What happens if you drink 3 in 1 coffee everyday?


Ur DMs containing us may cause insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting, increased heart and breathing rate, and other side effects.


#1 coffee ☕️

  • oa (19) mdni, sry.
  • a plus 8 and is always awake at around 4am their time.
  • main fcs are txt (beomgyu, soobin, yeonjun) and nct dream (jaemin).
  • a sagittarius with lots of scorpio placement so sorry in advanced 😦
  • interests are dramas, nct, txt, aespa, stayc and also fics and books! regency period movies are the best for them. but you guys can talk about too, they won't mind.
  • looking for friends only because they wanna stay less!
  • replies depend on the mood, but mostly fast.
  • they think they're funny but just pls laugh at their jokes so they won't feel like a loser (begging).
  • is into fake plotting so bad, badly into hb's too.
  • pls take them, kinda desperate rn.


  • best doodler, fun to talk to, 392589359235 interests, good conversationalist. (take them! will make you have the best a̶n̶d̶ w̶o̶r̶s̶t̶ time of your life).
  • very fun and easy going! you can pull out any topics and they will be more than happy to discuss it with you. 100/10 would recommend to bully (affectionately). 


  • looks gay is het. /j. 
  • gets distracted easily. (boOoO!)



#2 creamer 🍦

  • oa (21+) and more comfortable with someone around their age, so mdni. (sorry. 💔)
  • on the plus side, but you will catch them up at ungodly hours.
  • mostly fc males. current mains are txt (yeonjun) and tbz (hyunjae/younghoon), if that matters. willing to try new fcs for you! (take them pls).
  • an august virgo for anyone who wants to roast their chart.
  • not looking for anything more than friendship at the moment, but they tend to be a little flirty. so if you’re uncomfortable with it, please do let them know.
  • replies may be sporadic, but they will try their best to be there for you.

some things they offer:

  • cpdps, matching status or bio, you name it.
  • always down for hb dates! they're into romcoms and horror/thriller, but they will watch anything with you. #Real.
  • they don’t game (except for plato), but they would listen to your game rant and be your emotional support. (that friend who will tell u that ure doing well with absolutely 0 knowledge.)


  • hb king!! hb is always fun with them, looks quiet but is very funny, good conversationalist. (2)
  • that one friend who knows how to divert your attention to something else when you're feeling down or upset. will spend a lot of time with you too! lowkey but funny.


  • fcs hdn /j. also tends to hibernate a lot.
  • will leave you for sleep. /j. (unless you appear in their dream?)



#3 sugar 🍬

  • she's oa and doesn't mind your age!
  • a gmt + but unhealthy sleeping schedule sooooo.
  • main fc is jennie and loona's gowon! occasionally try other ggs too. (if you have any request, then tell her!)
  • her main interests are mostly dramas (mostly k and c dramas, though thai and japanese are loved too!) she'll appreciate if you're into chinese historical dramas the most.
  • she's into isekai manhwas or mangas in general. also movies and documentary! her favorite genre is romcom and thriller.
  • her interest in kpop groups are exo and nct but casually stans most group too. she mostly listens to khh and krnb!
  • plays genshin (warning) in asia server. on hiatus rn but willing to play with you. also talk to her about your games or any other interests, she loves it.
  • fics luvr! (spare her some recs pls).
  • replies in 5 minute or 5 days. /hj. tend to hibernate sometimes!
  • looking for someone to talk to her in dms too! 


  • c, really really fun to talk with (proven), would give you great advices! very friendly and will always listen to your rants without judging you. also will always ride with you. Gay. is sweet overall.
  • that one friend you can go to for advices. yes, that therapist friend. very sweet and friendly! according to our research, there’s no way for you not to love her.


  • hibernates a lot, would ditch u for dramas, unless hb? /j. it's on her (she said). but pls take her she's very sweet!
  • may take awhile to respond to your texts..


our main platform is discord, so pm us with your tag + which friend you'd like to befriend with and we'll get back to you the soonest!

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