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"Good morrnninnngg" Taeyeon turned the lights on in Tiffany's room and walked in, holding a tray of food.


Taeyeon groaned. "Haewon~Ah, go play with the boys. I'm sleepy"


Taeyeon placed the tray on Tiffany's bedside table then smacked her . "Wake up, i'm not Haewon" She chuckled and sat on the edge of the bed. "Today's the day. You're feeling all better, so it's your birthday celebration day!" She smiled widely.


"Oh" Tiffany smiled and sat up. "I forgot about that.."


"Well, I didn't" Taeyeon got the tray again and placed it on her girlfriends lap. "I made you scrambled eggs, bacon and, since your actual birthday was basically wasted, I thought you deserve to have the biggest ice cream sundae" She smiled proudly.


Tiffany's eyes widened. "I LOVE YOU!" She smiled excitedly and started eating the ice cream first.


"Me or the sundae?" Taeyeon raised an eyebrow teasingly.


"Ask me again in 5 minutes" Tiffany joked and continued eating. "So, what are we gonna do after breakfast?"


"Whatever you wanna do. We can marathon movies, go shopping, to the beach, whatever you want" Taeyeon smiled.


"Bowling would be nice. I still have to beat you" Tiffany smiled and pecked her girlfriends cheek. "Thanks for breakfast. And the ice cream" She smiled. "This is my first time having breakfast in bed"


"I'll do it more often then" Taeyeon smiled and put an arm around Tiffany's shoulders. "What did your siblings get you for your birthday?" She gently nudged the younger girls face closer to hers and pecked her lips.


"Nothing" Tiffany shrugged. "Leo was too busy on campus. Michael reunited with one of his friends from before.. The incident.. And Haewon's.. Well, Haewon. She's a baby" she chuckled.


Taeyeon bit her lip. "Okay. Well, how about you go shower and get ready for our bowling date, while I clean the kitchen because Haewon did help me make her own breakfast.. I didn't know it was possible to make that much of a mess while making EGGS" Taeyeon chuckled.


Tiffany chuckled and stood up. "Okay, i'll go shower. You wanna join me..?" She smiled and held her hand out.


Taeyeon bit her lip. They haven't had yet nor even seen each other . So this was huge.


Taeyeon took Tiffany's hand and smiled. "I would love to. But, maybe.. Later" She winked at her girlfriend then walked out to the living room. 


Once she knew Tiffany was in the shower, the older girl rushed over across the hall. "Leo, Michael, get Haewon and get your butts here"


The two boys immediately ran over once they heard the older girls firm, and scary, voice.


"I didn't break anything" Michael said.


"It was probably Haewon!" Leo stated.


Haewon pouted. "No..."


Taeyeon chuckled and picked Haewon up. "How manly of you to blame your 3 year old sister to something nobody is accusing you of" She smiled and pointed at the couch. "Sit. We need to talk" She sat on the armchair, and placed Haewon on her lap.


"Is everything alright?" Michael asked.


"Is it Tiffany?" Leo asked worriedly.


"Yeah, but she's fine.. Well... *sighs* you guys forgot her birthday" Taeyeon stated.


"What? No, her birthday isn't until-" Leo's eyes widened. "Oh my god.. Oh my god we forgot her birthday!" He looked at Michael.


"I-I was busy at- It doesn't matter, I can't believe I forgot her birthday!" Michael groaned.


"Hey, it's okay.. I'm gonna throw her a small, secret party. Just you 3, my mom, Hayeon and Jiwoong. She didn't want a huge party, and I don't want to make her uncomfortable in her own party" She started. "So, i'm gonna need you three to go buy her presents from the three of you, annddd" She pulled out a list from her pocket. "The things on this list"


Leo took the list and frowned. "Tae, i'd love to buy all of this but.. Uhm.. I don't really have the money..."


