Hayeon and Leo

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"And what have you been up to?" Taeyeon asked her younger sister.


"Not much, classes are tiring" Hayeon groaned. "I barely have time to do anything" she pouted.


Taeyeon chuckled. "Well you have a few more weeks till Christmas break. So keep up the good job cutie" she ruffled her sisters hair.


"Anyways, what about you? How are you and Tiffany?" Hayeon smiled. "Y'know.. After the whole mess from 2 weeks ago?"


Yeah.. She's been great. Very supportive. But I can tell she's jealous of me talking to my therapist" Taeyeon chuckled.


"Why don't you talk to her? Y'know, about your feelings and stuff..." Hayeon asked.


"I told her I thought about killing the murderer who killed my father and she got scared of me. If I tell her what else was going on in my head, she'd dump me right here right now" Taeyeon chuckled bitterly.


"Tae.. You just stunned her by dropping that news out of the blue. She knows you're going through a lot right now so she's gonna expect it... I've seen Tiffany jealous, and it's just sad" Hayeon said as she let out a chuckle.


"She's cute when she's jealous. I may let her suffer a few more days" Taeyeon chuckled.


"Make who suffer?" Tiffany walked into the apartment holding grocery bags.


"Nobody" Taeyeon helped her girlfriend.


"Why are you grocery shopping on a Tuesday afternoon?" Hayeon chuckled.


"Oh yeah, why are you?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"Uh.. No reason. Just got bored" Tiffany lied. She actually wanted to surprise Taeyeon by making her dinner.


She felt bad that Taeyeon thinks she sees her as a monster after confessing her thoughts a few weeks ago. She wanted to make sure her girlfriend knew she would love and support her no matter what and that she wasn't scared of her.


And... She was also feeling jealous that Taeyeon wouldn't talk to her about her thoughts and feels. Tiffany understood that Taeyeon needed professional help, so a therapist was only normal, but she thought Taeyeon would at least talk to her about some stuff.


"Uhm.. Hayeon, can you do me a favor?" Tiffany asked.


"Sure, what's up?"


"Leo refuses to go to the dentist alone. He's never liked going there. His tooth has been bothering him but he refuses to go" Tiffany stated.


"Oh.. Sure of course" Hayeon smiled and nodded. "Is he home?"


"Yeah. But he's leaving to the movies with- Uhm.. So you better catch him quick"


"With who? Chanyeol?" Hayeon got her jacket.


"Uhm.. Uh no" Tiffany shook her head.


"Seokjin?" Hayeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"No.." Tiffany sighed. "Uhm.. I-It's Baram" She cringed.


"B-Baram..? As in.. Park Baram...? The.. The richest and prettiest girl on campus..?" Hayeon bit her lip.


"She's not the prettiest-" Taeyeon was cut off.


"-Oh who are we kidding? Now I have no chance-" The youngest girl groaned and got her bag.


"Yeonie, wa-" Taeyeon was cut off again.


"-And all this time I was running around like a dog for him. Ugh men are awful" Hayeon rolled her eyes. "I'm not going to get his to the dentist. If his teeth hurt, he can either up the pain or grow some balls and go to the dentist himself" She snapped, as she stormed out of the apartment.


"W-Well" Tiffany awkwardly smiled.


"Now why would Leo do that to her?" Taeyeon looked at her girlfriend.


"Do what?" Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows.


"Leo and Hayeon had a solid "friends to lovers" and "girl next door" love story. Why would he go on a date with another girl?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"It's probably not a date. Maybe he was just being nice. Look, Leo would never, ever hurt Hayeon. You and I both know that" Tiffany stated. "Look, can you please go convince Leo to go to the dentist? Please.."


"Why don't you go tell him?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"Because he won't listen to me. And no matter how much I love my siblings, they're still my siblings. And we fight a lot. He keeps screaming that i'm not mom. And if I hear him say that one more time, i'm gonna explode. So just please talk to him about this please" Tiffany rambled on in frustration.


"Hey, hey okay I will" Taeyeon rubbed her girlfriends arms. "Relax. Okay? I'll talk to him. You... Clam down. I'll go now before he leaves" She pecked her girlfriend's lips and walked out.


Tiffany half smiled. The second her girlfriend left, she locked the apartment door behind her and rushed to the kitchen to start cooking. 


She was not the best cook. She was pretty bad, especially when it came to cooking Korean food. She may have been half Korean, but she grew up eating American foods mainly.


Whenever she messed up a batch, she's throw the whole thing in the bin and start over.


Maybe she was overreacting, but she was frustrated. Frustrated that she can't make a romantic dinner for her girlfriend, frustrated that her girlfriend wont talk to her, frustrated that Leo kept lashing out on here and frustrated at what the cashier at the grocery store had called her.


