Chapter 2 - Who Would Have Thought?


Sana arrived at the venue at 6:55pm and immediately went inside, feeling butterflies when she was asked under whose name the reservation was. It was still surreal to be having this dinner with Yuta, even though she hasn’t seen him yet. She was 5 minutes early, anyways. She was afraid to be late.


She was seated in a private room and it excited her more to have Yuta all to herself, but she was pushing the thought that it was a date away from her mind. She didn’t want to be disappointed in case she finds out that this was just a random dinner or maybe an apology dinner for kissing her?


Sana’s thoughts suddenly disappeared when the door to her private room opened and was greeted with a smooth “Hi” from Yuta, approaching her after thanking the waitress and closing the door. He sat opposite her and checked the time, nodding at her. “I got here just in time” he said, Sana just nodded, like she forgot how to talk.


“You’re not always this silent” Yuta said and Sana didn’t know how but his voice sounded like he was pouting even though he physically wasn’t. “Oh!” he pressed the buzzer and began ordering when a waiter came in, glancing at Sana as if to ask if there’s something else to which he earned a quiet “everything’s good”, referring to the items he ordered. After thanking the server, he stands up after him and glances outside; Sana was sure he heard him let out an annoyed groan as he stepped just outside the door and called someone on his phone. Yuta was suddenly speaking in Japanese and although Sana could understand the language, it was hard to understand Yuta—not that she was trying to eavesdrop, she was just curious.


Yuta came back and sat in front of her, smiling. “I think it’s safe to say we’re alone now…”


Sana couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, they weren’t always alone? “Uhm, what do you mean “we’re alone now”? Weren’t we, uhm, always…alone?”


Yuta gave another smile, a charming one, as he leans close to her, whispering, “I’ll tell you later about it… but for now…” he taps her nose with a finger as he leans back, getting comfortable in his seat, “we talk about what happened earlier…”


Sana feels her face heat up again at the memory of what happened earlier in the day; she wanted to get some answers from Yuta but she was getting shy and she was suddenly afraid that Yuta might just be playing with her. She isn’t the type he dates; she thinks.


Yuta gives her another charming smile as their food starts to get served, thanking the servers once their done and turns his attention back to Sana, he starts cooking the meat.




“No, I’ll do it.” Yuta cuts her off even before she says anything, nodding to the side dishes. “You can start eating, if you want. I like cooking…” he tells her, “I’m sorry, by the way.”


Sana was expecting this apology, she let him continue.


“…that I took you to a smokey place for dinner. But…” he stops. Sana wasn’t expecting that apology. He chuckles quietly and looks up from the meat to her “…again, I’ll tell you about it later.”


Sana was getting anxious from all these “later” talks, but then she wondered, we’ll they be spending all night talking about all those Yuta wanted to say but couldn’t say? It made her blush again. Yuta noticed but didn’t say anything, placing cooked meat on top of Sana’s rice. “Please eat while it’s still hot…” he places a few on her rice while the rest of the meat cook on the grill.


They start to eat quietly, with Sana not really knowing what to say and Yuta just…quiet.


“So…you major in Creative Writing…” Yuta starts and Sana doesn’t know how to respond as she didn’t know how he knew; she sipped some water and was about to start to respond when Yuta cut her off again.


“You must be surprised how I knew…” he grins softly, “You’re not the only one asking around, you know…”


Sana had so many questions right now. Yuta was asking about her? When? Why? It must have been evident on her face that she has been thinking as Yuta chuckled, reaching over to poke her cheek, she blinked twice.


“I’ll answer your questions later. Just tell me about you, now. I’d love to know you more…”


Yuta has been very charming since they started eating and Sana couldn’t help but fall for him more even though she expected a different him. She thought he would be rude and quiet, or that he would be snobbish—but talking to him, even though he has that aura, he was kind and sweet to her. She really wasn’t expecting this Yuta. She took another sip of water and started to tell him about her chosen major, quite happily as she really likes her major and told him how she chose it and how her parents reacted; how happy she was that her best friend was in the same major and they had made more friends. She also told him how she was enjoying university life and how she’ll miss it once she graduates. All the while, Yuta was just watching her, smiling and nodding and putting meat on her rice, whispering “eat while you talk” to which Sana did, she as surprisingly suddenly feeling so comfortable with Yuta like they have always been doing this. She smiled and gestured to his food when she finished talking, her food almost finished as well.


