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Tiffany was pacing around the hospital waiting room nervously. It had been 3 hours since they brought Taeyeon in, and she hadn't heard anything yet.


If Taeyeon lost her leg, or got any kind of permanent damage, It would all be Tiffany's fault.


"Hey" Yuri walked towards Tiffany.


"Hey, any news? What happened? Is she okay?" Tiffany looked at Yuri nervously. "Why is it taking 3 hours to get her legs checked? Oh my god, did they chop her leg off?" Her eyes widened. 


"She's fine" Yuri let out a small chuckle. "The bullet was stuck in her leg pretty deep. They had to put her to sleep to surgically remove it" Yuri stated. "She's heavily sedated, but she'll wake up any minute now"


"Can I see her? U-Uhm.. Will she want me to be in there? Is that okay?" Tiffany asked hesitantly.


"Of course it's okay" Yuri hooked her arm with Tiffany's and headed towards Taeyeon's room.


Taeyeon was surprisingly already awake. Very tired, but awake. The nurse had just brought her some food.


"Hey Tae" Yuri knocked in the door. "How are you feeling?"


Taeyeon couldn't even reply because she was hug attacked by Tiffany.


"Oh Taeyeon" Tiffany hug attacked Taeyeon tightly. "I-I'm so sorry for what happened.. You shouldn't have done that, but I appreciate you for doing that. Thank you so much" She placed a kiss on Taeyeon's cheek.


Taeyeon tried to hide her blush. "Didn't I tell you to stop thanking me?" she chuckled and slowly sat up.


"Hey, uhm, I have to go report back to the rest of the firm about everything. Tiffany, you need a ride?" Yuri asked.


"Uhm.." She looked at Taeyeon. "Do you mind if I stay here? You've done so much for me, I owe you my life. Literally" Tiffany said.


Taeyeon looked at Yuri then Tiffany. "I don't mind" she shook her head.


"Great. Well, if you need anything, let me know" Yuri said, before hugging Taeyeon goodbye and leaving.


"How are you feeling?" Tiffany sat on the couch.


"I've been better" Taeyeon chuckled.


"I'm sorry.." Tiffany sighed.


"Don't worry about it. It's not the first time i've been shot" Taeyeon chuckled.


"It wasn't?" Tiffany's eyes widened.


"When I was 7, my brother and I were playing with my dads tools. He took my dads taser gun and we thought it would be cool to try and use it on each other" Taeyeon chuckled.


"Oh no.." Tiffany's face went from worry to unbelievable.


"Yeah... He shot me with a taser gun. And believe it or not, that hurt more than the bullet. But that's maybe just because I was a child being tased, and now i'm a grown up who was barely hit by a bullet" Taeyeon tried to lighten the mood.


"Barely hit?" Tiffany looked at the older girl. "They had to surgically remove it!" She exclaimed.


"Yeah" Taeyeon shrugged. "Well anyways, i'm fine. And i'm glad you are too"


Tiffany just bit her lip. "U-Uhm.. I-I don't know if you remember, but in case you do... I-I'm sorry for hiding the fact that i'm the eldest Hwang daughter... I-I just- I couldn't bring myself to tell anyone... Only 2 other people know... Lee Sooman, and.. Well... Max" She sighed.


"MAX? The that just shot me??" Taeyeon's eyes widened.


"Yeah. I told him about it right when I came back from Japan. I broke in front of him. I was vulnerable. I cried in his arms. Yet..." Tiffany sniffled. "The whole time... It was him..."


Taeyeon sighed. "I knew about your family" She admitted.




"I've known about your family for a while now. Ever since you were watching the news about them at the firm like.. On your 2nd day" Taeyeon said.


"Wha- How did you know?" Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows.


"I kinda figured it out. You're a Hwang. You quit 7 months ago. The poor family were Hwang's. The incident happened 7 months ago. Not to mention, you were crying when we were watching the news that day" Taeyeon said. "That's why I brought that plushie back to you. The way you panicked whenever it simply fell off your desk.. I knew it was your baby sisters" She explained.


"Oh" Tiffany just nodded.


Taeyeon sighed. "Uhm.. I know this is weird, but can you help me change my bandage? I need to change it every once in a while" She asked.


