A Moment in the Rain

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It rained that day. 
Jongkook looked out the dark window and fell in thought. It was around the time that the sound of rain bumping irregularly against the window. He felt a little dizzy.
And the doorbell rang. The person who came to see him?
Jihyo. His ex-girlfriend, who broke up a month ago, stood in front of him with all her clothes wet.
What will happen to them?


While reading a lot of fanfictions here, I wanted to post my own as well! 
It's a little dark and sad story, but it won't be dark until the end. Cause the place where the rain passed is clear :)
Warning : some chapters will be rated M 
I'm Korean and English is not my first language. Please remember that I'm not fluent in English. And please leave a comment or send a message if there is a big error or if you don't understand anything. 
I wrote this in Korean first, and now I'm translating it into English.
If you can read Korean, I suggest you read  : https://retfhej.postype.com/series/667950 (Adult authentication required after login)
I will upload this until the end :) If you like this, please leave a comment and upvote, it will be a great help to me!
Hope you enjoy it!
There's one more chapter, but it doesn't affect the story. Is there anyone who want to see?
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