Will You Be My Girlfriend... Again?

The LSM Corporate
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"So let me get this straight, you were late to your date with Tiffany because you were in the middle of busting a criminal down, dropped the case and ran to her home, took her out on a beach date an hour late, asked her to be your girlfriend, then got her sick?" Hyoyeon furrowed her eyebrows and chuckled.


"Basically" Taeyeon just groaned and leaned back on her chair. "It wasn't my fault! How was I supposed to know she gets sick easily? It wasn't even that cold and I gave her my jacket!" She defended herself.


"So, if your girlfriend is sick at home, why are you here? Shouldn't you be taking care of her?" Key asked.


"What about the kids? She can't take care of Haewon" Sooyoung asked. 


"Haewon and the boys are at my moms house. My mom misses having a baby in the house, and Jiwoong loves the boys" Taeyeon chuckled. "And Tiffany's asleep. I gave her food and medicine before I came here. I couldn't take a day off cause I took too many this year so i'm stuck" She cringed. "I am going back home early though. I need to get her lunch"


"So how's having a girlfriend? Well, a girlfriend like Tiffany" Hyoyeon smiled and wiggled her eyebrows.


"Well, i've had her for 17 hours, and she's been sick for about 16 of those hours so..." Taeyeon chuckled. "But she's amazing. I don't know how she's a lawyer because she's so damn sweet" Taeyeon let out a laugh. "That woman cannot hurt a fly, yet she makes people walk out the court room crying. She really is amazing"


"Oh Taeyeon's so whipped" Minho laughed. "I never thought I would see Taeyeon this in love. No offense to Heize, but Tiffany obviously takes the crown for being Taeyeon's best girlfriend"


"Oh definitely" the whole firm nodded.


"Damn, how horrible were my ex's that my girlfriend of 17 hours already debut on the #1 spot?" Taeyeon chuckled.


"It's now how bad they were, it's how amazing Tiffany is" Taemin added. "I've never seen anyone have you this whipped. She makes you really happy" He smiled.


"That, I agree with" Taeyeon smiled. She then got some texts. 


Tiffany: Did you really have to go to work? :(

Tiffany: Come bacckkkkkkk


Taeyeon: I get off work in an hour. I'll be there soon cutie <3


Tiffany: My whole body feels so cold. Come warm me up 🥺


Taeyeon: babeee

Taeyeon: i'll be home in an hour. I'll pick up some food on the way so what do you want?


Tiffany: Pizza 😆

Tiffany: With meatballs on too

Tiffany: And soup for tonight

Tiffany: Thank you 💖

Tiffany: Are you sure you wont come home right now? Because...

Tiffany: *attaches a picture of her laying in bed with messy hair, red nose and cheeks, and a tank top


Taeyeon saw the picture and gulped. She immediately turned off her phone and started packing.


"Where are you going? I thought you leave in like.. An hour?" Hyoyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"Uhm.. Emergency with Tiffany. She said she's getting sicker. So..." Taeyeon awkwardly smiled before rushing out. She stopped by the store to buy Tiffany pizza and soup, then went to her apartment.


"Fany? I'm home with your food" She announced.


Tiffany just groaned from Taeyeon's bed.


Taeyeon placed the food in the living room table, before walking to her room. "You're an for doing that" She chuckled and tossed a pillow onto Tiffany.


"Whaaaat? I just sent you a pic of me" Tiffany pretended to act innocent.


"You know what you were doing" Taeyeon smiled and held a hand out. "C'mon, let's go to the living room and eat. You need to eat something before taking your medicine"


Tiffany groaned and slowly sat up. "Everything hurts" She whined and held her girlfriends hand, allowing the girl to pull her up. She then hugged the girl to try and snuggle with her.


"I know" Taeyeon pouted and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend. "We'll eat then you can sleep" She rubbed the girls back and walked to the living room. "We'll watch your favorite movies, The Lord of the Rings trilogy! And we'll watch the extended versions too. You deserve it"


Tiffany smiled and sat next to Taeyeon on the couch. She looked at the pizza and suddenly gasped.


"You okay?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


Tiffany covered and immediately rushed to the bathroom to throw up.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa..." Taeyeon quickly rushed after the girl to hold her hair back. "Fany? Do you have stomach pains as well?"


Tiffany just nodded and started tearing up. "Everything hurts" She sniffled.


"Hey.. It's okay, you ate a lot yesterday. Just drink some water" She handed her girlfriend a glass of water and clipped Tiffany's hair up.


Tiffany just sat up and slowly started standing up. She was already disoriented, so she wobbled all the way through.


"No pizza for you. Just the soup" She helped her girlfriend up and helped her wash her face.


"This " Tiffany pouted and slowly walked back out into the living room. "I'm sorry this isn't your ideal first date as girlfriends" Tiffany apologized, as she sat down next to Taeyeon. "I didn't want you to see me throw up, ever. Let alone, our first date"


"Oh come on, don't give yourself a hard time" The older girl wrapped her arm around Tiffany and pulled her closer. "You're cute no matter what" she kissed the girls cheek and smiled.