"Yah, you think i'm gonna make you pay for any of this?" Taeyeon chuckled and pulled out an envelope. "Here. There are a thousand dollars in here. Like half of it will be enough for the things on the list. Use the other half to buy her whatever you want, and buy yourself some stuff too. You kids deserve it"


"A-A thousand...? Taeyeon.. That's so much.. $50 will do just fine..." Leo stated.


"Don't be silly. Nothing nowadays costs less than $100. Anyways, the party's going to start at 6. So make sure to go to my mom's house before it starts. That's where the party's going to be at" Taeyeon smiled.


"Thank you so much Taeyeon..." Michael thanked.


"Yeah, at first, I didn't know what to think about Tiffany dating.. All her ex's were horrible. But you're amazing. You appreciate her and care for her. And we're thankful for you because we've never seen her this happy before" Leo started.


"Yeah, you're so good to her. And you spoil her so much.. I've never seen any of her ex's do that. They don't do anything for her, but you're the exact opposite! You give her everything she deserves. Everything we can't get for her.." Michael stated.


"I'll make sure to give her everything she wants" Taeyeon smiled. "But don't be so hard on yourselves. You're just kids, you don't need to worry about all that stuff. Enjoy your youth... Well, SAFELY enjoy it" She chuckled. "Anyways, you wanna take Haewon~Ah with you? Or should I drop her off at mom's house?"


"We'll take her with us. She loves shopping for Tiffany" Leo chuckled.


"Okay, well, i'll leave you guys to it. But don't mention anything to Tiffany, okay? Don't even wish her a happy birthday. I want it to be a total surprise!" She stood up. "Call me if you need anything"


"Tae, where are you?" Tiffany called from across the hall.


"Gotta go!" She rushed out of the apartment and into the other one. She skipped to the kitchen. "I'm in the kitchen" she quickly turned the tap on and washed the plates.


"You're still washing the plates?" Tiffany walked out to the kitchen. She was only wearing a robe.


"Yeah, I did a bit of work first.. Uhm, anyways, the kids just told me they're going to the mall" Taeyeon lied.


"Oh, any reason in particular? None of them like shopping" Tiffany chuckled.


Taeyeon paused for a second to think of a believable lie. "Uhm... Leo said something about Haewon wanting to go on the horse carousel. She wouldn't stop crying so they just decided to take her"


"Awh, that's nice of them to both take her" Tiffany pouted. "They've been very protective of her ever since.. The incident... I'm so happy she has them" she started drying her hair.


"And they're all lucky to have you. All of you have sacrificed so much just to keep each other safe. Your parents would be proud of you"


"Maybe not me, but kids? Yes" Tiffany nodded.


"Stop it" Taeyeon looked at the older girl. You risked your life just to get them back. When we were in the car, handcuffing you so we could hand you in to Jihoon, you told me that if the plan didn't work, I should just give you away to them so your siblings can be freed. They wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. So give yourself a break" she pecked the taller girls lips. "Now, i'm gonna go get ready for our bowling date. No more negativity or else i'm cancelling our plans for the whole day"


Tiffany half smiled at her girlfriend comforting her. "What restaurant are we going to for dinner?" She followed her girlfriend.


"Oh that's going to be a surprise, I can't ruin it!" Taeyeon took off her shirt and put on a black, long sleeved cross crop top. "Don't dress too fancy. I need you on your A game for bowling. I need to prove that I am the best bowler in this relationship" She smirked.


"Oh puh lease" Tiffany giggled and looked for something to wear. "I beat you at our competition, i'll beat you again here"


"Excuse me, I let you win the competition" Taeyeon raised an eyebrow.


"I still won" Tiffany chuckled and put on a pink shirt, that she tucked into her jeans. "Now lets go get your kicked" She skipped to the door, but was stopped by Taeyeon who held her wrist and pulled her in for a kiss. "You look really hot in those pants"


"Shush up" Tiffany blushed and wrapped her hands around Taeyeon's waist and slid her hands into her girlfriends back pockets to take her keys. "I'm driving" She smiled cheekily.


