Piece 51

Eyes On Me
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“You have so many stuff here.” Yohan commented after he opened a new box and saw what’s inside. “Do we really need to dig all these old stuff?”

“Yes, we do because we don’t know if there’s anything important in here.” Seungri replied.

His parents are going to move into a smaller house soon and they will put this one on sale. So, they need to clear the house and all its rubbish. Seungri grew up in this house so he had a lot of stuff – from his toys to his school books that he for some reasons still kept. When he was younger, his mom made him put his stuff that he doesn’t need anymore, but don’t want to throw away  in a box. These boxes had sat under his bed even after he moved to live with Yohan. He had asked his mother to just throw them away or burn them but she insisted that he looked through them himself before doing so.

So far, he only found boxes of books he didn’t even remember reading and the words had faded so he wasn’t able to read them even if he want to.

“It’s been neglected for years. I don’t think you will need them anymore.” Yohan continued to complain.

“We don’t know. We might find something about my past. Although I can’t remember anything from it, at least I can see what I was like during those years.” Seungri tried to reason with the older.

“Did you write a diary or had some kind of photo album?” Yohan asked.

“I don’t remember.” Seungri mumbled to himself.

They continued to dig inside th

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