Piece 53

Eyes On Me
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“Doctor, how is he?” Jiyong asked the man who just walked out from the room where they took Seungri.

“Are you a family member of Mr. Lee?” The doctor asked.

“No.” Jiyong answered.

“Then, I can’t tell you. Please call any of Mr. Lee’s family.”

“I’m sorry, doctor. Ahn Yohan, Lee Seunghyun’s guardian.” Jiyong heard a voice coming their place. He was surprised to see Yohan walking to where he and the doctor were standing. “I have a card to proof it.”

“Alright. Mr. Lee is still resting in there. Can I have a word with you in my office, Mr. Ahn?”


Jiyong watched their back as the walked away. He punched the wall in frustration before pulling on his hair. He wanted to scream but he is aware of where he is.

He looked around and made sure the nurses around him were busy before sneaking in the room where Seungri is. He closes the door behind him slowly, not wanting to disturb the younger.

He walked closer to the bed and notice how pale Seungri’s face was. He then raised his finger to softly touch the younger’s face. It was a soft as he remembered. Using his thumb, he traced the outline of the lips he dreamed of kissing again.

He doesn’t know how he lived this past 4 years just looking at this face from afar.

The boy below his frowned for in his sleep before opening his eyes. He squinted for his vision was blurring. Jiyong should retract his hand now before Seungri knew what he was d

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