Mr. Ribbit

The LSM Corporate
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"No way!" Jinki gasped.


"Did someone rig the points?" Yuri's mouth widened.


"Oh wow" Hyoyeon's eyes widened and she crossed her arms in shock.


"As we can see it's the end of the 3rd week, and the current and official points are.. Taeyeon with 7 points. And Tiffany, the new reigning champion, with 13 points!" Sooyoung clapped. "Whoa, in 1 week, you went from 2 to 13! That's crazy!"


"Well, a new mall opened up and there were special sales in nearly every store. People went crazy and I took my chance" Tiffany smirked.


"Loser, do you have anything to say about this?" Taemin chuckled and teased Taeyeon.


"Yah! I was on vacation the entire week! It's a miracle I even got those few cases done while I was away with the family!" Taeyeon defended herself. "But i'm back now, and dry season is over. Tiffany, take a picture of the scoreboard, because this'll be the last time you lead" she smirked.


"Oh really? Because i'm leading by 6 points, and I have 2 people coming in today for interrogation, and I already know they'll be confessing, so i'm gonna be 8 points ahead by tonight. And we only have a week left till the competition ends. So how on earth are you going to surpass me? Hm?" Tiffany smirked.


"You'll see" Taeyeon took her keys from the table.


"Where are you going?" Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows.


"To be a detective. Hyo, Key, cover for me if the boss comes?" Taeyeon smiled.


"Of course" Hyoyeon nodded.


"You got it" Key smiled.


"Thanks guys" Taeyeon smiled and walked out the building.


"Wha- That's absolutely not fair!" Tiffany's eyes widened. "I can't get cases that way!"


"Figure it out!" Taeyeon called from the door, as she walked into the elevator and left.


"Well of course she's gonna gain more points this way! She's going out to do detective works!" Tiffany complained.


"You know what, because this is getting interesting, i'll give you permission to go on detective duty with Sooyoung. But only after you finish all your assistant work for the week because we actually need those done" Minho stated.


Tiffany groaned. "It's gonna take me so long to finish these" 


"Well Taeyeon missed a whole week, so you had a 7 day advantage. Now you can miss a few days doing assistant work since you're behind on it anyways. And it's only fair" Minho shrugged. "Now get to work if you wanna do detective work earlier" He chuckled and went back to his office.


"Whenever you're done with your work, just let me know and i'll take you with me" Sooyoung smiled.


"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you" Taeyeon stated, as she handcuffed the criminal who was assaulting another man. 


"This is your third arrest of the day, you need to relax" Taemin chuckled


"Nah, I need to catch up. I can't let Tiffany beat me. Now that I got those 3 arrests, she's only leading by 3 points" Taeyeon stated, as she put the criminal in the back of Taemin's car.


"Actually, Tiffany did say she has 2 more people coming in today, so she's leading by 5 points" Taemin chuckled.


"Shut up" Taeyeon chuckled. "I took a week long vacation and within 4 hours, i'm already slowly catching up. By the end of the day, I can surpass her" She stretched her back. "Anyways, you go take this to the precinct and take the paper work to the firm so I can finalize it later. I'll go to the next location and meet you there" She said, as she walked to her car and drove to the next location.


On her way to the next location, she noticed a shady man walking towards a group of preteen girls in school uniforms. Probably walking home from school. She quickly parked the car on the side of the road and got out, taking her gun from the car door storage compartment. She hid it in her pocket and walked fast so she was walking in front of the girls.


The man walked towards the girls and immediately grabbed the smallest one. All the girls gasped and started screaming. The man started running.


Before he could run past Taeyeon, she immediately grabbed his arm and twisted it.


"Oh !" He groaned and dropped the girl.


"Go to your friends kid" Taeyeon said, as she grabbed his other arm and twisted it too.


"What the hell are you doing, who do you think you are??" The man snapped, as she was bodied down by Taeyeon.


"I'm detective Kim. And you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do will-" She was cut off.


