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The LSM Corporate
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"I can't believe i'm doing this" Tiffany told herself, as she looked at herself in the mirror and fixed her hair. She tucked her hair behind her ear, but then brought it back in front. "Hm.." She tucked it back again. "No" She shook her head and untucked it. "UGH why is this so frustrating" She ended up tying her hair up in a bun. "Fine whatever" She took her bag and hurried out of her trailer.


It had been 6 months since the incident. 6 months since she quit the JYP Law Group and chose go never be a lawyer ever again. But that didn't work out for her. Ever since she quit, she started struggling financially, had to move into a trailer park, where her neighbor was a very annoying older woman, who thinks she can stick her nose in Tiffany's business. She thinks they're friends, but they're definitely not. Tiffany just wanted to be alone, but the woman, Melanie, would always disrupt her (and the rest of the neighborhood).


"Going to work?" Melanie smirked. She had been sitting out on the porch, smoking a cigarette.


"Oh will you stop smoking, you're stinking up the entire neighborhood. And we don't need anymore of that" Tiffany rolled her eyes and locked her trailer door. "And as I said, my personal life is none of your business so stop asking me about it. Just leave me alone, will you?" She put her keys in her bag, before making her way out the neighborhood.


Tiffany was irritated, if you couldn't tell. She did NOT want to go back to her lawyer life. Not after what happened. Sure, being a lawyer had always been her dream, but after the incident, she just wanted to quit and sit in her home to cry all day. But she can't do that for a few reasons, one of them being that her quitting means she can't get paid, which means she can't pay her bills, which means she was kicked out of her home and forced to live in a cheap, dirty trailer.


She had to put her frustrations aside and get a job. Because she did NOT want to live in a trailer forever. Especially not with Melanie as one of her many annoying neighbors. Tiffany used to be rich. Her family were wealthy. She was used to having it all. So waking up one day and losing it all... Yeah she wasn't used to it. She was definitely humbled after the incident.


Tiffany sighed. She hoped nobody at her new firm would be mean and rude. She knew people there would be suspicious at her arrival, they all knew she used to work at JYP, their rival firm. So she didn't want to stick out. She just wanted to quietly do her job and get paid. And once she's financially stable, officially quit and start a new life.





"Okay team, today, we will put the biggest mystery to rest" Hyoyeon said, as she stood on top of her desk. "If anyone can beat MY record on how many bullseyes they can get in one round." She smirked. "But-" She held the dart in one hand and aimed it towards the dartboard, closing one eye to fix her aim. 


"Bet you 10 bucks she hits a bullseye then dramatically jumps off the table and lands like a superhero" Taemin whispered to Taeyeon.


"Oh no way, she'll definitely dramatically bow down after she hit it" Taeyeon said.


"It's a bet" Taemin held his hand out.


Taeyeon looked at Taemin and smirked. "You better get your money ready, Lee" She shook his hand, securing the bet. 


Hyoyeon threw the dart and it landed in the very middle. "-You hopeless es could never beat me" She said loudly over Taeyeon and Taemin's voices, then dramatically bowed down.


"Told you" The eldest girl looked at Taemin with a smirk.


"Oh whatever, Kim" Taemin rolled his eyes jokingly and gave his friend 10 bucks.


"Stop running your mouth and get your down Hyo. Let the REAL champion talk" Key smirked and stood on his desk. "IIIII am the true reigning champion" He smirked.


"Oh here we go again" Sooyoung chuckled.


"No you're not? I won last year!" Hyoyeon jumped off of her desk.


"Uh, no? If I remember correctly, you got 5 bullseyes and I got 6" Key looked down at his coworker and friend.


"6? Uh, absolutely not! Your last dart fell off the board!" Hyoyeon retorted.


"Yeah, WAY after I threw it on that bullseye! It landed in the middle and stayed there, THEN fell after I got the point!" It was Key's turn to jump off his desk.


"The rules are, you have to LAND a bullseye, not throw your dart and watch it drop!" Hyoyeon stated.


"I DID land the bullseye. I got the point for it, Sooyoung, the person keeping score, marked down my point. The dart fell after the point was already written down!" Key truthfully said.


"Eh ehm, what's going on here?" Someone cleared his throat.


All the team suddenly scurried to their desks and pretended like they've been doing their work the whole time.


