Taeyeon's Mistake

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"Guess who's the best girlfriend everrrrr?" Tiffany skipped to Taeyeon's desk and sat on it.


"Hm.. Sooyoung?" Taeyeon girlfriend.


"Yah!" Tiffany chuckled and kicked her girlfriends leg. "Look at what I got us" She pulled out 2 tickets to the Roxie musical.


"Oooh i've never been to a musical before" She smiled and leaned up to peck her girlfriends lips. "Thanks babe, this'll be exciting" She smiled and looked at the ticket. "...Wait.. This is for tomorrow night.." she pouted.


"Yeah!" Tiffany nodded. "...Why?"


"I have a meeting with the rest of the detectives on my team and Mrs. Park, the head of the firm. She's going to be distributing several long cases that'll last us the next 3-4 months. I can't really skip it because it's my first meeting, and it'll set me up for the next few months. I'm hoping Mrs. Park accepted my suggestion" Taeyeon started playing with her fingers nervously.


Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows. "What suggestion?"


"Uhm.. I-I suggested we reopen my fathers case... I've always wanted to put that drunk driver to jail for the rest of his pathetic life, and i've been trying to find him, but no luck. I haven't gone anywhere. I don't even have leads. I suggested we reopen the case just so I can get my hands on the files. They contain all of the mans contact information, so I can find him and arrest him. But I can't touch the files unless one of the Heads accepts my suggestion" Taeyeon explained. "I'm 99% sure they're gonna turn down my suggestion, because his case is already solved, but I need to know who that man is and where he lives so I can finally bring justice to my father" 


"Whoa, whoa, whoa.. Taeyeon wait..." Tiffany looked at the older girl with wide eyes. "You can't do that.. I understand that you want justice, but the case has already been solved, 20 years ago, so there's no need to reopen it. And the man already went to jail for it. I know it's not as long as you hoped, but he still served his time. Not to mention, this happened 20 years ago. You can't just go there and arrest him. It's not how the law works..." Tiffany stated. "Once 15-20 years pass, the charges would all be dropped. So you can't arrest him even if you wanted to.." The girl explained.


"I can arrest whoever I want to arrest" Taeyeon snapped.


Tiffany's eyes widened. She couldn't believe Taeyeon would exploit her position as a detective to arrest someone. "Tae.." She looked at her girlfriend worriedly. "You can't exploit your position like that.. You and I both know that.. You can lose your job.."


"I don't care. This is my father we're talking about" Taeyeon snapped.


Tiffany sighed. "You were the top lawyer of the country, and are now the best detective in the country. I expected you to be smarter than that" She hopped off the desk and snatched the Roxie musical tickets from Taeyeon's hands. "I'll take someone else with me" She scoffed and walked away.




"So, why didn't you take Taeyeon with you?" Mrs. Kim asked.


"I wanted to take you" Tiffany felt bad for lying, but she didn't want to gossip about Taeyeon, behind her back and to her mother.


"Oh come on. I know I wasn't your first choice" The mother chuckled. "I'm guessing you asked Taeyeon, she either said no or you two had an argument of some sort, so you decided to take me instead" She read Tiffany like an open book.


Tiffany sighed. "She had this meeting today.. She told me how she sent in a suggestion to open her fathers case.."


"Oh God" Mrs. Kim sighed. "I thought she let that go" She shook her head.


"I understand why she wants to do it, I wanted to bring justice for my parents too, but she said they already arrested her fathers murderer. And it happened 20 years ago.. She legally cannot arrest him again for what he did. She can literally lose her job..." The younger girl ranted. "And she's exploiting her position as a detective.. I've never seen this side of her.."


"She's been obsessing over this case for years now. I know she's always been bitter and sad that she never had the chance to grow up with him, but whenever she brings it up, she's hurting everyone around her" Mrs. Kim sighed. "Someone needs to put it through her thick head that he's gone. And I know i'm an awful mother for saying this, but it's not healthy for her to go on like this. She's now risking her job.. She's going too far"


"You're not an awful mother. I get what you mean. I don't want her going down the wrong path either.. I'll talk to her after her meetings done. I don't care if she ends up hating me. I don't want her hurting herself anymore"


"She's not going to hate you Tiffany" Mrs. Kim chuckled. "One thing about Taeyeon, she's gonna appreciate you doing that for her. Maybe not immediately, maybe not any time soon, but she will" The mother stated.


"I hope you're right" She groaned.


