It's a Date!

The LSM Corporate
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"It's so good to finally be back" Taeyeon said, as she sat down in her chair and leaned back on it.


"When you're suspended, you can't work. But here you are, sending us that from the JYP firm and beating up ex boyfriends" Taemin chuckled.


"Oh that wasn't work, that was just me having fun" Taeyeon smiled and stretched.


"Anyways, where's Tiffany?" Hyoyeon asked. She wanted to talk to Tiffany about her crush on Taeyeon.


"She's cleaning her trailer so I can stay with her for a while. There was a gas leak in my apartment" Taeyeon shrugged.


"Do you think the people after Tiffany did that?" Hyoyeon asked.


"Nah. It was those teenagers that live a few floors above me. They were doing some kind of experiment and caused the gas leak" Taeyeon chuckled. "So, what did I miss?"


"Nothing much. Lee Sooman has been coming over every other day to check on us" Sooyoung groaned.


"My god, I can't wait till BoA takes over" Taeyeon rolled her eyes. "Anyways, what did you end up doing with that Max guy? The one who shot me"


"He's gonna stay in prison for 2-5 years because of his several offenses" Hyoyeon stated.


"Good. But we need to know why be was trying to kill Tiffany" Taeyeon stated.


"He was never a lawyer. He lied and worked in JYP's firm for over a year, to get people to trust him. He was trying to get information from the inside and spread it to his criminal friends. When his friend was caught money laundering, Tiffany was the one to put him in jail. And he wanted to get revenge" Hyoyeon stated.


"Which probably means he's the Hwang family murderer" Jinki added.


"Y-You told them?" Tiffany's eyes widened at Taeyeon.


Taeyeon jumped when she heard a familiar voice behind her. "What?"


"You told them i'm the Hwang daughter?" Tiffany asked.


"Wha- No??" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Jinki. "How did you know that?"


"Uhm.. Sorry Tiff, but it was kinda obvious..." Jinki stated.


"Great" Tiffany sighed and sat down. "Did everyone know??" She looked around at the others.


Everyone else just nodded. "Great" she slumped on her chair.


"First day back and you're already distracting everyone here?" Lee Sooman walked into the room and looked at Tiffany.


"Wha-" Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows, but was cut off.


"-Maybe the firm was right. You are untrustworthy and are here to spy for JYP. Is that why you told your friend to send the bomb here?? Is that why you let him bomb your family?" Lee Sooman snapped.


All the firm's eyes widened. They were silent in shock. 


Taeyeon got out of her seat to go punch the boss, but Minho held her fist before she could make contact.


"Minho, get out of my way" Taeyeon said through gritted teeth. 


"Taeyeon, go back to your seat" Minho calmly said, as he gently pushed her back. Jinki and Key held her back and took her to her seat.


"Thank you, General Choi-" Just then, Minho punched Lee Sooman in the face.


"Dude!" Taeyeon looked at her friend. "Why stop me when I was gonna do that?"


"Because" Minho massaged his fist. "I was gonna tell you guys yesterday, but I wanted to wait for Taeyeon and Tiffany to come back to tell you all together. As of yesterday, Lee Sooman is not my boss. Not any of our bosses. Actually"


"Excuse me?" Lee Sooman looked at him.


"Yeah, I forgot to tell you, the heads demoted you after they found out you suspended Taeyeon and Tiffany, because they were competing on who gets the most cases done. And they found out that the firm was slacking off without those 2" Minho said.


"Slacking off? I've been here nearly every day since they were suspended. I made sure you all did you work!" The former boss stated.


"We weren't" Key said.


"Minho told us to not do our work. So the firms cases go down while Taeyeon and Tiffany were away, and the heads can see how big of an you were to suspend them. We've been planning this for 2 weeks" Sooyoung added.


"You guys risked your jobs for us?" Tiffany's eyes widened.


"Well i'll just tell that to the heads then" Lee Sooman said.