"What? But it's your birthday! I have to be the gentlemen and drive you everywhere!" Taeyeon pouted and pecked her girlfriends lips.


"It's my birthday, I wanna drive, pleasseee" She pouted.


"Fine, but if you get a single scratch on it, I will-" Taeyeon was cut off.


"-You will what?" Tiffany raised her eyebrows and smirked. "Punish me?"


Taeyeon bit her lip. She was actually shocked that Tiffany was being so ual. The younger girl was always so shy and blushes whenever Taeyeon simply complimented her. So Tiffany asking her to shower together and now this.. Tiffany was acting very weird.


‘Good weird. I like how she's opening up to me more and gaining a lot of confidence in herself. I need to break her streak of horrible boyfriends’ Taeyeon thought to herself.


"Helloo, earth to Taeyeon! So can I drive...?" Tiffany snapped the older girl out of her thoughts.


"Just get your in the car" Taeyeon chuckled and walked out of their apartment.





"Oh i'm so excited" Tiffany said, as she looked for a bowling bowl that was not too heavy. "It's been so long since I came here. I used to come here with my family every week" She smiled, as she started her turn.


"Oh, so you've had a lot of practice, huh? You have a major advantage on me!" Taeyeon chuckled. "Who usually wins when you came here with your family?"


"My dad" Tiffany said, as she hit 7 pins. "He was such a pro! One time, he hit four strikes in a ROW!" Tiffany bragged about her dad. "The rest of us had no chance!" She chuckled and took another ball. "Haewon~ah had to use those bowling ramps since she couldn't lift the ball, and she somehow got a strike too!" She smiled and threw the ball, but it missed all the remaining pins. She got distracted by her favorite memory - bowling with her family.


"Oh" Tiffany cringed.


"You okay?" Taeyeon asked, once she saw Tiffany's frown.


"Oh, uhm.. Yeah sorry, I got distracted" she half smiled and walked back to her seat.


"Hey, it's okay" Taeyeon looked at her girlfriend. "Tell me more about your parents. They seem like fun parents" she said, as she stood up to take a ball and take her turn.


"Oh they were" Tiffany half smiled. "My mom loves to swim. We had a swimming pool at our house, and my mom always challenged us to a swimming race! It was never fun because she would always win" She chuckled.


"Oh so she's competitive?" Taeyeon chuckled and hit all but 1 pin. "I see you take after her"


"Oh, you think i'm competitive? Then you haven't seen my mother. She never even let the kids win! Not even Haewon!" Tiffany chuckled.


"Oh I would've loved your mom. She's my kinda woman" Taeyeon smiled and walked towards Tiffany after hitting her last pin down. 


"Yah! Are you hitting on my mother?" Tiffany jokingly smacked her girlfriends arm and stood up.


"From everything you've told me about your mother, you're basically her" Taeyeon chuckled. "Anyways, your turn"


Tiffany looked at the pins and accidentally let out a sigh.


"Do you want to go home? You seem off.." Taeyeon stated.


"What? Oh, no sorry" Tiffany shook her head and stood up. "I wanna spend my birthday celebration with you. You worked hard planning it all..."


"Fany, if you're not feeling it anymore, we can go home" Taeyeon suggested, as she walked towards the girl. "It's okay. I would love to just cuddle in bed as we marathon movies" She reassured the taller girl.


"I'm fine, really" Tiffany half smiled. She appreciated her girlfriend trying to help her.


"Okay, well..." She cupped her girlfriends cheeks and pecked her lips. "It's your turn and i'm winning" she winked.


"What?" Tiffany's eyes widened and looked at the scoreboard. Her sadness long gone. "How do you have more points than me?!" She took her bowling bowl.




"Looks like you weren't as good as you said you were" Taeyeon teased, as they walked out of the bowling alley.


"Shut up, you won by 3 points. And you only won because you luckily got a strike!" Tiffany pouted.


