Hi??? Looking for girlies????


Because me too.


It's been so long since the last time i've been in the rpw, and now i'm back begging for attention because your girly got dumped [real], lonely to death, and out of it.

this ad may look boring but if you decided to give this a chance...

  • i'm ++ so minors dni.
  • boys are cute but ONLY looking for GIRLS, sorry (i'm a her btw).
  • from +8, but functions on -7
  • i can binge watch shows, movies, whatever with you.
  • i don't play games but i can try for you? 🥲
  • we can rp casually if you want, but i can't do long plots rn. sorry
  • if you just want anyone! to! talk! to! in! general! then! we! can!

okay i think that's the end of this lame ad? i have discord, kkt, ig, twt. so leave me your ids if you're interested!


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