"And who will they believe? The person who suspended their 2 best lawyers for no reason, or the entire firm, who tried to stop him from ruining the company's image?" Minho snapped. "Pack your , Sooman. You've been demoted to general at the KEYEAST firm"


"The subsidiary firm??? Oh you've got to be kidding me" Sooman snapped. "You'll be hearing from me soon enough" He angrily walked out.


"Tiffany, i'm sorr- Tiffany?" Minho turned to look at the older girl, but she wasn't there. "Where'd she go?"


Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows. "I'll go look"


"Tae, let me check" Hyoyeon got up and walked to the bathroom, to check if Tiffany was there. "Tiffany?" She walked into the bathroom.


"Hm, yeah?" Tiffany sniffled and wiped her tears away.


"Hey, don't cry.." Hyoyeon walked over to the older girl and gave her a hug. "Don't let what Sooman said get to you. He's trying to get under your skin. He's an " She reassured her.


"I know, i'm sorry" Tiffany wiped her tears away with a tissue.


"Hey, let's talk about something else... How are you and Taeyeon? Did you two kiss anymore times?" Hyoyeon wiggled her eyebrows teasingly.


Tiffany chuckled. "Actually, yes" She nodded.


Hyoyeon's eyes widened. "What? When?"


"Well, when my ex boyfriend tried threatening her and threw a milkshake on me... That happened because Taeyeon pretended to be my girlfriend. She wanted me to win the break up by pissing him off. She kissed me like... Twice. But that was it" Tiffany chuckled.


"Well? How did that make you feel? Do you still want to get with her?" The blonde girl asked.


Tiffany sighed. "Yeah" She nodded. "But I can't. I know I can't. Taeyeon's my friend now. Best friend, actually. And she's been there for me more than anyone else ever was. I need someone like her by my side. I can't risk that" She sadly said.


"What does Taeyeon feel about this. I mean you. Has she shown any signs of being interested in you?" Hyoyeon asked.


"No, I don't think.." Tiffany shook her head. "I mean, she called me pretty a few times, and she's always the one to initiate the kisses. But the first time she kissed me, she was practically high. And the other 2 times was when she was pretending to be my girlfriend to piss my ex off, so..." She shrugged.


"How about I ask her?" Hyoyeon asked.




"I ask her if she's interested in anyone.. See whether or not she likes you. I mean, I know Taeyeon is dedicated to work, but I just realized, her and her ex girlfriend didn't click because they both worked very different jobs. You and Tae work together. You even sit next to each other. So if you two do date, it'll work out!" Hyoyeon excitedly said.


"I-I don't know... What if she doesn't like me like that? I really don't want to ruin our friendship..." Tiffany said.


"Tiff, she literally fought against her boss and got suspended from the 1 thing she's obsessed with, for you. Then let you move into her home. Then attacked and arrested the person who murdered your family and sent you a bomb. Then was shot in the leg by him. Then kicked your ex in the balls for hurting you. And she literally nearly just punched her former boss to defend you. If she doesn't like you, then I'LL be shocked" Hyoyeon chuckled.


Tiffany was still hesitant. Taeyeon was all she had. She didn't want to lose her.


"Let me talk to her. Trust me" Hyoyeon pat the girls shoulder. "Anyways, let's head back to work" She headed back to the office.


"Hey Fany, where were you? You okay?" Taeyeon asked.


"Yeah, sorry, just needed the bathroom" Tiffany half smiled.


"Tae, can you come to the printer room? I need to show you something" Hyoyeon asked.


"Sure" Taeyeon got up and followed Hyoyeon. "What do you wanna show me?" she stretched her body as she closed the door behind her.


"So what's up with you and Tiffany?" Hyoyeon went straight to the case.


"Huh?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"You and Tiffany.. You've been oddly close to her. She even stayed in your hospital room for 3 days" Hyoyeon started. "So what's up with you two?"


"Nothing" Taeyeon shrugged. "She's just a friend. She's gone through so much, and me being a to her is just cruel. So I wanted to be her friend. And her staying at the hospital with me was her choice" She stated.