Tiffany wiped her watery eyes. "I hate being sick. Now I can't do anything fun. Or work" She sighed.


"Well... We can make out" Taeyeon smiled and leaned in to kiss her girlfriend, but Tiffany leaned away.


"You can't kiss me, i'll get you sick" Tiffany stated.


"I'll take my chances" Taeyeon shrugged and cupped her girlfriends cheeks, before leaning in to capture her girlfriends lips.


"Taengoo" Tiffany groaned and pulled away. "Please, I feel disgusting"


Taeyeon sighed. "Fine, eat your soup" She stood up.


"W-Where are you *sneeze* going? Please don't go, i'm so sorry, please stay" Tiffany held her girlfriends wrist.


Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows. "To run you a cold bath? When I touched your cheeks, I felt you burning up" she shrugged.


"Oh.. *blushes* I thought you were leaving me"


Taeyeon half smiled at her adorable girlfriend. She leaned down and quickly pecked her lips. "Next time you block me from kissing you, I will leave" She joked, before walking to the bathroom.




"Hey, how are you feeling cutie?"


Tiffany groaned and slowly opened her eyes. She looked up and noticed snuggling into Taeyeon, on the older girls bed. "H-Huh..? W-What happened? I-I thought I was eating dinner while you got the bath ready.."


"Oh wow, that medicine really did knock you out" Taeyeon chuckled and sat up. "Babe, that was last night. You ate your soup. Well, barely ate it, your stomach kept acting up. So I had to basically force feed you so you wouldn't take your medicine on an empty stomach. You took the bath, and told me to stay with you 'cause you were scared to be alone. And thank god you did that because the medicine kicked in and you fell asleep in there" Taeyeon explained, as she rubbed Tiffany's arm.


"W-Wait.. I- uhm.. I was last in the bath, , but i'm here now, wearing clothes?"


"Pretty much"


"You.. You got me out of the bath, dressed me, and put me in bed? All while I was unconscious..?"




"You saw me ..? Oh i'm so embarrassed.." Tiffany covered her face with a pillow and groaned. "We haven't even gotten to 2nd base yet, but you've already seen everything" She cringed.


"I tried my best to dress you as fast as I could and as carefully as I could so I wouldn't see too much" Taeyeon reassured the girl. "Anyways, i'm late for work and I don't have any more vacation days. So" The older girl stood up.


"Please be back soon. I'm still feeling like crap" She sighed.


"Don't worry, I will" Taeyeon leaned down and pecked her girlfriends lips and quickly changed. She rushed to the kitchen to bring Tiffany's food. "I made you breakfast and cookies" She placed the tray on the bedside table. "I'll buy us lunch and dinner on the way home"


"Okayy. I'll miss you" Tiffany pouted.


"I'll only be gone a few hours, I promise" Taeyeon smiled. "Enjoy breakfast" She pulled out the medicine. "And don't forget to take your medicine" She placed it next to the food. "And don't you dare lie to me about taking it. Because i'll know" She winked.


"Shut uupppp" Tiffany blushed.


Taeyeon chuckled. "Hyoyeon leaves work early, but she said she'll check on you" She smiled. "Anyways, call me if you need anything or if it's an emergency. See you" She quickly pecked her lips again, before leaving.




"WEEEEEEE" Hyoyeon smiled excitedly, as Key pushed her on her chair.


"DAMN IT!" Taeyeon groaned. "Your wheelie chair is better than mine! I have a broken wheel!" She defended herself.


"Yeah, yeah. You're just making up excuses because you lost!" Hyoyeon smirked. "Key and I beat every single person so far. So who are we going to demolish next?"


"How about... Me?" Bora smiled.


The entire firm went silent, as their eyes widened once they realized who was standing by the door.


"BORA?" Sooyoung smiled excitedly, as she ran to hug the girl.


"What are you doing here? Are you coming back to work here?" Taeyeon said Hopefully.


"I wish" Bora chuckled. "No, i'm just here for a joined case with Minho. What have you guys been up to? How's my replacement?" She joked.


"No one's ever replacing you" Key chuckled. "But we're having fun, as usual. But this time, no injuries. And no deaths" He chuckled.


"Yeah... I remember the poor, poor, firm's goldfish... Died by pingpong ball" BoA cringed. "Taemin that one was on you"


"It was an accident!" Taemin groaned.


"Anyways, what case are you and Minho working on?" Taeyeon asked.


"The museum robbery from a few weeks ago. BoA originally thought it was Jihoon and his squad, but it turns out, it's not. They broke into the National Museum of Korea in the middle of the night a few days ago. They escaped before we arrived, but the security cameras caught a small glimpse of his face. He was masked, but..." She pulled out a file and took out the picture of him. "He looks like Park Sungwoon, doesn't he?"


Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows and looked at the picture. "Hm.. Yeah, that's Sungwoon alright" She nodded. "Did you go bust him down?"


"No, and we can't. We're not 100% sure that's him. And if it is, he's definitely working with others. There were 4 items stolen, 1 of which was a medium sized statue. At least 2 people had to carry it. So if we do bust him down now, he will still have other people doing his dirty work for him. So we need to take our next steps very carefully" Bora said, as she sighed.


"You need any help? I've had encounters with Sungwoon before, so I know a lot of his hideaways" Taeyeon offered.


"Oh that's perfect! You wanna join Minho and I right now?" Bora offered.


"Yeah! Lemme just get the file I have on him"


Taeng, don't you have to go home to Tiff?" Hyoyeon asked.


"I'll text her telling her i'm gonna work late" Taeyeon said, as she texted her girlfriend.


"Tiff? As in Tiffany Young? The girl who beat me in court?" Bora furrowed her eyebrows. "SHE is my replacement? That !"


"Hey! She's our friend now, don't say that!" Minho stated.


"Yeah, we like her. She's amazing! And she's dating Taeyeon" Sooyoung teased.


"You're dating her?" Bora's eyes widened. "Since when? And why did you not tell me?" Bora smacked her friends arm.


Taeyeon chuckled and texted Tiffany telling her she's working on a case and will be late. "I didn't have the chance to tell you. I only started dating her 2 days ago, and she's been sick since then" she pouted.


"Awh, poor thing" Bora pouted. "Buuutt" she looked at her friends. "How whipped is Taeyeon?" She smiled.


"Oh SO whipped" Taemin chuckled.


"Never seen Taeng this whipped, ever" Yuri teased.


"Taeyeon is so-" Sooyoung was cut off.


"-OKAY, OKAY!" Taeyeon shushed everyone up. "Bora, Minho, let's go do this JOB" She pushed her two younger friends into Minho's office.



"TELL ME MORE ABOUT THIS TIFFANY LATER" Bora chuckled and let the older girl push her into the office.




"Thanks for the food" Tiffany groaned. "Taeyeon promised she'd get me some, but she texted saying she was busy on a case?" She furrowed her eyebrows.


"Oh yeah, Bora came in to work on a case with Minho, but turns out, Taeyeon has files on the criminal, so they're working together" Hyoyeon explained, as she sat on the couch next to her friend.


"Bora..? What-What do you mean she's back? Is she there permanently? Is she gonna take back her old spot next to Taeyeon..?" Tiffany nervously asked.


Hyoyeon chuckled. "No, don't worry. She still works at her other firm. She's just here for this case"


"So Taeyeon ditched her sick girlfriend, that she promised to come home to and bring her food, to work on a case...?" Tiffany scoffed.


"Oh, are you jealous?" Hyoyeon teased.


"Pfff- Whaaat..? No!" Tiffany shook her head. "Absolutely not!"


Hyoyeon smirked. "Well, you don't have to be jealous. Anyways, Taeyeon told me to make sure you eat your food and take your medicine. So start eating woman. I don't have all day!" She joked.


Tiffany just smiled and started eating. She was obviously jealous. Taeyeon and Bora had history together. The entire firm always talked about how inseparable they were and how they were basically soulmates. How will Tiffany compete with that?


But she was too afraid of telling Taeyeon about this. The last time she admitted she was jealous of Taeyeon's ex, the older girl got mad at her. This was only day 2 of her relationship with Taeyeon, she didn't want to start their relationship with a fight.


Tiffany sighed, making Hyoyeon look at her. "You okay there?"


The older girl was snapped from her thoughts. "Oh, uh.. Yeah.."


"Are you sure? Are you feeling worse? I can call Taeyeon and tell her you're getting sicker?" Hyoyeon offered.


"Oh, i'm oka-" She stopped herself from finishing the sentence. ‘If Hyoyeon calls Taeyeon to tel her i'm feeling sicker, Taeyeon would definitely cut work and come back home.. But... I would be lying to her..’ she thought, as she bit her lip.


"Tiffany, you okay? You keep zoning out?" Hyoyeon asked.


"Oh yeah... Uhm.. I just- my body feels weak and cold, but it's really hot.. I think i'm getting a fever again.." Tiffany lied. She didn't care. She wanted Taeyeon. They've been girlfriends for 2 days, yet they didn't spend much time together. She wanted her girlfriend to comfort her and hold her and cuddle her.


"Oh " Hyoyeon sighed. "Okay, you take your medicine right now, hopefully it'll help bring the fever down. I'll go call Taeyeon and tell her to come back home" She stood up and called Taeyeon. 


Tiffany tried her hardest to hide her smile. She just took her medicine and covered herself with the blanket more.


"Okay, Tae is on her way. She told me to put a wet towel on your forehead and make sure you drink a lot of water" Hyoyeon said, as she walked to the kitchen and boiled water. "You know, Taeyeon's gonna be mad when she finds out you're not actually sick" she teased.


"What?" Tiffany looked at the

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