FEARLESS.  /   open now for the lols!

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I'm fearless, a new , new crazy>
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whatcha lookin at, watcha,
watcha lookin at?
I'm fearless, huh.
so you like the song fearless? you like the bsides in the album? so watcha lookin at? stop staring and start applying!
welcome to fearless! a non-au pop up rp that could be your home. will be your home. no time to be sour because here at your new 1 week home the world is your oyster. join if you're fearless and not a coward!
aespa: karina winter
astro: eunwoo
blackpink: rose
enhypen: sunghoon
everglow: sihyeon mia
itzy: yeji ryujin
ive: wonyoung 
kep1er: xiaoting26
lesserafimkazuha yunjin
loona: yves
nct: mark jeno johnny renjun jaemin26
stray kids: hyunjin 
stayc: seeun sumin 
seventeen: jeonghan26
the boyz: younghoon juyeon sunwoo hyunjae
txt: beomgyu
actors: minju26
yunjin: stayc's seeun, red velvet's joy, nmixx's sullyoon
kazuha: juyeon and jaehyun
eunwoo: you
karina: kep1er's xiaoting
name x name
name x name
name x name
name x name
name x name
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