Piece 7

Eyes On Me
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Seungri scrunched his eyebrows up when he heard the doorknob being twisted open and shut close soon after – confused by the lack of greeting by whoever just enter his room. But then the smell of a familiar cologne hit his nose and he relaxed back on the pillow and raised his book up to continue his reading.

“Hey, babe.” Seungri heard the familiar voice and felt the dig on the side of the bed beside him. He decided to just reply to him with a hum of acknowledgement. “Am I getting a kiss or not?”

“No, I haven’t brushed my teeth.” Seungri said still not taking his eyes of the book – not really reading it now that his favourite person is in the room.

“Oh, wow. It’s almost 2 in the afternoon, why are still in your pyjamas?” His boyfriend exclaimed like it is the scariest thing he ever seen.

“Because it’s comfortable and I don’t plan on leaving this bed today.”

“That’s disgusting and very unhygienic, babe.” The boy commented and even without looking, Seungri knows the older is scrunching his nose in disgust.

“Whatever. I don’t have anything to do today anyways.” Seungri said while burying himself deeper into his pile of pillows.

“Well, now you do. I want to go get new pants and you are coming with me.” The other boy said and noticing Seungri not responding the way he wants, he bounced on the bed roughly almost sending Seungri rolling down to the ground.

“Hey, I almost flew off.” Seungri said petrified out of his life while holding onto the pants of the other boy.

“Sorry.” But he didn’t sound like he is as he laugh loudly from his spot. “But seriously go get ready. We are going out today.”

“I’m lazy.” Seungri groaned as he snuggles back inside the cover.

“We can go shopping then maybe eat something.” The other boy tried to bribe.

“Ugh.” Seungri continues to grumble in laziness.

“Come on. We don’t get to go on a lot of date lately.” The other boy tried to persuade him with a soft tone he only uses with him and how could Seungri say no when he does that.

“I’ll go if we go to the burger store on the second floor of the mall.” Seungri requested with his puppy eyes and

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