Two Wrongs Make a Right

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A story about two girls who incidentally mix up their love letters, and the confused boys on the receiving end.





Kim Jiwoo is convinced that modern day cupids shoot bullets and she’s just target practice. Love hurts like a .




Kim Hyunjin literally kicked to earn an athletic scholarship, but it was strictly business. It only gets personal when someone is interfering in her love life.




Byun Baekhyun’s only dream is to become a renowned pianist in NYC, but his plans go awry after getting a love letter. He can’t be catching feelings when he should be catching flights.




Park Chanyeol has the brains, the brawns, and the looks, but he learns the hard way that pursuing a girl won’t stop her from loving someone else.



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Genre: boxingau, romance

Pairing: JiwooxChanyeol. HyunjinxBaekhyun. OR JiwooxBaekhyun. HyunjinxChanyeol.

Story Length: 30k to 50k. The chapters are fairly short (about 1k to 2k). I normally write 4k-6k per chapter.

Caution: No TW. Mild cursing.

Author's Note: I know a lot of yall don’t like shipping femaleidolxmaleidol, but I hope you’ll give this story a chance :) Baby Chuu was my inspiration. I kept switching out the male leads because nobody felt right for the part, but ultimately, I was happy with Baekhyun and Chanyeol.

The characters and events that take place in this fanfiction are fictional. Any similaries with real people and events are coincidental and should not be accepted as facts or opinions made by the author.

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