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cozy café          
cozy café

You were warmer than the scent of a café latte ~
Welcome to Cozy Café! We’re a non-au coffee shop inspired roleplay. We hope to bring a relaxing social space for all who come through our doors.


One. Cozy Cafe is a closed, 18+ non-au roleplay. Please only follow accounts related the rp. Additionally, both you and your fc must at least be 18+ to apply.

Two. 1 account per member. If a member is found with more than 1, they will be kicked out immediately. 

Three. /Nsfw related-content is prohibited on the tl. Keep your business in the dms please!

Four. OOC talks are to be kept a minimum. If speaking ooc, please mark it with parentheses, brackets, etc. 

Five. Give everybody a chance! We would appreciate your help in creating a fun and welcoming environment for everybody.

Six. Please do not bring ooc or fl drama into the rp! If any unwanted dramas occurs please do not hesitate to reach out to base for help.

Seven. New members must reach a tweet count of 20 tweets within the first 24 hours.  PW: What is your go-to coffee or bubble tea drink?

Eight. Inactivity for more than 3 days will result to an automatic removal from the rp! Members will be given a warning regarding activity. 

Nine. Members are allowed 2 weeks of a semi-hiatus or 1 week hiatus. To request a hiatus please dm base.

Ten. Please note that the rp will not accept the fcs who have expressed wishes to not be rped, deceased fcs, married fcs, and fcs who have recently been involved in controversy. 

Eleven. Members must wait 3 days after joining to request to change their face claim or temporary change. please wait 5 days in between permanent ccs to request again, and 1 week in between temporary ccs - tccs last 24 hours.

Twelve. Love who you want to love, when you want to love. Move-in couples are welcomed! 

how to join. 

One. Check the master list to make sure the face claim you want is available!

Two. Make sure you’ve fully read the guidelines and have subscribed as well!

Three. Reserve using the format shown in the next slide over.

four. username should follow the format of @/idolnameczy or @/czyidolname.

Five. Once your application is accepted, you are allowed to create your account! You have 24 hours to join. 

six. Please follow base and all members before asking to be verified. If base does not verify your account within 15 minutes you are free to interact with other members!

group name
idol name
idol age
pw to join
what is 1 rule that members must follow?

key: taken reserved

aespa. ningning karina
ateez. wooyoung seongwha hoonjoong25
blackpink. jennie rosé
bts. jungkook
cix. yonghee

enhypen. jake sunghoon
sunoo jay25
itzy. yeji ryujin

loona. kimlip oliviahye jinsoul
nct.  jaehyun
stayc. sumin

svt. mingyu
twice. nayeon sana
txt. yeonjun soobin
wjsn. chengxiao
couples - please mention base to be added!
name x name - date
name x name - date
name x name - date
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