The LSM Corporate

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Taeyeon is a lawyer that works at the best law firm in the country - The LSM Corporate. She graduated at the top of her class and was personally offered a position by Lee Sooman himself on the day of her graduation. At the age of 20, she was the youngest person to join the firm, but despite her being so young, she quickly rose to the top. 4 years later, and she's now the number 1 lawyer in the firm and nobody has surpassed her or beaten her record.... Yet.


Tiffany is also a lawyer. She used to work at LSM Corporate's rival law firm - Park Jinyoung's Law Group (JYP Law Group for short). She worked there for 2 years, but also rose up the ranks pretty fast. After an incident at the job that affected her personally, she decided to quit and transfer to LSM Corporate, where she meets her new rival - Taeyeon.


Once Lee Sooman tells his firm about the new wonderful and top recruit he "stole" from their rival firm, the whole firm starts talking about whether or not this mysterious gal would be the one to finally surpass Taeyeon, and Taeyeon was not going to sit back and watch this newbie from their enemy firm steal her spot.


That day, Taeyeon gained a new rival.


Will these two let their pride take over them, and be each others sworn enemies, or will they decide to put their brains together to work on solving the cases?





  • General
  • He may seem scary and strict at first, but he's actually one of the partyers of the group, alongside Hyoyeon and Yuri. Despite that, he takes his job seriously. He puts his personal feelings aside and does what's best for his team.
  • Best friends with Sooyoung since their toddler years.



  • Lawyer. To be Detective
  • Never wanted to be just a lawyer, she wants to be a Detective instead, and is working on getting that job
  • Her, Hyoyeon and Key have been inseparable since they were in 1st grade



  • Lawyer (Starting as a temporary assistant)
  • Transferred to LSM Co. after the incident.
  • She was never #1 in JYP, she was always #2, so she's working twice as hard at LSM Co. to prove a point to herself and her new team.



  • Lawyer
  • The life of the party and is always lifting the mood when it's down. You can count on her for anything.
  • Her, Taeyeon and Key have been inseparable since they were in 1st grade



  • Lawyer
  • Him and Bora were the only ones to get a higher score than Taeyeon during their examinations.
  • Him, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon have been inseparable since they were in 1st grade



  • Detective. To be Lawyer
  • Is the 2nd best lawyer in the firm
  • He's waiting for Lee Sooman to allow his transfer to be an official lawyer to replace Taeyeon



  • Detective
  • She's hilarious and very kind hearted. Loves to party
  • Will kick a criminals with ease whenever she's on duty



  • Detective
  • Best friends with Minho since their toddler years.
  • She's always hardcore and loves bringing criminals down to their knees. She shows no mercy.



  • Detective
  • He's been here the longest compared to the rest. He actually started working here at age 17 because of how good he is. Despite that, he loves to goof around and have fun.
  • Usually paired up with Yuri whenever they're called in to catch a criminal
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