The Perilla Leaf Debate

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It's normal for people to get jealous, by just a simple gesture from their partner to another person.

Everyone handles it a different way.


I think this Debate is hilarious and very cute, so I decided to make a little series of it with different Idol pairings following in the future.

For those who don't know.........

"the Big Perilla Leaf Debate"

Imagine: you're eating with your partner & a friend. one side dish is pickled perilla leaves (marinated in soy sauce & chili flakes). a dish notoriously hard to peel one by one, your friend goes to grab a leaf, but two leaves are stuck together. Your partner sees your friend struggle and helps them by peeling one leaf off. Is it alright when your partner does it?

Many Idols are not okay with it (Don't ask why, I think it's normal to help someone struggling with food but it's cute)

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