"S-Siirrrrr.... We thought you were out on call todaayyy...." Hyoyeon smiled awkwardly at her boss.


"I was. I had to meet up with someone at the station today to bring her here" Their boss, Lee Sooman, said, as he stood upright.


"Who?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"Well, as you all know, Bora was transferred into one of our other branches a few weeks ago, and we've been down a lawyer since then. Bora was one of our top lawyers. She kept everyone in check and made sure you all finished your work as well, so after she left, we've been falling behind. Not even Taeyeon could get us up to date and in check" He shot a look at Taeyeon, who gritted her teeth and looked away.


"So, I decided to bring in a new lawyer. And she's a real good one too. You all may know her, as she worked with out rival firm" The boss said, as he stepped aside. "Meet our new member"


Tiffany took a few steps forward.


The whole firm was in shock. They all knew Tiffany, and she knew them. Their paths crossed many times during the job.


"U-Uhm.. Hello, my name is-" Tiffany was cut off.


"Sir you cannot be serious" Minho, the firms General, said.


"Yeah, she's from our rival firm!" Hyoyeon added.


"She's probably here to spy on us!" Yuri, one of the Detectives exclaimed.


"Settle down!" Sooman said. "I know she used to work at our rival firm, but she doesn't work there anymore. She quit 6 months ago. She's been out of a job since then. After I heard that the JYP Firm lost one of their best lawyers, I made sure to contact her immediately. The first few times I contacted her, she declined the offer. But she called me last week and said she'll take it" The boss explained. "She does not work there anymore, nor does she even have contact with anyone at that firm anymore. She's not a spy. But she is our new lawyer and your new coworker. We now have someone who knows how JYP's firm handles things, this is a win for us. So you better accept it because she will be joining us" He firmly said.


The whole firm went quiet. Many of them still didn't trust Tiffany, thinking this is just a huge scheme from JYP, to spy on them, but they had no say in this. They just had to accept her.


"Now" Sooman looked at Tiffany. "This is your new home. Make yourself comfortable and help us get our numbers up, because this firm has been slacking off" He said, as he looked back at his team in disappointment. The whole team looked away. The boss then left the room.


Tiffany, who was looking down because she was afraid of making eye contact with anyone, finally looked up. "Uhm... M-My name is-" She was cut off again.


"Tiffany Hwang" Taeyeon, who was quiet the whole time, finally spoke. "Won 13 cases in the first 2 months of this year alone. The top lawyer of the JYP firm" She exposed. "Yeah, we know who you are. One of those 13 cases you won was against us. You beat Bora" She added.


Tiffany shifted her feet uncomfortably and cleared .


"Winning 13 cases in 2 months. That's really great. Still not as good as half the people in this firm, but still pretty great from a JYP lawyer" Taeyeon spat with a dirty smirk on her face, making the rest of the firm stifle their laughs. "So why would JYP's top lawyer, who has been on fire since the very first day on the job, suddenly quit?" Taeyeon asked. "And even more suspiciously, why would she suddenly quit, only to transfer to her rival firm, 6 months later, hm?" Taeyeon raised her eyebrows and leaned forwards on her desk. 


Tiffany gulped. She knew this would happen, and she didn't blame any of them for not trusting her. Everything Taeyeon said was right. She had been winning every case she got this year, but after thatone case, her life had been flipped upside down, and got her to quit. But she couldn't tell any of them that. She couldn't tell anyone about what happened. Which means everyone in this new firm will be suspicious of her for a long time, maybe never even trust her. But she just couldn't. She couldn't bring herself to tell anyone.


Tiffany sighed. "Look, I know this is very suspicious. And I don't blame any of you for not trusting me and for thinking like this. But i'm just here to do my job. Sir Lee Sooman told me that I can't just jump back into being a lawyer. He told me i'll have to be a secretary for the first month or so, because i'm rusty after my 6 month break. And once everyone slowly opens up to me and realizes that i'm really not a spy or anything, then i'll start as a lawyer again" Tiffany truthfully said, but she can still see the uncertainty in their faces. She sighed again.