"Taeyeon.. Please.. You took a bullet for her. Do you really not have the slightest of feelings towards her?" The blonde girl asked.


If Taeyeon was being honest with herself, she did have a crush on Tiffany. The younger girl was just so adorable, and kind, and loving, and caring, full of energy, and just everything that was good in this world. She didn't understand why the world was so cruel to the girl. But she had the urge to stay by her side and fix all her problems. She just wanted Tiffany to always smile that pretty eyesmile of hers, because if she doesn't, then the world will go into darkness.


"Earth to Taeyeon" Hyoyeon snapped her fingers in front of the girl.


"Sorry, what?" Taeyeon shook her head.


"I said, do you really not have any feelings towards her?" Hyoyeon repeated her question.


Taeyeon thought about her and Tiffany together and smiled. But she couldn't risk it. The younger girl has nobody. She lost everyone. And Taeyeon knew she was always working. She couldn't let her and Tiffany's relationship end up like her and Heize.


"I can't risk anything, Hyo" Taeyeon finally spoke up. "She lost everyone in her life. Her parents, her siblings, her old job... She had an abusive boyfriend, and the one person she trusted back in her old firm, caused all of that to happen. I'm a workaholic. I'm always too busy with work. I can't put her in the same position I put Heize in" She sighed.


"But you wont!" Hyoyeon exclaimed. "You and Tiffany both have the same job! You two go to work at the same time and get off at the same time. You sit next to each other too. This won't be like you and Heize!" She pleaded.


"I-I don't know, Hyo..."


"She definitely likes you too!"


"She does?"


"Taeyeon! The way she's always looking at you so lovingly gives it away. She's always blushing when you're together, and she sat at the hospital with you for 3 days for crying out loud! Just ask her out, okay?"


"Why are you doing this?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows, confused why her best friend was playing match maker.


"Because" Hyoyeon looked at her friend. "You've been so miserable ever since Bora left and you and Heize broke up. But for the past few weeks, whenever someone simply mentions Tiffany, you immediately smile. You're always defending her, even if it meant losing your job. Which is why I think she's different. You would've broken up with anybody else if it meant working 24/7. But with Tiffany, it's the opposite. You didn't mind being suspended for 2 weeks, because you thought protecting Tiffany was worth it" Hyoyeon explained. "Basically, what i'm trying to say is, she makes you happy. And you're obviously making her happy too. So why not be happy together?" She shrugged.


"I don't know..." Taeyeon hesitantly said.


"Taeyeon.. Just trust me, okay?" Hyoyeon pat her friends shoulder, before walking out of the printer room.


Taeyeon sighed. "Hyoyeon, if this doesn't work, i'm gonna kill you" She walked out and went back to work.




"It's really small. And I cleaned it as best as I could.. But hopefully you can stay here while they check on your apartment" Tiffany said, as she walked into her trailer.


"It's perfect, Fany. Thanks" Taeyeon smiled and placed her bag on the couch. 


"Uhm... I don't have another bed, so you can sleep on my bed" Tiffany said.


"Don't be silly, I can sleep on the couch" Taeyeon sat down and stretched. "Your place is so tidy and neat compared to mine" She chuckled.


"Oh I like everything being neat and tidy, but I cleaned it more since you were coming over" Tiffany chuckled. "And you're sleeping in my bed. You're my guest so you will do as I say" She smiled.


"Why can't we just share the bed? We've done it at the hospital" Taeyeon shrugged.


"That'd be rude of me" Tiffany simply said.


"Shush up Fany, i'm your friend, not some guest you're not close to. It's fine" Taeyeon chuckled. 


"Okay" Tiffany jokingly rolled her eyes and sat next to the older girl in awkward silence. She decided to turn the TV on. 


"Hey Tae?"




"Why did you and your ex break up? You know, the crazy one that came into the firm last month" Tiffany asked.


Taeyeon chuckled. "Her work is completely different than mine. And i'm a workaholic. But she wanted to be with me 24/7. That obviously couldn't work. So we broke up" She shrugged.


