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An Inconvenient Game
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"Where have you been?" Yerin looked a bit worried as I got back to my friends.

"I- euh..." It was difficult to explain the situation so I decided to refrain from explaining the whole ordeal. "-met some friends and caught up with them!"

"Ah! That's cool!" Yerin excitedly exclaimed and looked behind me. "You didn't bring them with you?"

"Oh, they already had their own setup near the arcades so I didn't want to bother them." I smiled at her in hopes she would let it go.

With a small pout she responded. "Okay... Well come on! Let's get back to dancing!" She drawled as she held my hand in hers.

I sheepishly smiled and stayed put. "Actually..." I decided to go with a white lie, since she'd probably think I'm stupid to play a game with a stranger. I'm probably stupid but I'm sorta drunk and I'm not gonna hurt anyone anyway. "I'm gonna find Yeonjun and get his number if I can. You okay, if I leave you guys for a bit?"

Yerin made a fake crying face and put a hand to like she was having a proud sister moment. "Ari- please. Go get your manz! GOOOO!" She was going to push me the whole way if I didn't hold her back.

I shook my head and hugged her instead. "Thanks for pushing my , Yerin." I was actually thankful to have her around. She was my main supporter in life and I started feeling a bit emo knowing she would leave me in a few months. 'No! Now's not the time to get emotional!' I pushed away my sadness.

"Always, babe. Now, go!" She smacked my for good luck, which made me Iaugh.

With more determination than ever, I let out a long breath and prepared myself to hunt for those phone numbers.

After getting one phone number, I was down to two. I was able to get a girl's phone number while she was waiting for a drink near the bar. She was pretty attractive and as we talked about casual topics, I shyly asked for her number so we could keep in touch.

"Girl, yes. Come see me if ever you need a dancing partner or just someone to chill with, alright?" She winked and left.

The second person I tried to ask for their number was quite something.


I didn't know what to respond other than, "Oh."

The guy took a sip of his drink and looked back at me with a small smile. "I have a girlfriend."

"O-OH! That's better actually!" I looked even happier than before which probably befuddled him.

"What?" He gave a little shake of his head as though confused, so I decided to tell him.

"I'm playing a game with a friend and I need to get 3 phone numbers before he-"

"Wait. Don't tell me this is Beomgyu's doing." He cut me off. The guy leaned his head on his knuckle, suddenly very intrigued.

I'd lie if I didn't say I felt cold sweats from being caught. He could probably see right through me. I'm not the best at hiding how I feel.

"I'll take that as a yes." He put his glass on the table. "He put you up to that? How'd he convince you?" He turned towards me as he took another sip of his drink, fully invested in knowing the story behind the game we were playing.

Getting the tiniest bit impatient, I forced my hands into fists then loosened them. "I was bored?" I lifted a shoulder in nonchalance, not fully sure why I said yes to Beomgyu in the first place. It was not the time for self-introspection when I had alcohol and fatigue in my system. Those two didn't fare well when it came to reflecting on my own actions and emotions.

The guy tilted his head and examined me, which made me fumble with my bag. "Okay" He nodded and looked down with a ghost of a smile. "I'll give you my number under one condition." My ears perked up at his offer. "You have to answer my question. But you have to be completely honest." I wasn't sure where he was going with this, but I hoped the question was simple enough as it would get me closer to winning the game. Beomgyu shouldn't have gotten all 3 already, right?

"What was the first thing you noticed about Beomgyu?" He leaned closer with a serious look on his face as he clasped his hands between his legs, giving me his full attention.

I quickly looked at the ceiling to gather my thoughts- a force habit of mine. I was afraid it was a trick question but he seemed just genuinely curious so I simply answered, "His eyes."

"Describe them to me." He asked rhetorically.

I furrowed my brows, but answered anyway. "He has dark brown eyes with a hint of red in them?" He seemed to wait for more so I carried on. "I think it also depends on the lighting. So it would be lighter if he were under the sun-" I saw his amused eyes and added, "-or any light really."

There was a small pause between us before he put his hand out, "Gimme your phone."

Quickly, I took my phone from my back pocket and opened it for him to type his number.

"There." He handed it back to me. I thanked him and was about to run off until he spoke again, "Just so you know, Gyu's the type of guy who would do anything to win, including cheating." He slid from his high chair with a head tilt and a smile.

As he looked at his retreating back I cursed. "!" And ran to find the last person I was actually looking for.

"Hmm? Oh! Ari, hey!" Yeonjun smiled with his cute crescent moon eyes and I couldn't help but mirror back his expression.

"Yeonjun! Can I have

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Snappytom #1
Chapter 7: I’m reading this in 2024 😭
26rgephart #2
Chapter 5: OMG this story is SO GOOD!! Can't wait to read more!!! :)