Leo to the Rescue

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"Tiffany, your sister is the cutest thing to have ever walked this planet" Mrs. Kim squealed, once she saw the 3 year old peak out of her older sisters neck.


"See? I told you!" Taeyeon chuckled. 


"Are we gonna live here? Michael furrowed his eyebrows. 


"Well, no. You're gonna live at Tiffany's new apartment, which is right across the hall from my apartment" Taeyeon started, as she walked into her family home. "But, I want to make sure you kids have many people to go talk to and feel safe around. If you don't feel safe somewhere, you can come here to my mom. She loves taking care of kids so you're free to come here at any time" Taeyeon smiled.


"Taeyeon's right. I heard what happened. You kids are welcome here any time. This home is your home too now, okay?" Mrs. Kim smiled.


"Thank you Mrs. Kim" Leo bid down respectfully. "We really appreciate it"


Michael nodded and bid down too.


"Oh don't you kids worry" Mrs. Kim smiled.


"Mom, do you have my ke-" She looked at Leo. "Keys.. Uhm.. Hi" Hayeon smiled and looked at the Hwang's. "You're.. The Hwang's?" She looked at them.


"Yeah, you saw us on TV, i'm guessing?" Leo looked at the girl.


"Uhm, no actually.. Mom told me you're coming" Hayeon looked at the boy. "My name's Hayeon. I'm Taeyeon's sister"


"I'm Leo, Tiffany's brother" Leo smiled and shook Hayeon's hand.


"You're pretty" Michael blushed.


"Michael!" Leo and Tiffany smacked Michael's head.


"Ouch" Michael groaned and rubbed his head. "I-I-I'm Michael"


Hayeon chuckled. "Nice to meet you Michael" She smiled and looked at Leo. "You're going to attend my college, right?"


"Yeah" Leo nodded. "I start next week. What's your major?"


"Communications, yours?" Hayeon nodded her head towards the couch and walked there with Leo.


"Seems like they're gonna be wonderful friends" Mrs. Kim chuckled. "Michael, Taeyeon's cousins Seungkwan and Minjeong are on their way. Seungkwan is your age and Minjeong is Haewon's age" Mrs. Kim smiled.


"Cool, do you have a playstation?" Michael asked.


"Yep, in the living room"


"Haewon~ah! Let's go play!" Michael took Haewon and walked to the living room.


"Are you sure you can take care of them, Mrs. Kim? I don't want to burden you.." Tiffany asked.


"Don't be silly, Tiffany. They are like my kids now, i'll make sure they're okay, and well fed. Don't you worry" the Mother smiled. "You can go say bye to them, Taeyeon, I wanna talk to you for a sec"


"Sure" Taeyeon followed her mom to the kitchen. "What's up?" She smiled.


"These kids seem lovely. And Tiffany seems wonderful too" Mrs. Kim smiled. "How have you two been getting along? I remember when she first joined your firm, you kept telling me how much she annoyed you!" The mother chuckled.


"Well, she grew on me" Taeyeon chuckled.


"I can tell, you took a bullet for her" Mrs. Kim wiggled her eyebrows.


"What are you trying to say?" Taeyeon raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms.


"Are you two dating?" The mother asked.


"What? No" Taeyeon shook her head.


"Taeyeon..." Mrs. Kim raised an eyebrow and chuckled. "I can tell you like her. You look at her with so much love. You two would make an adorable couple" She smiled.


Taeyeon sighed. "I do like her, and if i'm gonna be honest with you, we've been going on dates and stuff.. I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend a few weeks ago, but Jihoon's maniac exposed himself and we found out her siblings were alive, so I didn't" Taeyeon admitted.


"Oh... Will you ask her?" The mother asked.


"I don't know.. She has a handful right now... I mean, she finally reunited with her siblings who were kidnapped for 8 months, and she thought were dead. Don't you think I should back away...? I don't want to cause her anymore trouble.." Taeyeon admitted.


"Taeyeon~Ah, you like her. And she obviously likes you too. She seems to trust you too. I mean, she stayed at the hospital with you all 3 days when you were shot, right? And you told me she asked you to stay with her at the hospital with her siblings, because she only felt safe with you around? She trusts you with herself, and her siblings. And that says a lot because she lost them for 8 months. Hell, she trusts me, your mother, with them. Which means she has faith in you, Taeyeon. If anything, she needs someone like you in her life. So be there for her" The mother said.


