Stuck With U

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From getting stuck into the school's laboratory to getting stuck with each other forever - The journey of a childish animosity, the journey of a friendship; the journey of love and the journey of life.

This is the journey of Baekhyun and Hiah.




Statistics say, more than fifty percent of best friends used to be each other's enemies before their friendship. Byun Baekhyun and Kang Hiah's friendship wasn't any exception to this rule. 

They used to be enemies in mid school. However, a certain incident had formed an unexpected friendship between the two of them that continued till their present days.

And now when they'd be shoved into a sort of arranged marriage due to some life crisis - or maybe plainly family crisis? - they'd have to be stuck with each other for the rest of their lives as well. 



Author's Note:

Hello, readers!!

I know I'm so shameless to share another story here whereas I have a long list of ongoing stories already! But couldn't help it! :}

It will be a comparably short story! Maybe at most 10 chapters? 

AND! There's no 'Angst' tag here, hehe! So, it will be a simple and perhaps sweet one! (I did keep the 'lightangst' tag just in case~)

I've already written some parts of it in daze and I'm really excited to share this work with y'all! Please look forward to it!!  ^^






Sorry for the false notif! T-T
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