Piece 50

Eyes On Me
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“Hey, Jiyong. Welcome back.” Seungri gleefully greeted his temporary designer, who just walked in the office after being away the whole week to do his own work – real work.

“Hi.” Jiyong greeted back. Honestly, he wasn’t expecting the younger to remember who he was after being gone for almost a month but he still was and Jiyong felt like he just won the lottery.

“Come on. I have something to show you.” Seungri waved him inside his room eagerly.

Without any question, he followed him in and closed the door while the younger took a seat on the couch inside his office.

“Ta-da.” He gestured towards the box on the table.

“What is this?” Jiyong asked as he stood before the younger with confusion.

“So, while you were away, Mina from the PR team sent over your design to a famous and very well-known magazine. You know what?”


“They love you design and wanted to feature it in their magazine.” Seungri said while jumping in glee. “Jiyong, they want to show off our brand to the world.”

“World? How big is this magazine?” Jiyong asked.

“Very big – international type of big and the artist to be feature in that edition will be a very famous one. Just imagine the exposure we’ll get when the world found out about us.” Seungri excitingly replied.

“Why are you not excited?” Seungri questioned when he saw no reaction from the older. “I’ll credit you for it if that’s what you are worried about.

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