"But Tae, only do it if you know you'll be able to handle it. Tiffany and her siblings are broken. They went through a lot. None of them are in the right state of mind. So if you can't handle it, don't put her through anymore emotional damage" The mother warned.


"Taeng, you ready to go?" Tiffany called from the living room.


"Yeah, coming" Taeyeon called back and looked at her mom. "I won't hurt her. I would never want that. I want to help her"


"Do so cautiously. She's a sweet girl with a sweet family" Mrs. Kim said, as she walked towards Tiffany. "If you need anything, I am here for you. Just call, okay? Your siblings will be safe with me. This is a gated neighborhood, so no one's allowed here without a pass. Don't worry, i'll make sure they stay safe" 


"Hey Tiff, can I go to the university campus with Hayeon?" Leo looked up at his older sister.


"If you don't trust me, then I understand. I just wanted to show him around campus before he starts next week" Hayeon smiled.


"Oh, uhm.." Tiffany looked at Taeyeon then Leo. "Are you sure you're okay with that? You haven't been apart from the kids, can your PTSD handle it?"


"I trust Hayeon. She's Taeyeon's sister. And I trust Taeyeon and Mrs. Kim too. I think i'll be able to handle it" Leo nodded.


"And if he starts panicking, I just learned a procedure to calm him down" Hayeon pulled out a YouTube video on her phone and showed Tiffany. "I learned about this procedure in Health class. If he panics, I'll make sure he sits down, breathes in and out carefully, and drink water" She held up a water bottle she brought for Leo.


"Oh you came prepared?" Tiffany half smiled, appreciating the girls effort to keep her brother safe.


"Last night, mom informed me that Leo and Michael had PTSD. She wanted me to not accidentally trigger him in any way. So I stayed up all night reading about it, to make sure that I don't accidentally trigger them, and if I did, I knew how to calm them down" Hayeon smiled.


"Really?" Leo looked at the girl. "But why? Is it because you feel bad for me?" He was shocked. He came from a rich family, so people at school hated him and thought he was stuck up. He never had real friends before. Everyone just used him for his money. So someone staying up all night to read about his condition just to make sure he's okay, made him emotional.


"Well, yeah I feel bad for you. But you went through literal hell. You didn't deserve that. But I did it because my sister took a bullet for your sister. If Taeyeon likes and trusts someone that much, that must mean they're awesome. And if Tiffany is awesome, that means her siblings are too. You guys deserve the best. Me reading some notes on the internet is nothing to be praised. It's the least I could do" The sister half smiled.


"Hayeon~Ah.. That's really sweet of you" Taeyeon smiled proudly at her sister.


"Thank you, Hayeon" Leo smiled.


"Leo, you should go with her. Your siblings will be okay with Mrs. Kim" Tiffany smiled.


"C'mon, let's go so I can show you how big the campus is!" Hayeon smiled excitedly and held Leo's hand, before rushing out the door.


"Are all you Kim's this sweet...?" Tiffany chuckled and put on her coat.


"It's in our blood" Taeyeon joked and walked out of the house.


"It's really sweet what she did for Leo.. She didn't even know him but stayed all night studying how to keep him safe if he ever panics.. I really appreciate that, and I know Leo does too" Tiffany half smiled.


"Leo is the sweetest too. Hayeon already feels so comfortable with him. They'll be inseparable friends for sure" Taeyeon chuckled.


"Just like us" Tiffany chuckled.


"Yeah.." Taeyeon shrugged. She was thinking of what her mom told her, and she really wanted to ask Tiffany to be her girlfriend, but wants to make it special, which was absolutely not her specialty.


"Uhm, anyways, you still owe me a date" Taeyeon wiggled her eyebrows.


"And were would you like me to take you, Kim?" Tiffany smiled.


"What's an expensive and fancy restaurant, hm..?" She jokingly said, as she placed her hand on her chin and pretended to think.


Tiffany nudged her and smiled. "Can we stay in tonight? Watch some movies and order take out? I promise i'll take you out wherever you want next time, but i'm feeling a movie marathon night" She truthfully said.


