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"And this marks the end of the first week since the start of the competition" Sooyoung said, as she crossed out the 7th day since the start of Taeyeon and Tiffany's competition.


"Let's see, Taeyeon has 4 cases done. Hm.. Tae that's slow for you" Sooyoung chuckled.


"Well, we had the misfortune of starting this competition on a dry month. It's spring break, so everyone's out the country" Taeyeon stated, as she leaned back on her chair.


"Well, Tiffany's not far behind. She has 2 cases done" Sooyoung smiled. "And I heard she's finishing up one more. So she's gonna have 3 soon" Teamin added.


"Damn, Taeyeon you need to pick up the slack! 3 out of 4 of your points are from cases you did before even started the challenge. All of Tiffany's ones are from this week" Taemin chuckled.


"Oh don't you worry about me, I know what i'm doing" Taeyeon smiled confidently and picked up some documents. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a criminal to go interrogate. And if I get a confession from him before the end of the day, I get a 5th point. And I already have 2 lined up for tomorrow so" She smirked and stood up, walking to the interrogation room.


"She already has 2 more? How is she finding all these cases? The board barely has any. As she said, it's a slow month" Tiffany admitted.


"To be fair, Taeyeon does go with the detectives sometimes since she's applying to be one, so if she solves those cases, they count too" Hyoyeon said.


"Ugh that's not fair. I can only rely on the board that barely even updates every day because it's a slow month" Tiffany groaned.


"Well, you did know about her going on detective duties before you agreed on this competition. I told you. And she did ask you to add your own rules, but you didn't" Minho stated. "See, if you want to fit in with us, you have to think like us. Even if it's a rule, if you don't specify it properly, loopholes will be found, and those loopholes are allowed. So if you wanna play like us, you have to be very specific and precise. Think like the lawyer you are" Minho chuckled.


"Well I messed that up. I can't add anymore rules. I already added a few rules AFTER we shook on it and made the bet. So I can't do that again" Tiffany sighed.


"Well, the holidays are ending this week, so cases will be up soon again. Just get through the next few days and you'll be having several cases, that you'll be sick of them!" Hyoyeon tried to cheer the girl up.


"Hopefully" Tiffany just shrugged. "I really need a win" she mumbled sadly to herself, before going back to work.




"Yuri please, can I just see her?" Tiffany heard a woman say through the door.


"First of all, Heize, you don't call me Yuri anymore. It's Detective for you. Second, we told you this before, and this is the last time we will, you broke up with her 2 weeks ago. She doesn't want to see you. Stop going to her home. Stop calling her. Stop texting her. And for the love of god, stop coming to her job. If you continue this, WE will get a restraining order against you" Yuri snapped.


"Yuri I just want to see her. Please" The woman named Heize pleaded.


"Heize get out. If I see you one more time, I'm also getting a restraining order" Taeyeon rolled her eyes.


"Tae, please I just want to talk!" Heize stated, as she tried walking into the office.


"Don't call me Tae. It's detective Taeyeon for you. And I don't want to talk to you. You said it yourself, i'm too stuck up and “married to my work”. Remember?" Taeyeon rolled her eyes.


Tiffany narrowed her eyes and looked at the two people arguing.


"Well, you ARE married to your work. It's all you do!" Heize snapped.


"I'm a LAWYER training to be a DETECTIVE. Of course i'm always working. I told you about that when we FIRST met. Before we started dating, I made sure to tell you that I was always working. And you said that it was fine. You just didn't like the fact that I was actually going to work, instead of taking time off my JOB to hold you in bed while you laze around all day. Some people actually have important jobs that can help save a life, Heize. Just because you draw for a living, doesn't mean everyone else has it easy" Taeyeon snapped.


"You think my job is easy? I make ART for a living. 1 painting can take DAYS" Heize snapped.


"Well it would take a few hours if you didn't party and get drunk all night" Taeyeon rolled her eyes. "Anyways, I have an actual job to do. Now leave and don't come back. We're never getting back together" Taeyeon slammed the door shut and groaned.


"Damn, that girl just wont leave you alone" Jinki chuckled.


"She dumps me for being “too into my job” despite her knowing my work schedule before we even started dating. Then she stalks me at my work to beg me to take her back" Taeyeon rolled her eyes. "And I thought dating men was a headache"


"You're biual?" Tiffany accidentally blurted out.


Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows. "Yeah.. You have a problem with that?"


"Wha- No.. That's cool how you're open with it" Tiffany complimented. 


"Oh, yeah. These guys are very understanding and respectful" Taeyeon nodded and went to the printer.


Tiffany awkwardly smiled and nodded. "Uhm.. Do you guys take big cases here?" She looked at Taeyeon.


"We take all cases" Taeyeon shrugged.


"So if I want to take the case of the Hwang family, I can?" Tiffany asked.


"...Oh so you suddenly want to take on the case after I told you I want to work on it?" Taeyeon looked at the younger girl. "Are you kidding me?"


"Last I checked, you don't own the case. You don't even work on it yet. So if I want to work on it, then I can." Tiffany stated.


"That's so pathetic and low" Taeyeon rolled her eyes. "But you're not getting it. I'm working the case"


"Well Minho told me if I wanted to fit in here, I have to play dirty. And since you've been playing dirty since I got here, it's only fair I do too" Tiffany stated. "I'm working the Hwang case"


"You'll do what?" Said a man's voice from behind.


Tiffany's eyes widened. She turned and saw Lee Sooman standing behind her.


"Oh, uh- Good afternoon sir" Tiffany smiled awkwardly.


"And what's going on here?" He looked around. "First I hear of this crazy woman begging to talk to Taeyeon. You have anything to say about that?" He looked at Taeyeon.


"I kicked her out. I promise she won't come again. Sorry sir" Taeyeon bid down apologetically.


"And what's it with you, Tiffany, saying you'd take a case?" Sooman stated.


Sooyoung immediately flipped the whiteboard to the other side, to hide the scoreboard before their boss sees it.


"I- Uhm.." Tiffany gulped.


"I told you that you're a secretary, and will be just a secretary until everyone in the firm trusts you. You can't do any cases, let alone the Hwang's case" He stated. "So what's this talk about you taking the case?" He snapped.


"I-I was just-" Tiffany was cut off.


"-She was just talking about how she wants to take the Hwang's case after she becomes a lawyer again. She wants it so she can prove to herself that she's still a good lawyer" Taeyeon defended.


Tiffany looked at Taeyeon with furrowed eyebrows. 'Why is she defending me?'


"Well stop this nonsense and get back to work" He snapped. 


"M-May I ask why I-I.. Uhm.. I can't do the Hwang's case, even when i'm a lawyer again?" 


"Because the Hwang's case is a big case. Nothing like i've ever seen before, and i've been working in this firm since I was a rookie. No one has ever planted bombs in an innocent family's home, which is located in a suburban neighborhood, and planned to kill the entire family, children included" Sooman stated. "This case is huge. We can't have rookies-" He looked at Tiffany. "-And people who don't take things seriously-" he looked at Taeyeon and

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