"O-Oh, sure" Tiffany nodded.


"Just.. Uhm.. If you get sick easily, then I don't think you can because it looks disgusting" Taeyeon chuckled.


"No, no. It's fine. Where are the bandages?"


"Here" Taeyeon sat up and gave Tiffany the bandages. She then positioned herself so she was sitting with both knees up, and rested her head on her knees.


"Okay uhm.. This may hurt a little... Or a lot.. I'm not sure, i'm not good at this" Tiffany chuckled and sat down on the bed in front of Taeyeon. She slowly unwrapped the bandages on Taeyeon's leg. "Uhm.. Are we friends?" She asked.


"Tiffany, you are sitting on my bed at the hospital, wrapping my wound up with bandages, after I took a bullet for you. Not to mention, you live with me now, and I had fun marathoning Harry Potter with you last night. What do you think?" Taeyeon chuckled.


Tiffany half smiled and started wrapping Taeyeon's wound with a new bandage.


The two girls were sitting awfully close to each other. Tiffany's head was inches away from Taeyeon's.


For a moment, there was a silence. Not an awkward silence, but a.. Romantic.. Kinda silence.. They seemed like girlfriends helping each other. And it didn't help that both girls were blushing.


"And here you go" Tiffany half smiled, once she finished. She looked up at Taeyeon and didn't realize how close their faces were. For a second, they both stared into each others eyes, contemplating making a bold move and kissing the other. But neither let their intrusive thoughts win.


"Uhm.. Thanks" Taeyeon gulped and smiled.


"It's no problem" Tiffany half smiled her adorable eyesmile, which made Taeyeon's heart skip a beat.


"Hey, look" Taeyeon held Tiffany's wrist as she was standing up.




"Uhm.. If I ever get to be a detective, which I don't think I will after the mess I said to the boss yesterday, but if I miraculously do, i'll make sure to get your family's case and have you work on it with me" Taeyeon offered.


"R-Really?" Tiffany's eyes widened, as tears started forming in her eyes.


"Yeah. We're the best lawyers in the country. And i'm a pretty good detective. With the both of us, we can definitely bring your family justice" Taeyeon smiled.


"Thank you Tae-..Yeon. Taeyeon" Tiffany bowed respectfully.


"And you can stay with me for as long as you like. Now that we found out your stalker was your old colleague, who knows how many more of them there is" Taeyeon said. "And you can call me Tae" She smiled.


"Thank you... So much T-Tae.. You don't know how much I appreciate everything that you've done for me" Tiffany hugged the oder girl again.


"Stop thanking me. We're friends, what are friends for?" The older girl hugged back. "And I promise I wont tell anyone that you're the Hwang daughter"


"Thank-" She was cut off when she noticed Taeyeon raise an eyebrow. "Sorry" She chuckled.




"Finally" Taeyeon sat down on her apartment couch and let out a content sigh. She stayed at the hospital for 3 days, Tiffany right by her side the whole time. She even refused to go home and change, so Yuri got her and Taeyeon some new clothes to wear.


It was 11PM by the time the doctor officially let her leave. Because of the bullets position on her leg, the doctor was worried the hole may open up again if Taeyeon moved around a lot when she slept, or if she walked on it a lot, but they tested all those out in the 3 days, and nothing happened. So he allowed her to go back home.


"I can finally sleep on my warm and comfortable bed" Taeyeon let out a sigh of relief.


"Well you need to get to bed now" Tiffany grabbed the older girls arm and pulled her up. "The doctor gave you that pain medication that makes you all sleepy and as if you're high" Tiffany chuckled. "So you need to sleep"


"But I want to watch some good TV. It's been 3 days since I was able to!" Taeyeon whined.


"I don't care. If you sleep on the couch, you may hurt your leg even more. Now come on" Tiffany walked the older girl to her own bedroom.


Taeyeon sat down and looked at the younger girl, who was getting the bandages to change her old one. "You're pretty" Taeyeon complimented. Now she didn't know if it was the drugs that made her blurt it out, but she still meant it.


Tiffany's face shot up to face Taeyeon. "U-Uhm.. Thank you.. You're pretty too.." She quickly looked down as she blushed and kneeled down to change the bandages.