"Ooh, you wanna make out all night? I like that Idea" Taeyeon teased, making Tiffany just blush. Taeyeon chuckled and hooked their arms together. "Let's walk to my apartment"


"Hey, Tae?" Tiffany looked at the empty sky.




"Why does it not bother you that I have to take care of my siblings?" The younger girl casually asked.


Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. "Why would that bother me?"


"I don't know" Tiffany shrugged. "People are always hesitant when their date has kids or siblings to take care of. They always change their minds and say they want out when they find out about it" She truthfully said.


Taeyeon stopped walking and pulled Tiffany closer. "I'm not your ex" She randomly said.


"W-What?" Tiffany looked at her.


"I'm guessing one of your ex's didn't want to have kids. Which is why you're worried about me leaving now that you have your siblings back. Because you have to take care of them and all that. But you don't have to worry about that with me. Now come on" The shorter girl started walking again. "How are the boys holding up?"


"They're okay. I need to finish moving everything into the apartment faster because the trailer is just too small. The kids barely fit on the bed, so I have to sleep with Haewon~Ah on the couch. That can't be comfortable for her. I just want what's best for her. For them all" Tiffany sighed.


"I know baby, but i'll help you move. You'll officially be moved into the apartment next week, maybe earlier. So power though these next few days. You'll be safe and comfortable with your siblings in just a few days" Taeyeon smiled and walked up the stairs leading into the apartment building. "How about Haewon?"


"She's still flinching whenever she hears a noise or when I try to touch her shoulder or hand whenever she doesn't notice me, so.." Tiffany said, heartbroken.


"Hey, she loves you. She's just gone through so much. For 8 months, scary and dangerous men were hurting her and her brothers. She's not scared of YOU, she's scared it might be those bad men again. I mean, you've seen how she always goes to you for cuddles and hugs" Taeyeon said, as she walked into her apartment and removed her shoes.


"I guess.. But it still hurts. I wish I was there for them. They went through what no child- no PERSON, should've gone through. And she's only 3" Tiffany sniffled.


Taeyeon held her friends hand and intertwined their fingers. "Hey, they're here now. What they went through was absolutely horrible, but none of them want to talk about it anymore. They're trying to move on. Yes, it's hard for them to move on because of the horrors they went through. And yea, it's hard for you to move on because your siblings were taken from you, were hurt and unprotected. But what we can do now is make them forget about that. And we can do that by giving them a future they deserve. A happy future. I know not dwelling on the past is hard, but you have to try. For their sake"


Tiffany wiped her tears away and nodded. "Y-You're right. I have to stay strong for them. I need to make sure they live happily from now on"


"Exactly. And you wont be alone in doing so. I'm here to help you, Fany. And so is my mom. Hayeon~Ah's already doing everything she can to make sure your brother stays safe. My brother Jiwoong is on his way to Korea right now. I told him about everything, and he wanted to help out. He always wanted a younger brother, so he'll definitely get along with Leo and Michael!" Taeyeon smiled and cupped her friends cheeks. "And don't forget about the firm. They're all here for you too. So don't worry" She leaned in and captured Tiffany's lips in hers.


"Mm.." Was all Tiffany could say, as her eyes drooped shut and her arms automatically wrapped around Taeyeon's neck.


Taeyeon smiled and bit Tiffany's bottom lip, before pulling away. "Anyways" she her lips and smirked. "What movie do you wanna watch?"


Tiffany bit her bottom lip. "Uhm.. I-I don't know, other than the time we binge watched Harry Potter, we never had a night in. So I don't know what kinda movies you like" She admitted.


"Hm.." Taeyeon held the younger girls hand and walked towards the couch. "What's your favorite show?" She sat down.


"Favorite show? Hm.. That's hard" Tiffany sat next to the older girl. "I like sitcoms. I like fun shows like Friends and The Office" She smiled. "What about you?"


"I like Stranger Things" Taeyeon smiled.


"OOH! I love Stranger Things!" Tiffany smiled excitedly. "The new season was just released! Can we watch it?"


"Of course" Taeyeon signed into her Netflix account. "I guess we really don't know that much about each other. We're always busy making out" she chuckled.


"Shut up Kim Taeyeon!" Tiffany blushed and nudged the older girl. "I.. Uhm.. I've never done this with a girl before.." She admitted.


"I'm the first girl you dated? I thought you said you were gay?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"I am... I just never got lucky with

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