"-Yeah, yeah whatever. Let me ing go " He spat near her foot.


"Oh you're going to regret that" She was about to get the last handcuffs from her belt, but the man kicked her in the stomach and ran towards the girls again, all of whom were too busy reassuring their friend who was nearly kidnapped. They didn't notice the man running towards them again.


"" Taeyeon groaned and held her stomach. She slowly got up, but was too late. The man was holding another one of the girls, with a gun to her head.


"STOP PLEASE NO LET ME GO" The girl started crying.


Taeyeon gritted her teeth and quickly pressed a beeper that was in her pocket, before standing up. "Let her ing go"


"How about you let me go or I pull the trigger" He snapped.


‘What do I do? I can't let him go with her. But I can't do anything or he'll pull the trigger... I can't get my gun out my pocket either. One wrong move and he'll shoot her...’ She sighed. She didn't have back up either, so she was stuck. Until...


"LET HER GO" One of the preteen girls shouted and stabbed the man on his thigh with her scissors. 


"OUCH" The man groaned in pain and dropped the girl. Taeyeon's eyes widened as she feared for the girls safety. She ran towards them and quickly kicked the mans gun away. "Girls, go to to my car. It's open. Get in and STAY in" She snapped. All the girls nodded and ran to her car.


"And you" She put her gun on his head. "One ing wrong move and i'll shoot. Now get the up" She pulled him up and took her handcuffs, successfully cuffing him this time. "You will be charged for attempted abducting, threatening to shoot an innocent child, and assaulting a detective" She spat. "Back up is coming right now. Have fun in jail then hell, " She dragged him to her car, unlocked it and got another pair of handcuffs to handcuff him to one of the apartments stairway rails.


She carefully picked up his gun and put it in a ziplock bag that she had in her car.


"Hey, you girls alright?" She looked at the 5 scared and shivering girls crowded at the back of her car.


"I-I-I wanna g-go home" The girl who the man threatened to shoot said, as she sniffled.


"I know sweetheart, and i'm gonna take you all home" Taeyeon half smiled. "Here" She pulled out a blanket she had in the trunk of her car, that she had for this exact situation, and gave it to the girls. "But I can't take you right this second, because I can't leave that criminal here alone. We have to take him to jail so he doesn't hurt anyone else, okay? But don't worry, you're safe with me" She reassured them. "Here, all of you have some water" She gave then water bottles.


"And you" She looked at the girl who stabbed the man. The girl looked up at Taeyeon, terrified, thinking she was going to jail for stabbing him.


"I-I-I d-don't want t-to go-go to j-jail" she sniffled. "I-I ju-just wanted to h-help m-my friend" She stuttered.


"Hey, you're not going to jail sweetheart" Taeyeon pat her shoulder to calmed her down. "You were very brave for what you did, and you did save your friend" The older woman smiled. "But, that was very, very dangerous. He could have hurt you, and your friend. Hopefully there isn't a next time, but next time, don't so that okay? Let the detectives handle it" She stated.


The girl frowned, nodded and looked down in shame.


"Hey, don't be sad. It worked out this time" Taeyeon ruffled her hair. "Anyways, can you all give me your parents numbers so I can call them and let them know what happened and that I will be driving you home?"


And she did. As she waited for back up, she called all their parents and told them what happened.


Once Taemin arrived, he put the man in the back of the car and walked towards Taeyeon. "Hey, I came as fast as I could. Are you okay?? I nearly missed the beeper beeping because the in the back of my car would not shut up" He said, as he looked Taeyeon up and down for any injuries.


"He did kick me real good in the stomach, but other than that, i'm good. I just gotta take these girls home" She nodded her head towards the back of her car.


"Yo, you go to the hospital and check for any broken ribs or something, i'll take them home" Taemin attempted to help.


