Piece 8

Eyes On Me
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“Who are you watching so intently like that?” Someone suddenly asked from behind him, which surprised Jiyong, he jumped on his feet a little but one glance at the man behind him made him roll his eyes in annoyance.

“Don’t surprise me like that, Seunghyun hyung.” Jiyong groaned before turning to look back at what he was staring at before, ignoring the man behind him.

“Well?” Seunghyun continued to pester.

“What?” Jiyong asked in annoyance.

“What are you staring at?” The older asked again.

“Nothing.” Jiyong replied, now eyes not fixed at anything in particular so the other won’t get suspicious.

“Don’t lie. I haven’t even seen you blink at all for the past ten minutes.” Seunghyun pointed out.

“What? That’s not even possible.” Jiyong said with a frown as he continues to not spare Seunghyun any glance. “Why are you even staring at me that long?”

“Hmm.” He heard the older hummed, not responding to any of his question. “Are you looking at the boy wearing the maroon suit?”

“Shut up, hyung.” Jiyong pushed the older away. “No, I am not.”

“You definitely are.” Seunghyun continues to bother him because he likes seeing the younger get all riled up in frustration. “Wow, you do have a great eyes.”

“Shut up.” Jiyong repeated. “ off, hyung. Go do whatever you were doing before you were inserting yourself in my personal space.”

“Hey, do I need to remind you who invited you along to this event? You are literally my plus one, I need to keep my eyes on you before you cause chaos.” Seunghyun uttered in all seriousness, Jiyong was almost fool.

“I have never cause any-”

“Shush.” The older cut him off. “I see what you are seeing. He is cute and very attractive. But that partner of his.” Seunghyun commented with a whistle. “Spicy hot. They make a great couple.”

“Go away, idiot.” Jiyong stepped to the side more to distance himself from the older.

“But be careful, Jiyong. You don’t want to mess with them.” Seunghyun warned and the atmosphere suddenly got serious.

“What- why? What do you know about them?” Jiyong asked as he suddenly was interested in what the older was trying to say.


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