"I know my daughter, and trust me, she won't hate you. She's way too head over heals for you" Mrs. Kim reassured the younger girl.




"This " Taeyeon walked into her apartment and slammed the door shut behind her, before she threw her bag on the sofa and sat next to it angrily, as she got her laptop and immediately started tapping away on the keyboard.


"Hi..." Tiffany quietly said, as she walked out of Taeyeon's bedroom. Judging by the older girls frustrations, her suggestion was denied.


Taeyeon looked at the younger girl and shrugged. "Hi."


"Tae, can we talk?"


"If it's about the case then no" Taeyeon said, as she went back to working on her laptop.


Tiffany sighed. "Taeyeon, please.." She sat next to her girlfriend on the couch. "Whether or not your suggestion gets accepted, you can't go about arresting him" Tiffany stated, as she pulled out some documents. "The law states that if a case has been closed for over 15 years, the case drops. You can't arrest the accused. It's literally illegal. You're putting your job at risk" She explained.


"I don't care" Taeyeon snapped. "I don't know why you're saying this. You wanted to do the same for your parents"


"Don't you dare bring my parents into this" Tiffany gritted her teeth. "Those situations are not the same"


"Not the same? They're the exact same" Taeyeon stated. "Both our parents were murdered and we wanted to bring them justice"


"No, they're not the same. Your father was killed by a drunk driver. My siblings were kidnapped for over 6 months, and they had to watch the kidnappers blow their home and our parents inside. Your father got his justice 20 years ago, when his killer was arrested and jailed for a while. I know it may not be good enough for you, and I understand that, I really do, but it's been 20 years since he died." She snapped.


"You risking getting fired from a job you love, to break the law and arrest someone who had already been arrested for his crimes 20 years ago, will NOT bring your father back. It will not. Your dad is gone, just like mine is. Neither of them are ever coming back, no matter how many stupid things we do in the name of "justice". So stop with this craziness, Taeyeon. Because you're only hurting yourself and the people around you. And frankly, you're scaring the hell out of me. Exploiting your position? Breaking the law? This isn't the Taeyeon I fell in love with. This is actually reminding me of jihoon's gang exploiting their positions to get what they want. So get your act together because if you're going to continue going sown this path, then I don't want to be here to witness it. Because it breaks my heart seeing you like this" Tiffany stood up and walked towards her girlfriend. "I love you. But it's either me, or the case" She said, before walking out of Taeyeon's apartment to her own.


Taeyeon gritted her teeth. She was mad at Tiffany. Mad at her for disrespecting her father, for making her feel guilty, for comparing her to Jihoon and his squad, for making her choose between her father and their relationship. She was just really mad.


She's been wanting to avenge her father for so long now. Ever since she was old enough to be told the truth about what happened to him. Going to jail for 14 months only, after committing 2 crimes - drunk driving and murder,  wasn't enough. It's a slap in the face, actually. Mr. Kim had a wife and 3 children who were waiting for him to come back home. He had just gotten a promotion at work, and got a new daughter. He was anticipating going to career day for Taeyeon and Jiwoong's school. But he never got to do any of that because his life was stolen from him. But he will never get to experience that. And his children and wife will never experience it either. So giving his murderer 14 months in jail for committing 2 crimes and ruining the lives of 5 people, was just a big slap in the face. It's as if his life meant nothing.


She just went back to work. She slept alone that night, Tiffany spent the night in her own apartment. Which was normal, they didn't sleep together all the time, but Taeyeon knew it was because the younger girl was mad.


The next 2 weeks were spent like that. Taeyeon being too immersed with her work, snd Tiffany ignoring the older girl until she apologized.


Taeyeon was slacking off at work, which was surprising because whenever she was asked about what she was doing, she was always saying work. And whenever her friends had parties or just hung out, she'd say she was too busy with work.


Tiffany was worried about the girl. She was quieter than usual. She stopped visiting Tiffany's apartment, she just stayed in her own apartment and.. Worked? She didn't know what she was doing. But she was worried. But she wasn't going to check on her. She can't back down after her whole speech.



Taeyeon wasn't working at all. Well, she was, but she was working on finding her fathers murderer. And she did. She researched articles, news and videos that covered the incident of the drunk driver. She found his name - Eric Smith, and calculated his age, searched his name online until she found out where he worked - At a restaurant in Seoul. And that's when she did it. She got her detective uniform on, got all her tools ready and just left.


