Black Magic

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Oh Mirae always thought her life would always be perfect, because she had perfect husband and cutest daughter . But one day come Jung Sunhee and turned her perfect life upside down.





Oh Mirae (30)

Married to Oh Sehun

Has her own flower shop


Oh Sehun (32)

Works in one of the most successful company



Genre: divorceau, magic, marriedlcouple, cheating(unintentional), happyending.

Characters: Oh Sehun, Oh Mirae (oc), Jung Sunhee(oc).

Warnings: Don't do those things in real life!!!




This is Ni.

I decided to write this oneshot some days ago,

after listening some people who actualy experienced this things in real life.

Yes, believe it or not, this fic is based on the real stories.

I will update this really soon, probably in a week.

Please wait for it.




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