"I appreciate that dude, but after the incident, I don't think a strange man should be driving them alone anywhere. And I promised to get them home safe" Taeyeon smiled. "Trust me, i'm good. I'll see you back at the firm later. I don't think I can do any detective work today. So can you please get someone else to do them?" She asked, as she got in the car slowly, so she doesn't trigger the pain in her stomach.


"Yeah, I will. Call if you need anything" He smiled.


"Okay girls, let's take you home" Taeyeon half smiled. 



"The hero that saved the day!" Sooyoung announced and clapped, as Taeyeon walked in.


"Yah, shut up, it's my job" Taeyeon groaned, as she limped to her chair. She slowly sat down and groaned, clutching her stomach.


"Taeyeon, did you not go to the hospital?" Taemin looked at her, slightly frustrated and angry.


"Taemin, i'm fine. But i'll get it checked out at the firms infirmary in a bit. I just drove to 5 different homes to drop off those little girls, and had to re-explain what happened to their family. I just want to rest for a minute" Taeyeon said, as she leaned back on her chair.


"Tae, you don't seem okay.." Hyoyeon looked at her friend. "You may have broken bones, please go to the infirmary now before it gets worse" The blonde said, as she stood up and walked towards Taeyeon. "C'mon, i'll help you get there"


" man" Taeyeon groaned as she got up. "He had spiky shoes. He kicked me real bad" She let the blonde girl help her up and lead her to the firms infirmary.


"Well you're gonna love who's gonna nurse you back to health" Hyoyeon chuckled and walked into the infirmary.


"Oh hey Hyoy-oh.." Tiffany looked at the girl. "What happened to you?"


"You're a doctor??" Taeyeon groaned.


"I'm not a licensed doctor, but I do have some experience..." Tiffany looked at the older girl, who was now carefully sitting on the bed. 


"Well great, because Taeyeon was just kicked in the stomach and needs to be checked" Hyoyeon chuckled. "Well, have fun" She walked out to leave the two girls alone.


"You were kicked??" Tiffany's eyes widened and she started getting her stuff.


"Yeah" Taeyeon shrugged.


"Why? What happened?" Tiffany looked at the older girl. "Also, uhm.. T-Take off your shirt so I can see.. The-.. Uhm.. The injury" She stuttered.


Taeyeon stood up slowly and carefully took her shirt off, groaning throughout the entire process. "" she sat back down. "This tried kidnapping some preteen girls who were going back home from school. I tried cuffing him but he kicked me and took held another one of the girls at gunpoint" Taeyeon explained.


Tiffany could barely catch what the girl said because she was too busy staring at her chest. Once she realized what she was doing, she shook her head, gulped and walked towards Taeyeon. "Uhm, that's awful.. Are the girls alright? They must've been so shook up- Oh my god your stomach" her eyes widened.


"Excuse me?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows and looked down at her chest. She had a huge bruise on her stomach.


"A-Are you sure nothing is broken, because-" Tiffany was cut off.


"-I've had broken bones before. I had 3 broken ribs. They hurt like . You couldn't miss the sharp pain it caused. This is no broken rib. It doesn't hurt that much. Just the bruising area hurts" Taeyeon stated.


"Uh-Uhm.. Okay, w-well i'll help heal the bruise. Uhm... Can I-.. Do I have permission to touch you...?" Tiffany asked cautiously, not wanting to cross any boundaries.


"Yeah, just heal this because I already feel like throwing up" Taeyeon said, as she groaned.


"O-Okay, well i'm gonna disinfect the cuts, stop the bleeding then put some cream on the bruise and ice it up... Then you'll need to rest. Don't move suddenly or a lot. Just keep icing it" Tiffany said, as she got to work.


There was a few minutes of awkward silence. Taeyeon found this embarrassing. She did not want Tiffany nursing her back to health.


"So are the girls okay?" Tiffany made small talk.


"Yeah, I took them home safe and had to explain to their families what happened" Taeyeon stated.


"What about the man? He better go to jail.."


"Oh he will. He threatened to shoot a child, ne

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