"Do you think you'll start dating again? Or are you too into your work to ever start dating?" Tiffany asked cautiously.


"You mean dating Heize again?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"No, just dating in general"


"I'm not sure.. I am a workaholic.. And to keep a relationship, I need to be focused on my significant other as well... So I don't know..." Taeyeon shrugged.


"Have you ever thought about dating another lawyer or detective? From our firm, I mean? That way, you'll be able to balance both dating and work" Tiffany suggested.


Taeyeon chuckled. "Have you and Hyoyeon talked about this?"


"What?" Tiffany's eyes widened and she started panicking. Did Taeyeon just catch her?


"Hyoyeon told me the same thing. Date someone from the firm! It'll be easy!" The older girl chuckled and shook her head.


"Why not? It seems like a good idea?"


"I love my group. They're awesome. But 1. I'm not interested in them. They're all like my brothers and sisters. And 2. Even if I did like one of them, I don't want to risk my relationship with them. Dating is fun and all, but sometimes, it ends unexpectedly. And I don't want to risk it" Taeyeon admitted.


"Yeah, I get what you mean" Tiffany nodded.


"Would you date anyone at the firm?" It was Taeyeon's turn to ask.


"Like you said, i'm too scared to risk it" Tiffany admitted. "The people in this firm treat me better than the ones in my last one. And i've been here for nearly 2 months now, And they didn't trust me for like... A month because I came from their rival firm" She let out a small chuckle. "But yeah.. I wouldn't want to risk losing any of them"


"Are you crushing on anyone here?" Taeyeon teased and nudged the girl jokingly.


Tiffany smiled. "Uhm.. No"


"You paused! You definitely like someone!" Taeyeon smiled. "Who is it?"


"No one!"


"Oh come on! Tell me, pleasseee! Is it Hyoyeon?"


"What? No!" Tiffany chuckled. She loved Hyoyeon, but as a friend. The blonde wasn't really her type.


"Ooh then who? Is it me?" Taeyeon wiggled her eyebrows teasingly.


"Wha- No! You-You're like my best- uhm.. Best friend" Tiffany stuttered out.


Taeyeon chuckled. But took a mind note of Tiffany stuttering. "But yeah. It's hard crushing on someone you're close to because of the risk of losing them" She leaned back on the couch and looked at the ceiling. Her neck was fully exposed and so was her cleavage. Tiffany couldn't help but stare.


"Uhm.. *gulp* what about someone you work with but you're not close to?" Tiffany asked. She was too captivated by Taeyeon, she didn't know what she was saying.


"What?" Taeyeon tilted her head to look at Tiffany and furrowed her eyebrows.


"What if.. 2 people in the same firm aren't close.. They can date, right? Because they have nothing to lose" Tiffany said.


"Yeah, I guess?" Taeyeon shrugged.


"Let's say.. Hypothetically, you and I aren't close.. Then we can date" Tiffany asked randomly. She was looking at Taeyeon's eyes then down at her lips.


Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows. "But we are close"


"Yeah, but hypothetically" Tiffany asked, as she started leaning towards Taeyeon.


"Hypothetically, yes" Taeyeon was looking into Tiffany's eyes. She was now lost in them. She also started leaning in. "But we are close"


"I don't know much about you. So we're not really close" Tiffany said, as she repositioned herself so she was sitting on the couch, her body facing Taeyeon.


"Hm.. Then what do you want to know about me?" Taeyeon asked.


"I really want to know what your lips taste like" Tiffany blurted, as she did the unthinkable - she kissed Taeyeon.


Taeyeon was taken back for a moment. She kinda got the hint that Tiffany liked her, after her chat with Hyoyeon, but she never expected Tiffany to actually kiss her. But she just said " it" cupped the younger girls cheek and kissed her back, deepening the kiss.


This time, neither of them was too exhausted and drugged to realize what was going on. Neither of them was doing it to piss off some ex.




This time, they were kissing because they wanted to.


Taeyeon tucked Tiffany's hair behind her ea

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