Insane Love

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In the world of fiction that he had created, he was the king, but only one proved to be his life and death. Only one dared to go against his will and change the course of his book... his life... his will... 

What will be his choice?

Will he choose to never be a writer again and stay with her?

Will he choose to be a writer and kill her in order to finish his book?

This time he wasn’t just the writer of his novel… but he was the writer of his own life…


Byun Baekhyun, 28, Author

Lee Ari, 28, fictional character

Other characters: 

Kang Eunji - talent agent, Baekhyun's assistant, his cousin
Lee Taemin - psychologist, clinical psychiatrist
Do Kyungsoo - Professor of literature
Park Chanyeol - Comic creator


“In the sea of fiction, he created... one became his life and his death…”


The reality.

The fiction.

The sanity. 


What is reality actually?

What is fiction?

What is sanity?



Ruelle - Madness


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