Congratulations That “Nut” Costed You Eternal Life


, sluggish, lazy, and unconcerned


putting our shame aside to bring you another fwb ad. we're both 18+ and living on the minus side of the world!


friend #1

  • switches between both male & female fcs (will fc whoever you want fr)
  • crazy sleep schedule so pluses and minuses are welcome
  • jobless so they reply fast and will give you lots of attention


  • up for gaming and might even redownload genshin for you
  • will take cute pics on zepeto with you and lots of cpdps
  • has hyberbeam premium
  • cute noteit doodles (REAL)
  • will edit things for you, from pics to little videos


  • sagittarius and clingy
  • sub with hard/taboo kinks
  • male lean but heyyy ladies
  • living an ongoing episode of 2003-2012 MTV show prank'd
  • is ually attracted to gamers. even league players
  • likes to play valorant even though their laptop runs at 12 fps. can't be your pocket sage cause they don't know how to heal..


friend #2

  • only really fcs ggs with a special appearance of a bg every now and then
  • works but she will still make time for you, don't worry
  • loves to hyperbeam and will watch anything with you (animes, kdramas, movies, etc)


  • sub
  • plays a variety of different games so come and find out!
  • has cute doodles and will cpdp with you
  • swings both ways so everyone has a chance!
  • also has premium hyberbeam
  •  enjoys plotting and replies fast
  • will fc anyone you want #UCanFacechase
  • funny, she knows how to joke around!


  • sub
  • hard/taboo kinks (2)
  • can't dom, might try but she's a sub
  • might reply slow sometimes "if the is good dw about this 😂" LOL
  • can be clingy and talkative (pros)
  • nondating and no strings attached.. for now 
  • is a facechaser, she doesn't actually care about fcs but certain people.. yeah 


if you considered any of this remotely interesting then pm with your tag or user!

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