"Thanks for taking care of me, by the way. It would've been so much harder and more painful if you weren't there" Taeyeon thanked.


"Hey, you don't need to thank me. I'm the reason you're in this mess in the first place. This is the least thing that I could do" Tiffany let out a small chuckle, she said, as she wrapped the new bandages on the older girls leg. "And done. You can sleep comfortably now" Tiffany smiled and looked up at Taeyeon with that killer eyesmile that always makes the older girl's heart skip a beat.


"I really want to kiss you right now" Taeyeon blurted.


"What?" Tiffany's eyes widened. "T-Tae.. T-That's the drugs talking. Just lay down and go to sleep..." The younger girl tried hurrying the older girl.


"Oh this is definitely the drugs talking, but I still mean it" Taeyeon admitted. She held Tiffany's collar and pulled her up, before crashing their lips together.


Tiffany was taken aback. Did she slightly crush on the older girl? Yes. And her crush only grew by the day as she took care of Taeyeon and slept on the same hospital bed as her. She wanted to enjoy this kiss so much, but she knew she shouldn't take advantage of Taeyeon when she's vulnerable and basically drugged with that medicine.


But Taeyeon's lips were so warm. So soft. So inviting. She felt safe whenever she was with Taeyeon, but now that they were kissing, she felt like this was her safe place. She couldn't help but kiss back.


And it went from a few pecks, to Taeyeon laying on top of Tiffany, as they full on made out on her bed.


Both knew that they should stop. They were coworkers, this was inappropriate. But they both had the same thought. ‘I'm suspended for two weeks. So it’. And so they continued making out all night.



The next morning, when Taeyeon woke up, she stretched her whole body, as she usually does every morning, but this time, she accidentally hit a lump on the other side of her bed.


"Ugh" the lump groaned and shifted. Once they both turned to face the other, both of their eyed widened and shouted.


"What are you doing in my bed?" Taeyeon asked, completely forgetting what she had started last night.


"I-I don't know" Tiffany shook her head. She must've made out with Taeyeon so hard, Taeyeon's medicine may've drugged her too, because she doesn't remember anything from the previous night either. Her eyes suddenly widened. "Did we-"


Taeyeon's eyes widened as she checked under the covers to see if she was or wearing clothes. "No" She let out a sigh of relief. She then looked at Tiffany's neck and smacked her face. "Oh God.. We made out.. And a lot" everything from the previous night came crashing back. 


"Made out??" Tiffany looked at the older girl, shocked.


"Yeah, we made out alright. All over" Taeyeon let out a chuckle as she held a small mirror towards Tiffany, so the younger girl could see the hickey's on her neck.


"Oh my god! Taeyeon" Tiffany blushed profusely. "Oh my god this is so-" She stood up and panicked. "We shouldn't have done that!"


"Yah, calm down" Taeyeon hushed, as she slowly stood up.


"Calm down?? We made out! We're coworkers and we made out! If Lee Sooman found out-" Tiffany was cut off.


"-He wont. Don't worry" Taeyeon simply said.


"I should've stopped. You were basically drugged and I took advantage of that. I'm sorry" Tiffany shook her head.


"I consented to it all. You weren't taking advantage of me. Don't worry" Taeyeon said. "Anyways, let's just forget it ever happened"


"Yeah, that'd be best" Tiffany nodded. 


Nether of them ever forgot.


"Anyways, since we were ambushed a few days ago, I still owe you a date to the café that makes the best omelette ever. You still wanna go there for breakfast?" Taeyeon asked.


Tiffany half smiled. "It's a date" she then frowned. "Wait, you can't walk a lot.."


"I'm fine, Tiffany. It's been 3 days since it happened. We did a lot of testing and my leg is fine" Taeyeon said, as she walked towards the bathroom. "Now go put on something pretty for our date " She winked at the younger girl, before going into the bathroom.


Tiffany blushed hard snd rushed out of Taeyeon's bedroom and to her own, to put on something pretty. As she did that, she called Hyoyeon.


"Hey Tiff, how's suspended life treating ya?" Hyoyeon smiled through the facetime call.


"What do you think?" Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows and chuckled. "Anyways, I need some advice" She sat down on her bed.


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