Piece 5

Eyes On Me
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Jiyong walked quickly down the hallway as his eyes scanned the sign on the door, looking for his lecture hall. It was only his second day as a university student and he is already late for his class. He should’ve paid more attention when the seniors were taking the freshmen around on a campus tour. Else, he wouldn’t get lost like he is now.

When he finally found the room, he pushed the door opened, he is relieved to hear the students’ chatting loudly among themselves which meant that the professor has not arrived. Without minding much, he quickly took the first empty seat he saw just in case the professor might come in any second. Well, nobody like being told off for silly mistake this early in the morning anyway.

He let out a big exhale as he sat down and placed his bag under the table. He looked around the hall and it seemed like he is the only one without a friend to chat with. Everyone was telling each other summer story like it’s something unique and never been done before. Especially the man sitting beside him. He was talking about meeting some stars. Jiyong internally rolled his eyes as he doesn’t even recognise the star mentioned.

“Jiyong?” He heard someone called his name. With a  weird expression on his face, he turned to his left where he assumed the voice came from. “Oh . It is you.”

“Jangkun hyung?” Jiyong asked in disbelieved.

“Jiyong, you remember me? Wow, It has been so long since I last saw you.” Jangkun reached his hand for a shake in which Jiyong accepted without a doubt.

“I didn’t know you went here.” Jiyong commented. Jangkun wasn’t particular good in his studies, so he is surprised the older made it to such a prestigious college.

“Yeah, under a football scholarship.” Jangkun said proudly.

“But you are a year older than me. Why are we in the same class?” Jiyong questioned. “Am I in the right class?” He panicked.

“If it’s Pre-Deter

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