"Oh I didn't know you were such a sore loser!" The older girl joked. Tiffany just stuck her tongue out and rolled her eyes. "Anyways, i'm getting hungry! Which restaurant are we going to?"


"I'm still not going to tell you" Taeyeon chuckled and opened the car door for Tiffany. "But, I need you to wear this" she gave her girlfriend a blindfold. 


"... Wha- Why?"


"Because I don't want you to know where we're going. So get your in the car then put the blindfold on" Taeyeon chuckled


Tiffany hesitated. She knew Taeyeon would never do anything to her, but being blindfolded scared her. "Uhm.. Do I have to..?"


"Do you trust me?" Taeyeon looked at her girlfriend. "I promise I won't do anything, Fany.. Just trust me, okay?"


Tiffany but her lip and nodded. "Okay.. I trust you" She put the blindfold on as she got in the car. She did trust the older girl and she wanted to show her that. Wearing the blindfold isn't enough.


"Thank you" Taeyeon smiled and got in. She used one hand to hold the wheel, and the other to intertwine her fingers with Tiffany's.


Tiffany half smiled. "Hey, Tae..?"




"Uhm.. Bowling with you today got me thinking.. I want to bring back weekly bowling with my family.. Leo, Michael and Haewon loved our bowling Saturdays... So I want to bring it back.. Y'know, just to at least have 1 thing go back to normal.." She truthfully said.


"That's a great idea! You'll have fun and also bond. I know the kids would absolutely love to spend time together. They definitely need it, and so do you!" Taeyeon liked the idea.


"Yeah.. But.. Uhm.. I thought that maybe.. I mean only if you want, and if the kids agree, uhm.. Maybe you, Hayeon, Jiwoong and Amma Kim can join..." Tiffany finally managed to say. She felt Taeyeon's hand soften her hold on her hands, which had Tiffany worry. "O-Only if all of you want to... If you don't then that's fine too... I was just asking because I-I thought that maybe you-" Tiffany was cut off by the sun hitting her eyes, she had to squint.


Taeyeon had stopped in a red light and pulled down the blindfold that was covering her girlfriends eyes. Before Tiffany could say anything, Taeyeon captured her lips in a soft and gentle, but passionate kiss.


Tiffany was taken aback. She closed her eyes because the sun was too bright, and kissed her girlfriend back. "What's that for?"


"If your siblings ALL agree, then i'd be happy to join you. I know Hayeon, Jiwoong and mom would too. But only if your siblings are ALL okay with it" she put the blindfold back on her girlfriend, before leaning back in her seat. "But.. What if you end up regretting sharing that with me?" The older girl asked.


"Nothing you do will ever make me regret it. You're a huge reason to why I got my siblings back in the first place. And you gave us a home, and shared your family with us, so the kids wouldn't feel alone. Now I wanna share my family with you" Tiffany stated. "The kids love you and your family. I'm so grateful for Jiwoong for traveling all the way back to Korea, just to help us out. The boys adore him and look up to him. And i'm so thankful for Hayeon~ah, because she's been helping the boys slowly get over their fears, so they wouldn't let their fears stop them from living their lives. And she's so sweet to Haewon~Ah. She's always playing with her and having sleepovers with her.. And i'm forever thankful for your mom. You asked her if 4 strange people could stay with her whenever they needed, and she said yes with no hesitation. She literally turned the guest rooms into rooms for Leo and Michael! Hayeon put another bed in her room, willingly, so Haewon~ah can stay there. And you.. You gave me your childhood bedroom.." she pouted.


Taeyeon half smiled. "You're not a stranger, you're my girlfriend. And my mother loves you and the kids. You're always welcome" She said, as she parked the car. "Anyways, we arrived. So stay put so I can help you out" She got out the car and quickly rushed over to Tiffany's side. "Okay, gimme your hand" She held Tiffany's hand and helped her out. "You're gonna love this"


"Really? What restaurant is it? Is it American or Korean?" Tiffany smiled.


"Hm.. It's half and half" Taeyeon chuckled a

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