“You barely ate…” she noticed and couldn’t help but frown, Yuta just smiling.


“I enjoyed listening to you…” he said simply and began eating and Sana smiling


“What about you? Tell me why you took your major…”


Yuta just nodded and began telling Sana why he chose to take up Computer Engineering and how his parents disliked it at first because they wanted him to take up medicine or law, laughing at how they reacted when they knew he was excelling at his chosen major. Sana was enjoying listening to him, listening to his voice, it soothed her heart. Never in her wildest imagination had she imagined that this day would come even though she’s always dreamed of dating Yuta—this was never in her fantasies. It was better.


When Yuta finished telling his story, he asked Sana if she wanted dessert to which she said yes, but not in the smokey restaurant they were eating at. He agreed and asked for the bill, smiling softly at Sana and telling her he got it since he was the one who invited her.


“I’ll pay for dessert, then.” She said, laughing at how Yuta was protesting. “Come on, it’s just dessert. Please?”


Yuta couldn’t help but just nod at how cute Sana sounded when she said “please”, he stands up and helps her up before getting her coat and giving it to her.


“You want to walk?” he asked and she agreed, wanting their food to go down before they have their dessert.


Yuta was looking around and sighed, taking out his phone and excuses himself (when they got outside) and stood not far, calling on his phone. He was speaking in Japanese again, “go home, please. I’m on a date (making Sana blush, she didn’t think this was a date and she didn’t want to eavesdrop). What could go wrong? What? No! Just go, please. I’ll call mom and dad.” He hangs up and goes to Sana, leading the way to where they were going.


“Sorry, I’m being followed. Don’t worry, they’re okay. And I’m gonna tell you later, if you’d agree”


Sana was confused. They were being followed. He’ll tell her later…where? She just nodded and walked beside him, telling him that she wanted ice cream and asked if he wanted it too.


“I love ice cream after eating grilled meat…” he says and it was making Sana feel good all over again. She was getting random information about Yuta and it was exciting her. She has no idea what they’re doing, what they are and what’s going to happen but all she knows is that she will cherish this night for the rest of her life.


They were walking on the streets of Hongdae while eating ice cream, occasionally stopping to watch buskers until they finish their dessert and was just walking, not really talking and just somehow enjoying each other’s company until Yuta broke their semi silence.


“Do you want to come with me to my place?” he says that made Sana choke on nothing, surprised at Yuta’s sudden invitation


“E-excuse me?” she manages. It would be a lie if she had never imagined (or had any wet dreams) about Yuta, but this was so sudden. They officially just met.


“Oh, no!” Yuta tries to laugh it off, shaking his head. “It’s nothing like that, I promise. I just wanted to talk to you more privately and I’m very sure my place is where it is” he steps back, giving her space to know he was serious, “I won’t do anything you don’t want to; I promise!” he gives her a reassuring smile and Sana stared at him for a while, somehow believing him.


After a while, when she’s finally recovered from the shock (to which Yuta patiently waited), she nods, earning her another charming smile from the other. “I can call your parents, if you want. I promise you I won’t do anything to you”


This made Sana laugh, they weren’t even underaged anymore but here he was, reassuring her and even volunteering to call her parents. She shook her head. “It’s fine. I don’t live with my parents and we call each other once in a while just to check up on each other, not really, you know, check up on me every minute.” She says, nodding. “You’ll keep me safe, right?” she says with a chuckle, finally relaxing although that information was risky because she barely knows the man she was with.


Yuta just nods, grinning and leads her back to where they came from to get his car.


The walk back to the restaurant was lighter than how they were walking to get their dessert, like all the tension has disappeared and they’re more comfortable—even the confident Yuta seemed more at ease. He opened the passenger door for Sana and closes it when she’s slipped in. Sana immediately buckled her seatbelt, blushing at the thought of Yuta doing it for her, she didn’t want to blush now that they’re on their way to his house. And she was right, Yuta glanced at her seatbelt and chuckled, nodding as he starts the engine and they’re off.


