The LSM Corporate
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"So they steal jewelry and art pieces to sell at the black market?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"Basically" BoA nodded. "So i'm guessing they were behind the break in at the Leeum Museum of Art a few weeks ago"


"Great. We have to bust down a whole psychotic association" Taeyeon groaned.


"Yeah, this is too big of a case for a few people. I think i'm gonna leave the case open for the entire firm and get some detectives and the cops at our connected precinct to help out. This case is bigger than I thought" BoA sighed.


"Yeah, that'd be for the best. But I think Fany should be the one to put the leader in jail. He killed her family and caused her so much pain. She deserves to do that at least" Taeyeon said.


"If we catch them, she can do that. But she needs to be careful" BoA said. "The poor thing went through a lot already"


"Yeah, i'm gonna make sure she's safe" Taeyeon nodded.


"Well anyways, that's all the news I got for today" The older woman said, as she drank her milkshake.


"Very depressing" Taeyeon chuckled and leaned back against her chair.


"Speaking of Tiffany, do you have a thing for her?" BoA raised an eyebrow.


"What makes you think that?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"I can tell" BoA shrugged.


"Hyoyeon told you, didn't she?" Taeyeon chuckled.


"Yeah, she's a blabber mouth" BoA chuckled.


"Well, yeah. I kinda like Tiffany. She's really sweet and funny. And so hot too" Taeyeon chuckled. "She's smart and we both share the same interests. She's literally my dream girl" She explained.


"Are you gonna ask her out? Do you think you'll ask her to be your girlfriend?" BoA teased and wiggled her eyebrows.


Taeyeon chuckled. "Well, ma-" Just then, Taeyeon was cut off.


"-TAEYEON, BOA, YOU HAVE TO COME SEE THIS" Taemin ran into the firms café in a rush.


"What? What happened?" BoA stood up.


"Is everything okay?" Taeyeon also stood up.


"It's about the case.. The news.. JUST COME!" Taemin yelled, as he rushed up the stairs, BoA and Taeyeon right behind him.


"Taeyeon you're here, thank god" Sooyoung looked at her worriedly.


"What the hell is going on??" Taeyeon asked.


Sooyoung just pointed towards the TV. It was on the news channel.


“BREAKING NEWS, earlier today, police broke into an warehouse right outside of Seoul, after having suspicion that the person behind all the recent bombings was using it as their base. Suspicions turned out to be true, and the man behind the mask revealed himself as Jung Jihoon, leader of the well known gang of thieves, the Crimson Vultures" The female newscaster stated.


"Oh my god" BoA started rubbing her forehead.


"but that's not the shocking part" The male broadcaster started. "Jung Jihoon walked out of the warehouse holding 3 people, 2 boys and a baby girl, threatening to kill them. Here is the clip, but be warned, it's very disturbing" He continued as they played the clip.


“If ANYONE makes a move, I shoot the kids" Jihoon snapped, as he cocked his gun. All the police officers hesitantly took a step back.


"Jihoon, you're cornered. Drop the gun" Yuri stated. She was one of the detectives sent to check out the warehouse location.


"Jihoon, listen to what she says. Nobody needs to get hurt. Drop the gun and let the kids go" Minho stated. As General, he volunteered himself to check the location too, in case something like this happened.


"Oh but i'm not. Nobody will get close to me or else I shoot one of these brats" Jihoon yelled louder, as he grabbed the crying baby girl and placed the gun on her head.


"JIHOON STOP" Minho yelled. "We'll drop our guns" The General ordered. "But let the kids go" He put his gun down, to show peace. He nodded towards the rest of the team and they all did the same thing.


"And lose my control?" Jihoon laughed. "No, no. I will let these kids go, ONLY when you let Max and Junsu out of jail, and bring me Tiffany Hwang. Once I kill that , then you can have the kids" He said. The clip ended and it cut back to the newscasters


"Tiffany Hwang is said to be the eldest Hwang sister. What she has to do with this situation, none of us know. But Gang Leader Jung Jihoon threatened to kill her or else her siblings will be killed. Something needs to be done! Hasn't this family gone through enough?!" The female newscaster snapped.


BoA lowered the volume of the TV. "My god. I wasn't expecting anything from that warehouse. I just sent the team because there was shady activity there. I didn't think it was JIHOON'S safe house" She rubbed her temple.


"The Hwang kids are alive.. These past eight months... They've been alive.. But how? I thought they bombed their house in the morning?" Taeyeon looked at her friends.


"I'm guessing Max broke into their house, kidnapped the kids, and placed the bombs in there, killing the parents" BoA stated. "Remember the Neighbor that spoke up? In her first interview, she stated that she saw some men she didn't recognize circling around the neighborhood and the Hwang house. They must have been trying to see where to break in from"


"We have to go. We need to get those kids out of there before Jihoon changes his mind and kills them!" Taeyeon snapped.


"Go there and then what, Taeyeon? Look, I know Tiffany means a lot to you, but let's think for a second. If more cops show up, Jihoon may snap and shoot. We need to lure him out. Trick him into giving us the kids" BoA stated.


"And how do we do that?" Key asked.


"Give him Max and Junsu" Taeyeon sighed.


"What?? Are you crazy?" Hyoyeon looked at Taeyeon.


"Not ACTUALLY give them to him. We pretend like we're going to trade. The kids for those 2 s. Once we get the kids, we arrest all three of them" Taeyeon explained.


"You're forgetting one thing. He said he'll let the kids go only once he has Tiffany" BoA sighed.


