All The Bad Unnies


The Mean Sheeps bicycle gang is the terror of the local ice cream parlor.


Here it is, the dumbest thing I've ever written. Enjoy.


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Chapter 1: more stories like this please. I really like seulrene crack story XD
Chapter 1: Reading this before going to work for some good vibes lol seulgi so cute! Seulrene so 😍
Matzo210 #3
Chapter 1: LOLOL! This is freaking great!! 😂 ❤️💞💓
Chapter 1: The Mean Sheeps oooooh so scary! >< What an adorable fic!
Chapter 1: Haro!!!!!

This. Is. Art.

Everything about this is amazing. The dialogue, the way you described things…..everything!! And it’s also SUPER FUNNY! Crack humor is the BEST humor!!! Mean Sheeps 4 lyfeeeee!!! They saved the day!!! And successfully (?) defended their turf from those rude dudes! And got ice cream! (Plus Seulgi got a chance to get THE Bae’s number….the best win)

Seulrene may have been the main ship but can I say that I absolutely LOVEEEEE the lil WenJoy that’s in here too! (We need more of them!!!)

Thank you for sharing this with us. Reading this totally made my day. Can I make a formal complaint though? I suddenly feel the need to eat ice cream after reading this….but I don’t want to get out of bed to get some. LOL

Totally looking forward to reading more work from you in the future✨
Chapter 1: Yah!!! This is such a fun read and İ love everything about it: the dialogues, the narration, and the characterization! SeulJoyRi having the intimidating aura of a toddler with WenRene being patronizing about 😭 kinda wanna see the other days with this gang lol
Chapter 1: This is how Seulgi in a gang realistically is XD so cuuuute~~~ and is the sheep the bald one in LUp season 2 ?
eunxiaoxlove #8
Chapter 1: Cuteee
KaiserKawaii #9
Chapter 1: Hahahah. Cute kids.
Seulgi_bear_ #10
Chapter 1: this made me literally laugh out loud multiple times loool yeri kicking open the door (failed) and the name mean sheeps I CANTTT