Sana glanced at Yuta and couldn’t help but blush. This was how he imagined Yuta would look like when he drives; relaxed, one hand on the steering wheel while the other is by the window, his elbow leaning. It made her blush, because her other image of him driving was left hand on the steering wheel and right hand holding her left. She clears , getting a hum from Yuta as she gestures to the radio. “Go ahead…” he says quietly, facing her to give her a smile and turns his attention back to the road.


Looking out the window, the surroundings where getting familiar and Sana’s eyes were almost popping out of her eyes. They were in Gangnam and they were starting to slow down, she faces Yuta. “You…live in Gangnam?” she asks, not intending to sound so surprised but she couldn’t help it. She and her family were simple and they lived in a simple house just outside of Seoul; even her apartment was simple and not anywhere close to Gangnam and its apartments.


Yuta smiles, nodding, he didn’t know how to react to Sana’s reaction. They were very well off, he can’t deny that, but he didn’t choose Gangnam for its luxury; he chose it because he feels safer in a place with lots of people than somewhere he can be easily guarded. His apartment was not known to his parents nor to the people who follows him—it was his only request, to give him his privacy at home.



They arrived at Yuta’s apartment after a while and it was perfect, it was how Sana imagined his place would be. It was a monochrome apartment with minimal appliances and furniture, not brightly lit but everything is automatic and digital. It was like a dream home, she blushed at the thought. She was blushing a lot tonight—she’s convinced herself that it was normal since she’s been crushing on him for years and all of this was happening.


“Can I offer you anything?” Yuta disturbs her thoughts, and she was glad; she faced him “I’m sorry?”


Yuta smiles and gestures to the kitchen, she follows. “Water? Tea? Coffee? Juice?” he opens his fridge, it was filled with random drinks and instant food and take outs, she frowned but didn’t mention anything. “Uhm, I’m okay with water. Thank you!”


Yuta gets both of them bottled waters and he hands one to Sana, making her feel giddy all over. She wasn’t sure if was going to survive the night without fainting. Everything was happening so fast; she’s never imagined this would ever happen. Yuta was like a dream come true—whether be it good or bad, it was still surreal.


Yuta leans by the counter and faces Sana, making her self-conscious that she just drinks from her bottle and leans by the nearest wall. “Your place is nice… it suits you.” She tries, trying to break the tension in the air although she wasn’t really sure there wasn’t any tension, or awkwardness; it was just weird. They technically just met earlier in the day, and now they were here. They just had a very nice dinner and walk in the park with ice cream—was this all real?


“Thanks” he just says and places his water bottle on the counter before making his way to her, Sana freezing on the spot but trying hard not to look panicked. He won’t do anything, right?


Yuta was walking closer to her then places both palms on the wall on either side of her head, face dangerously close to her and Sana couldn’t help but swallow hard; it was audible and she could see Yuta’s lips twitch although he tried to keep his laughter in. He leaned closer and whispered on her ear “You really think I wouldn’t do anything to you?” he nuzzled his nose lightly on Sana’s ear and even if she wanted to be scared, she was actually getting excited. “You don’t know how much I’ve been controlling myself since this afternoon…” he faces her and she couldn’t help but face him too, they were staring at each other for a while before Yuta suddenly grins, pecking her cheek and pulling back. “I’m not lying but I’m not going to do anything… for now.” He chuckles, holding her free hand and pulling her to the living room, “I just really wanted to talk and explain everything to you.”


Sana was nodding, following him and hearing him but couldn’t really comprehend what he was saying because her heart was still beating so fast. Everything was happening so fast and she couldn’t believe that she was actually ready to say yes to Yuta.


He leads her to sit on the sofa and he sits opposite her, giving her space and assuring her, again, that he’ll be a gentleman.


“So, uhm, do you any questions first?” Yuta asks, leaning back and looking at Sana. She grabbed a pillow and placed it on her lap, for comfort of some sorts.


