etc.)
2. comment the below application:
name of muse.
muse's age.

3. accepted? perfect! you have 48hr to dm us your profile link. from there, you will be instructed on everything you need to do to officially be a part of the community.
4. to help with the process:
- clean your account from any previous roleplays or to your heart's desires.
- make sure all of your settings are set to friends/friends of friends. a quick way of doing so is limiting past posts if you're recycling an account. 
- make sure your friend's list is completely clean (move-in couples are exempt)
5. welcome to dispatch!
news mod. shared masterlist + Wishlist.
9 hrs ago ·
reserved(date). taken. TCC. *COMPLETE*
aespa. karina 
ATEEZ. san seonghwa mingi
blackpink. jennie rose jisoo
BTS. taehyung jungkook JHope
ENHYPEN. jungwon jake sunghoon JAY
EXO. kai
FROMIS_9. hayoung
GOT7. Jackson (07/12)
loona. chuu yeojin Heejin yves hyunjin oliviahye choerry jinsoul
itzy. ryujin yuna Yeji(07/12)
nct. jaehyun haechan 
p1harmony. keeho
red velvet. joy
SEVENTEEN. minghao mingyu dokyeom JUNHUI
stray kids. seungmin
The boYz. sunwoo
twice. sana momo
SOLOISTS. christianyu b.i BIBI

dicked down scandalously, taeyeong, complete seventeen
btob's minhyuk.
dokyeom. complete seventeen, choiyena, itzy Chaeryeong, dia chaeyeon, chungha.
mingyu. Complete seventeen, nct dream, twice momo
BIBI. theboyz sangyeon, lee youngji, complete ateez, svt scoups
Jennie. lisa, nct (taeyong please), bts, dreamcatcher, twice, seventeen, ateez
jungwon. Complete enhypen, theboyz (sangyeon wYA)
breaking mod. shared DISPAtCH couples.
9 hrs ago ·
live long!
apr16. sanstian ; christian + san
informative tea from members of dispatch 
i heard that this is a facebook, english, non-au roleplay. how scandalous!
i think they only accept faceclaims of southeast figures active in the entertainment industry. their muse has to be internationally 18 or older too.
judging from my experience here, it looks like they're laidback. i see some crack sprinkled around too. yeah, they do little events here and there too, you know? to liven the place up and make it fun.
they ban bad vibes. #sickandtired 
type a message. send some good vibes. stay beautiful. you matter.  
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