Looking to RP with some peoples~ 🐧 (18+ mdni - ) OPEN


Hey all,

Im looking to roleplay (NSFW 18+) after not doing it for a while! I'm a switch although I do lean slightly more to the sub side. In terms of limits I'm not into or gore or anything related to those.

Kinks are a very long list but the main ones would be: public , sloppy s, , face sitting, teasing, s, ing.

In terms of scenarios I am open to any ideas that you have but I do prefer AU plots over non-AU. I usually play as Jong Suk the actor but am open to changing depending on the plot to really anyone that you'd want.

I'm only doing straight plots so I apologize If that's what you were looking for!

If you're interested feel free to add me on Kik: krp25565

I can also do discord, if you'd prefer that just message me your tag and I'll add you!

Try to message me kinks and limits as It makes working things out easier!


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