"Thank you, Tiffany" Minho said. "Bora's desk used to be the one between Taeyeon and Key. Since she's not here anymore, that can be your desk now" He half smiled. Minho didn't like the fact that someone from their rival firm was working here either, but he was the General of the firm. He had to keep his personal feelings aside and do what he thought was best for the firm. He didn't know whether or not Tiffany was a spy, but he did know that she was a good lawyer. He read all about her after she won the case against Bora. And frankly, their firm needed another lawyer helping them get back on track. Ever since Bora left, the team started slacking off. Minho may have been General, but Bora was always strict and everyone listened to her. Whenever the others would be wasting time, she would remind them to do their work. She was the balance they needed, so once she left, the firm became uneven.


"Once you've settled down, meet me in my office, i'll give you some documents to work on" Minho said, as he walked towards his office.


Tiffany nodded and walked to her desk to set up. She didn't really bring that much, so she just placed her papers in her drawer, then placed her bag on her desk. It was awkward because everyone was basically staring at her silently.


Minho walked back out of his office. "Everyone, back to work" He walked back inside and closed the door.


Everyone shrugged and got back to their work.


Minho opened the door again. "We'll continue the bullseye competition tonight. We need a tie breaker after last years competition" He smirked and finally walked back into his office.


The firm all cheered and laughed.


"TIE BREAKER? OH COME ON!" Key whined.


"TOLD YOU IT WASN'T AN OFFICIAL POINT!" Hyoyeon smiled excitedly. 


"Well you're still not the winner, it's a TIE!" Key spat, as he crossed his arms.


"We'll see about that!" Hyoyeon smiled and got back to her work.





"Sir..?" Tiffany knocked on the door before walking into Minho's office.


"Oh, hello Hwang. Already ready for some paperwork?" Minho chuckled and sat up.


"Yeah... And some introductions.. I know some people here, but also a lot of unfamiliar faces... I'm too scared to ask them so I was hoping you'd give me a quick introduction on who's who?" Tiffany smiled awkwardly.


"Oh of course" He nodded and stood up. "Well, i'm Choi Minho. I'm the General of this law firm, but treat me as you treat anyone else here. I've been working here for 5 years" He smiled.


"Now let me introduce you to our lawyers. We have the 3 Kim's. Kim Taeyeon, Kim Hyoyeon and Kim Kibum, all 3 of them joined the firm together 4 years ago. They've been friends since they were young. We call them the Kim siblings" The man started. "Hyoyeon is the blonde one. She's an excellent lawyer. She's the life of the party, so you can never have a dull day with her" He smiled.


"Next we have Kibum, or as we call him here, Key. He's also an excellent lawyer, but he's been thinking of taking the Bar to be an attorney" He continued.


"Then we have the last Kim of the pack, Taeyeon. She's the best lawyer this firm has ever seen. Lee Sooman actually offered her a job on the day of her graduation because he had previously seen her on the job. When she was only 18, her college sent her on one of this firms cases, and she won. Sooman has had his eyes on her since then" Minho explained. "But, she's putting in her transfer to be a detective instead"


"What? But you said she's the best lawyer here? I heard so much about her back when I was in JYP... She won 42 cases in 3 months... That's over 3 times more than me!" Tiffany looked up at Minho.


"Yeah, well she never really wanted to be a lawyer to begin with. She originally wanted to be a detective, but once LSM offered her the job, she couldn't say no. She joined the team and definitely struggled at first, but it took here mere weeks to rise to the top. But that's just her as a lawyer. Every once in a while on her free time, she gets called in to do some detective work and she excels there too. Everyone here calls her the ace of the firm" He chuckled.


"Anyways, to take her place, we have Lee Jinki. Him, Sooyoung, Yuri and Taemin are detectives, but Jinki's trained to be a lawyer. Once Taeyeon gets her things sorted out, he'll be her replacement. He's 2nd only to Taeyeon" The man said.


"Okay, so Taeyeon, Key and Hyoyeon are the lawyers, but Taeyeon is transferring to be a Detective. Jinki, Yuri, Sooyoung and Taemin are Detectives, but Jinki is transferring to be a Lawyer. And you're the General? ... Okay, that's a lot to take in but i'll eventually learn" She nodded. "Who is this Bora person? I remember going against her, but why did she leave?"


"One of our branches were struggling hard and needed to get their numbers up or else they'd close down. Bora volunteered to go work there. She left a few months ago" Minho explained. "Bor

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