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An Inconvenient Game
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"Yeonjun- I... It wasn't like that- I mean, I always wanted your number, it just happened that-"

"Jun." I cut her off. "I forced her to play with me. Plus, she wanted to ditch me like a lil sack of rotten food, just a few seconds ago to get to this guy she was supposed to meet..." I rolled my eyes playfully. Ari gave me a tight lipped smile, as if she was almost thankful. Almost.

I winked at her, to ease her sense of guilt. 'I got you,' I tried to communicate to her with my eyes. I looked back at my friend again. "Don't let this affect how you feel about her. Honestly, I think she was just happy to have an excuse to ask for your number." I went around and put my arm on Yeonjun's shoulders and shook him playfully. I said in his ears only, "You gonna ask her out or what?"

Yeonjun laughed and pushed me away, as if he was embarrassed. I cackled and saw his demeanor relax, which made me take a deep breath in. He's okay. We're okay.

After a few seconds passed, I saw Ari awkwardly stand there while looking at the arcades around us. I tried not to smile. She was a quirky one.

Ari took a step closer to us when she saw we were both looking at her and spoke up. "Yeonjun... I won't say I'm not to blame for this either. I accepted to play with Beomgyu and in the process I'm also at fault for hurting your feelings. I apologize for not being more aware of the consequences and that you were affected by our actions."

I looked at my friend and saw he was trying to play it cool, but deep down you could see that he had already forgiven her.

"It's really okay, Ari. I'm used to it. With Beomgyu around, it's to be expected by now." Yeonjun laughed and went closer to her.

'You just wished she had genuinely asked you though...', I thought. I took it as my cue to leave them- but then if I did, who was I going to play with???

Jumping in between the two, I put my arms on both their shoulders and wiggled my eyebrows. "Who wants to play against me in street fighter?"

"BET!" Yeonjun answered with a mischievous smile. Alright buddy, game on. I gave him a slow smirk.


"Ugh!!! You just keep button smashing! It's annoying." Yeonjun held one corner of the machine and looked at me accusingly.

"I DID NOT!" I pushed my hair away from my face. "And if I did, it was calculated."

"Brooo..." Jun groaned and raised his hands in a praying manner.

"I think you button smashed too, Yeonjun." Ari inquired with a tiny smile directed at him. This made Yeonjun playfully whine and shake his shoulders as if saying, 'not helping!'. She spoke again, "But Beomgyu did it the most." To which I scoffed. She didn't need to rub it in...

"Thank you!" My friend raised his arms.

"Whatever you big baby..." I grimaced. "Rematch then."

"No." Yeonjun crossed his arms. "You'll just do the same thing again."

"Come onnnn." It was my turn to whine.

"Can I play, then?" Ari looked at us with anticipation in her eyes. I thought we were boring her out, but from the shine in her eyes, it seemed like she was waiting for this moment the whole night.

"Alright! Well come on up contestant numero dos, GOOOO ARII-" I f

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Snappytom #1
Chapter 7: I’m reading this in 2024 😭
26rgephart #2
Chapter 5: OMG this story is SO GOOD!! Can't wait to read more!!! :)