Parking Love

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It was said that you will fall in love with 3 people in your lifetime. The first one will be your first love who you viewed as idealistic love. The second one, the love that will hurt you the most; and the third one would be the love that you never see coming.


Kim Sunggyu has already experience love twice and those were all failed relationships. His first love ended when he almost lost his life and the second one failed miserably because he's been too naive and too comfortable to see it coming. Will he find the third person whom he will give his heart to along the way or will give another chance to his second love even he doesn't give second chances?

What will you do if you found your fate entangled with another person who you kept on meeting in a Parking Lot?


"I'd rather hitch-hike on a stranger's car than to go with you. So let go and get lost!"

"You wouldn't do that Sunggyu. You know it. So let's go home.

"Really? Watch me!"


“Time will come that you will learn to give second chance again to someone who you feel is deserving of the chances you can give. When that time comes, you knew you found the right person to spend your forever with.” 




Kim Sunggyu, 28 years old, one of the famous Pediatric Surgeon in South Korea. He's smart enough to graduate earlier than others from Med-school. He started his pre-medical course at the age of 17 years old since he was one of the few who undergone accelerated education for gifted students during Highschool because of his intelligence. By the time he reached the age 26, he's already done with his Surgical Residency and passed the Board examinations with flying colors. He's been working at Seoul National University Hospital for 2years. It's a secret that he's rich and supposed to be the heir of Kim Empire Corporation but he gave his place up to his brother to be a doctor.

Nam Woohyun, 27 years old, CEO of Nam Corporation. He took over the company after he finished his Master's in US. He is smart, rich and already marked his place as one of the most successful bachelor CEOs in Korea; bringing their company name to the top of the hierarchy in electronics world.



Jang Dongwoo, 28 years old. CEO of Jang Entertainment Training Management. Sunggyu's bestfriend.

Lee Howon, 27 years old. General Manager in an Accounting firm. Brother of Lee Sungjong.

Lee Sungyeol, 26 years old. Production Manager at Nam Corporation. Woohyun's bestfriend.

Kim Myungsoo, 25 years old. Youngest brother of Kim Sunggyu. CEO of Kim Empire Real Estate Corp.

Lee Sungjong, 24 years old. Nurse at Seoul National University Hospital. He's hired as a Nurse in SNUH but works directly under Sunggyu per request by Sunggyu himself to train him as OR nurse for pediatric patients.

Myungyeol's and Yadong's story will be built on the background. The story is mostly centered at Woogyu. 

I've been missing Woogyu nowadays and I can't get this scenario of a story in my mind. I tried writing my Junseung fanfic before but I wasn't able to finish because my heart get broke when Hyunseung left BEAST. Thus, I abandoned it. But this woogyu fanfic that's been lingering in my mind, I would try my best to get it done. 

I hope you enjoy.


PS. I'm not really a writer. I just want to get too many stories out of my mind. And... I don't do .

Glad I finished this without going insane ^_^
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