Piece 49

Eyes On Me
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Seungri was on his phone, just replying to some email he received earlier that needed urgent reply, when he heard a couple knock on his door. “Come in.”

“Hey.” Jiyong peeked his head in. “I want to get something in here. Is it okay if I come in?”

“Sure.” Seungri allowed without second thought. “Why would you ask? It’s your room after all.”

Jiyong walked in the room sheepishly and grabbed something from the nightstand. Seungri couldn’t see what he was grabbing. Not that it matters since it wasn’t his room or stuff but it would be  a lie to say he wasn’t intrigued to know.

Jiyong still remembers all the little details about Seungri and what his habits are. But still, he wants to be sure if everything about him is still the same as it was.

“Do you want to me to help you turn off the light?” Jiyong chose to ask as he walks to the door.

“It’s fine. I sleep with the lights on.” Seungri replied.

“That’s not really good for the eyes.” Jiyong commented.

“I know but I can’t sleep when the light’s off.” Seungri added and Jiyong just looked at him weirdly. Seungri knows why. Because he is  a whole grown adult but was still scared of childish things. “You can laugh if you want.”

“I wasn’t-” He said but let out a few chuckles as well. “I wasn’t gonna laugh but wait- Are you saying that you are scared of the dark?”

“What? It’s a valid fear. We don’t know what could be roaming in pitch black.” Seungri defended.


“Jiyong!” Seungri screamed when the older suddenly by switching the light off. “Turn it back on.”

Jiyong was seen holding his stomach as he bends over and laughed his off after turning the lights back on. Seungri has his palm over his heart as he felt it beat like he just ran a marathon.

“That was not funny.” The younger exclaimed as he throws a pillow at the artist’s direction.

“Yo, what’s all that yelling about?” Youngbae asked as he peeked his head inside the room.

Instead of answering with his voice, Jiyong again by switching the lights off.

“Jiyong, I swear to God,” Seungri yelled in the dim room. Not as dark as before since the light from the hallway had shone into the room but it was just a little bit.

“You are scared of the dark?” Youngbae stated and he sounded like he was going to laugh so he immediately put his palm over his mouth.

“Yeah, laugh all you want, ha ha.” Seungri rolled his eyes and turned his body, back facing the two as he sulked.

“No, I wasn’t going to laugh. Hey, Ji. That’s not funny. It’s his fear.” He heard Youn

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