"FINE" Tiffany threw the last batch in the bin. "Ugh. I can't do anything" she tossed the towel onto the table and hid her face in her arms.


"Okay, I talked to Leo, he promised he'll go to the dentist tomorrow morning. And I asked him about his movie date, and he-" Taeyeon stopped talking once she saw her girlfriend. "Babe?"


Tiffany just sighed and looked at her girlfriend. "I can't even make bulgogi and fried rice. I " She groaned.


"Why are you trying to make Bulgogi and fried rice?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows and chuckled.


"I wanted to make us this romantic dinner.. I'd cook your favorite Korean food, we'd sit in the dining room and talk about our feelings and how our day was and blah blah blah" Tiffany sighed. "I really am good for nothing. That cashier was right"


"Wha-" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrow. "What are you talking about? What cashier?"


"Nothing" Tiffany shook her head. "Forget it" She sighed.


Taeyeon half smiled. "C'mon, i'll teach you how to make Bulgogi" She walked into the kitchen.


"No, it's fine. I wanted to cook you the food so it would be all romantic" Tiffany pouted.


"Cooking for your girlfriend isn't the only romantic thing to do" Taeyeon took out whatever ingredients Tiffany hadn't used. "Teaching your girlfriend how to cook is also very romantic"


"How is that romantic?" Tiffany raised an eyebrow.


Taeyeon smiled. "Can you get the steak? I have a grill out in the balcony. Go grill it"


"I don't know how to grill..."


"...How were you trying to make bulgogi then..?" Taeyeon looked at her girlfriend.


"I-I put it in the pan..." Tiffany looked at the girl.


"Oh my god you're adorable" Taeyeon started laughing.


"Don't laugh at me! I already messed everything up!" Tiffany groaned and looked down in embarrassment.


Taeyeon chuckled and walked towards her girlfriend. She cupped her cheeks and lifted her face up so they'd be facing each other. "Take the steak to the grill. And turn the grill ON" she teased.


"Shut up" She blushed and walked out to the balcony.


"Cooking steak in a pan... I'm dating the cutest chick ever" Taeyeon chuckled.


"Ugh you are such a lying, two timing . I can't believe I ever had a thing for you. Have fun with your " Hayeon shouted from the hallway, before walking into Taeyeon's apartment and slamming the door behind her.


Taeyeon's eyes widened. "Yah, yah, what's wrong?" She put the ingredients down and walked towards her sister.


"He is such a hypocrite! When Mingyu asked me out on a coffee date and I said yes out of kindness, Leo was pissed and wouldn't let me forget about it for WEEKS. But I ask him why he's going out with Baram, he tells me to mind my own business and tells me off" Hayeon angrily snapped.


"What? Hayeon, Leo told me Baram was just a friend?" The older sister said.


"Yeah a friend he kissed" Hayeon rolled her eyes and sat on the couch.


"What? He didn't even go out on the date yet? I was just there" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"He kissed her after class a few weeks ago"


"Who kissed who after class?" Tiffany walked into the room.


"Your brother, the two-timing snake!" Taeyeon looked at her girlfriend.


"Excuse me?" Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows.


"Your brother is going out on a date with a girl he kissed a few weeks ago, despite him flirting with me since the day we met. He's been leading me on only to just date another girl and then tell me off when I ask him about it" Hayeon rolled her eyes.


"Oh come on! You and Leo have only been flirting and not dating, so he's allowed to go out on dates with other girls" Tiffany stated.


"Oh please" Hayeon and Taeyeon both started laughing.


"Why are you laughing??"


"Before you and Taeyeon even dated, you got so jealous over every woman she simply TALKED to. And when you two started dating, you got jealous over BOA and BORA. And neither of them were even flirting with Taeyeon. You're the last person to say 'flirting isn't dating' and that I shouldn't be mad at your brother over it" Hayeon rolled her eyes.


"Leo is a gentlemen. He would never hurt you" Tiffany started getting defensive.


"Oh really? Then why has he been leading be on for the past 11 months, then one day, ask me to wait outside class for him so we can “walk to our next class together”, only for him to kiss a girl right in front of me? Worst part is, he didn't know I was there watching him, and he never told me he kissed her. Then he continued flirting with me again, and now he's going out on a movie date with the same girl I saw him kiss. Hm?" Hayeon looked at Tiffany. "Especially when I told him my ideal 1st date was going to the movies" she scoffed.


"And to think I stayed up all night researching PTSD to help him, before I even met him. And tutored him to pass all his classes. Spent many sleepless nights listening to him talk about his feelings and all that bull" Hayeon sat up. "Forget it"


"Hayeon~Ah, wait-" Taeyeon was cut off.


"-No. you rich pe

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