no limits sub looking for male dom


the world is your oyster 


bored and have plenty of spare time so i'd like to spend it with someone. i'm hoping to find a top that can manhandle me and use me as his rag doll. i'm a flirt that can be anything you want. we can plot or casually . 

  • minus tz 
  • fc open to discussion (tell me anyone you want to and i'll fc them. doesn't matter who they are. we can fc each other)
  • looking for bxg (i'll be the girl) or bxb pairings. i'm always a sub bottom.
  • semi-lit (mostly mirror length) 
  • kinks: ranges from vanilla to taboo (non-con, voyeurism, stalker, cheating, degrading,  power play, , toys, manipulation, size difference, age difference, blackmail, and so much more) 
  • limits: gore, excessive blood
  • submissive, affectionate, clingy bottom 
  • platforms vary. tell me what platform you're at, your id and i'll follow you there. 
  • dm me with your platform, id, fcs for me, your fcs, tz 
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