On her way there, she was shaking. This was 20 years worth of waiting. 20 years worth of pent up anger and resentment. She didn't know if she was going to arrest him or kill him at this point. Her mind was clouded with rage, sadness and pain.


Once she arrived there, she parked her car right outside the restaurant's entrance and sat in her car, waiting for him to come out.


About 45 minutes later, he finally walked out of the restaurant. This was it. This was the moment all her hard work was leading up to. She was going to avenge her father. She got the handcuffs out of her bag and got out of the car. She took a few steps towards the man before it happened.


"Appa!" Taeyeon heard a young girl call for her father.


"Appa can we go to Build-A-Bear now?" Another young girl said.


Taeyeon stopped walked. Her eyes widened. The murderer had kids. Twins.


"Ah my girls! Have you been waiting for me?" The man smiled and picked up both of his 4 year old daughters.


"Yeah! Amma took us out of school early so we can go get plushies!" The baby smiled excitedly.


"We have to go now!" The other twin said.


"Honey, what did I say about taking them out of school early? They have to learn!" The murderer chuckled, as his wife walked towards him.


"I couldn't help it! They were just too excited this morning when we told them!" His wife said, as they kissed.


Taeyeon felt her heart drop to her stomach. He had a family. A wife and kids. This man who stole her father away from her, is a father himself.


She was mad. Infuriated. Frustrated. Sad. In pain. She didn't know how to act. She wanted so badly to walk up to that happy family, and break that happiness. She wanted to tell them how her father was a murderer. She wanted to steal him away from his family, because he didn't deserve happiness.


She balled up her fists and started walking again. She spent 20 years searching for him. She was doing this for her father. For her mother. For her brother and sister. They all deserved their happy ending. Her father would've understood what she was about to do.


But she stopped.


‘Would he?’ Taeyeon thought. ‘Would my father approve of this..? Would I be able to look my mother and siblings in the eye after I take a father and husband away from his wife and kids? Would I be able to look at Tiffany and her siblings in the eye, after I do this? If I go through with this, i'd be ruining a family. I'd traumatize 2 innocent girls. I'd cause so much pain to people I don't even know, when it was never their fault. It was that mans fault and his fault alone. I can't punish the his wife and kiss..’ she thought.


‘If I go through with this, then i'd be the exact person I resent and loathe the most. I'd be the reason those 2 girls grow up without a father. And when they're older, they'll resent me.’ Taeyeon shook her head. "I can't.." She sniffled. "I'm sorry dad, but I can't"


"Officer, are you alright?" The murderer, Eric, said.


Taeyeon gritted her teeth. "I'm fine" She looked up and into the eyes of the murderer. "Just fine"


"Are you sure?"




"Okay.. Well, whatever you're going through, just know that it'll be okay. Just take a deep breath and stay strong, whatever you're going through will pass by. And one day, you'll look back at this moment and realize that you made the right choice, whatever it is" He said.


"My apologize about my husband. He's made mistakes in the past that he never forgave himself for, and has tried his best to turn a new leaf. He even stopped drinking! He never drinks anymore-" His wife stated.


'A little too late for that' Taeyeon thought, as she gritted her teeth. 


"-So whenever he sees someone down, he tries to help them too" His wife chuckled.


Taeyeon didn't know what to say. She couldn't believe she was being lectured by him of all people. 


"I'm on active duty. Don't interrupt me" Taeyeon said, before quickly getting in her car and driving away.


Instead of driving back home, she went to a hotel and stayed the night. She turned off her phone completely, and just sat on the bed, rethinking her entire life.


She was so close. He was 2 steps in front of her. She could've arrested him. She could've avenged her father. But she didn't.


She may have not remembered her father, but she knew that he wouldn't have wanted her to do that. She somehow knew that her father would've wanted her to walk away, and not live a life of crime.


"I can't believe this" she sniffled. "I-I can't believe I even thought of not only breaking the law by arresting him, but even had thoughts of killing him. I'm a horrible person. I don't even recognize myself anymore" She covered her face with her hands and started crying.


And that's how she spent the night. Crying herself to sleep. And she desperately needed that sleep. Throughout the 2 weeks she was searching for the man, she barely slept. She barely even ate. Which is why, the second she woke up, she immediately went down to the buffet and ate everything she could get her hands on. Once she sat down with her 2nd plate of scrambled eggs and bacon, she decided to turn on her phone, and was greeted by 330 missed calls and 2,793 texts from her friend

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