[OPEN] sapphic roleplayers where you at? (dreamcatcher, loona, mamamoo, wjsn, twice, red velvet?)


hello - I am looking for roleplay partners! I would love to find roleplay partners who are also looking for sapphic connections, girlxgirl/yuri roleplaying. 


I'm into loona, dreamcatcher, mamamoo, wjsn, twice, red velvet and so many other groups! It would be awesome to rp thsoe groups together if possible! I am also open to doing straight roleplay as well with my muse being the male muse. My male muses are txt's yeonjun and nct's johnny (open to other fcs as well but those are my main ones)


cool now here's some more about me if you're interested :) 


- I am of age so do not worry (ooc 21+)

- I am open to nsfw just state what type of connection / plot you're looking for and we can work out the details. 

- I am looking for either plot or casual talk, or both. honestly so flexible, just craving some social connections.

- I can be a super softie, chill, cuddly person. so like if you've seen heartstopper? yeah those vibes. but I can also be down for some and nsfw activities and vibes as well. best of both worlds here, well i do try my best at least

- like I mentioned above I am looking for sapphic, girl x girl roleplayers / scenarios but I am also open to het relationships/connections as well. my female fcs at the moment are: loona's yves, hyunjin , mamamoo's moonbyul, dreamcatcher's siyeon, dami, twice's chaeyoung, wjsn's eunseo, red velvet's seulgi, etc. curious about other fcs or have request for me? just ask! we can chat it out i'm so flexible.

- as for my male fcs I mainly do txt's yeonjun, nct's johnny, hendery & stray kids' bangchan

- I am in the minus side of the world (-7) but I can be awake at random times of the day so timezone does not matter to me. I will try my best to respond and be active for you. 


interested? feel free to add my discord: ddeuk_biii#1743 or send me a dm here on aff if you do not use discord or perfer a different platform. 

Hope to talk to you soon! thank you!


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