"Once who has me?" Tiffany walked into the office, with furrowed eyebrows. She was too busy in the printer room printing and filing all this months documents. She didn't catch the news or anything that happened. "What kids? What's going on?"


"Tiffany, I think you need to sit down for this.." Taeyeon walked towards the girl, holding her arms out cautiously.


"Wha-? Tae you're scaring me, what happ-" Tiffany looked up at the TV, and her eyes widened once she noticed her siblings on TV. "W-Wha- M-My-" She was unable to finish a sentence. She tried to sit down but slipped on her own foot and fell. Taeyeon immediately caught her.


"Hey, hey, hey" Taeyeon held the girl as she cried. "W-Why- Where is this from- Wha-" she hyperventilated.


"Fany, Baby I need you to breathe" Taeyeon said, as she tried calming Tiffany down. She didn't care that she called her baby in front of everyone else. They may not be girlfriends just yet, but they started calling each other these terms of endearment after their 4th date.


"DONT TELL ME TO BREATHE. T-THOSE- HE HAS A GUN ON HER- W-WHERE ARE THEY??? I-I need to go" She pushed Taeyeon off of her and pulled herself up fast.


"Tiffany, let us explain-" BoA tried.




Just then, BoA got a phone call. Once she saw who it's from, she shushed everyone and answered. "Hello? Minho? Are you okay! What's the status. .... Uh-huh... Uh-huh, yeah.. " she sighed. "Okay, okay listen. Tell him we're bringing Max, Junsu and Tiffany right now. Buy us some time as we head over there. We're having a problem here too" She ordered. "... No, we're not actually gonna give him Junsu and Max back. And we're not giving him Tiffany either. We'll trick him into giving us the kids. It's too long to explain, just tell him that we're on our way with everyone" BoA ordered, before hanging up. "Key, Taemin, go get Junsu. Tell the heads I commanded you to do so and that it's an emergency. Sooyoung" she looked at the taller girl. "Do the same but for Max. I'll come with you"


"Yes, ma'am" Sooyoung, Key and Taemin nodded, before they rushed out.


"Taeyeon, you and Tiffany get in the car immediately and get to the warehouse. Tae, hold her down if she tried to do something stupid. I know she just wants to protect her family, I get it, I really do, but one wrong move and she'll regret it. So just explain to her the situation on the way there and calm her down. Your plan is the only way this will work, and we dan't risk having anything mess it up" BoA explained.


"Yes, ma'am" Taeyeon nodded and tried calming the sobbing Tiffany down. "Baby, shh, it's okay.. We'll get your siblings back, I promise, but you have to cooperate" She placed a gentle peck on the taller girls lips, as she her hair.


"HE HAS A-" Tiffany was cut off.


"I know, I know" Taeyeon nodded and helped the girl up. "But if we act irrationally, he will pull the trigger, Fany. So please, trust me and listen to me" She cupped her friends cheeks. "We have to go, now. But listen to me and do as I say"


Tiffany just sniffled and nodded, as a tear rolled down her cheek. Taeyeon held her hand and rushed them to the car.



On the way there, Tiffany kept sniffling and crying. "I gave up on them but they were kidnapped... They were probably so scared... I'm such an awful-"


"-Shut up" Taeyeon snapped. Tiffany's eyes widened. "W-W-"


"You have been blaming yourself over what happened to them, which make no sense because you weren't even in the country when it happened, Tiffany" Taeyeon stopped at a red light and turned to face Tiffany.


"But they died because I put that man in jail" Tiffany snapped.


"No. You put a CRIMINAL in jail. If you didn't who ing knows how many people he would've killed, just to get his way? But you pit an end to that. Who were you supposed to know he was part of a gang that was gonna kill your parents and kidnap your siblings?" The older girl spat. 


"And you never gave up on your family. You talked to them every damn day. Yes, I heard you talk to each of your family members individually. Hoping that they would somehow reply. Hoping that they would come back. You may've thought they were gone, but you still pretended like they weren't. Now stop beating yourself up. How do you think your siblings would react if they find out their sister blamed herself for the actions of the horrible man that kidnapped them and killed their parents? They'd be mad that you are letting that man go free of HIS actions" Taeyeon ranted, as the traffic light turned green and she started driving. "Now stop blaming yourself for his actions and listen to the plan"


"Jihoon, I just want to tell you mow that there are 3 police cars nearly here. They have Max, Junsu and Tiffany. You can have them, but only if you give us the children" Minho stated.


"And you think i'm gonna fall for that?" Jihoon laughed.


"Well, we have no choice. You were two steps ahead of us. You cornered us. If giving you those 2 s back means saving those children's lives, then so be it. Sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture" Minho said, not meaning a single word.


"You're just as soft as you used to be, Minho. You'd rather release two wanted criminals who stole and murdered, over having 3 pathetic kids, who had no impact in the world, die?" Jihoon smirked.


"Yes. Yes I do" Minho said firmly. "Because those 3 children had a huge impact. After what you ordered your men to do, everybody knew their names. Everybody loves them. Their lives mean more to me than 2 es like your little minions. I'll give you the minions and the girl, but you give me the kids"


"Minho, they're here" Yuri pointed towards the police cars coming.


"Jihoon, that's them, don't shoot" Minho ordered.



"Okay, are you ready?" Taeyeon handcuffed Tiffany's hands behind her back.


"Y-Yeah.." Tiffany hesitantly nodded.


"Do you trust me?" Taeyeon looked at her friend.


Tiffany just nodded.


"Baby" Taeyeon cupped her friends cheeks. "I'm not gonna let him do anything to you or your siblings.  We're gonna get them back" She pecked Tiffany's l

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