“Well, you can…start by, uhm, explaining this…afternoon?” she begins, not really sure how to go on about it. She was actually scared to know what Yuta was about to say but she curious as to how this is all happening.


“Of course…” he smiles, a comforting one and it was effective because Sana was starting to be comfortable; she leans back as well. “I just…” Yuta suddenly stopped, looking away a bit to hide the blush suddenly on his cheeks and Sana didn’t miss it. Did Yuta really just…blush? Sana wanted to take another peek but when Yuta faced her, the blush was gone and it might have just been her imagination. It was cute, though, if it were true.


“I just, well, have had this crush on you for so long.” He says in a soft voice, he was facing Sana and she was amazed at how he was able to say this to her with such a relaxed expression…will she be able to confess as well with that kind of face? Then it hit her, Yuta just confessed to her! She wanted to melt into a puddle—dreams really do come true!


“…and I know you like me, too.” and there it is again, he mentioned it again! She couldn’t get used to the fact that Yuta knows this. She knows she was obvious, but not obvious enough for him to know. He continued, “then I figured, since we like each other, why not make a move?”


Sana just stared at him; he was getting more adorable to more they stay together. Yuta has this cold and scary exterior that attracted her to him and it didn’t scare her—it excited her. He seemed dangerous and she was sure there was more to Yuta than what he’s showing and what she’s seeing now, it’s intriguing her a lot and she wanted to know more.


Yuta kept his eyes on her as he started to move closer although still in a safe distance. “I’m sorry if I assumed you’d be okay with all of this. Actually, I’m still not sure. And I’m sorry if I kissed you without permission…” he sighed, reaching to hold her hands over the pillow; she doesn’t pull back. “…I just… liked you a lot and when I saw you earlier today at the library, I just had to make a move. I didn’t intend to kiss you; I just couldn’t help it. I’m so-”


He wasn’t able to finish as Sana was suddenly pushing him to lean back and sitting on his lap, hands on his shoulder’s and pressing their lips together. Yuta’s hands were immediately on her hips, pulling her closer as he kisses her back.


They kiss for a while before pulling back to breathe, Sana’s forehead resting on Yuta’s; she was giggling. “How are you cute and adorable?” she says, almost a whisper, “You should be cold and scary, like how they—we—see you at the university”


Yuta laughs, still holding onto Sana. “Do you want me to be cold and scary now, Sana-chan?” he says fondly, and Sana couldn’t help but blush. It sounded so cute that Yuta called him “Sana-chan” even though they were talking in Korean. “Why does that sound so cute?” she whines, pecking at lips. “Can I call you oppa, though?” she says, meaning it as a joke and although Yuta laughs, he nods. “I am older than you, right?”


Sana didn’t want to answer because then he will know that she knows his birthday, he notices this and nods, rubbing circles on her back. “I was born in 1995.” He offers, “and you’re…?


“1996…” she answers, voice barely audible. “Oppa it is!” he says with a laugh and kisses Sana again, keeping it sweet as he might not be able to control himself if they get deeper. Just then, Sana pulls back, biting her lower lip and he couldn’t help but just stare up at her. “What is it?” he asks.


“I just…earlier… when you said we were being followed… what did you mean?” she asks, suddenly remembering what he said earlier about being followed.


“Ah, that…” he sits comfortably but still keeping Sana on his lap, hands gently rubbing on her hips, “My parents…they, uhm, have me followed here. Like, everywhere. Except at the university and at home; my only request was that they at least give me privacy.”


“Can I…ask…why?”


“Well, my parents…my family… they’re kind of…known in Osaka.” He nods, mostly to himself, “Business is not always without competition…” he looks up and reaches with one hand to place Sana’s hair behind her ear, “my family is complicated that’s why I moved away.” He finishes, not really wanting to say anything further.


Sana nods and presses a kiss on his forehead, “I understand…” she says with a smile, just looking down at him. She still can’t believe she has Yuta under her, kissing him and he’s smiling up at her. So far, life was good and Sana was excited of what’s about to happen in the coming days.


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