Piece 48

Eyes On Me
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“Mom, what is this place?” Seungri asked as his mother unlocked the door to some random place. The place looked so old and rundown, he doesn’t understand why his mother would buy this place.

“This, honey, was where I used to raise you before moving to Seoul.” His mother declared as she pushed the door open.

“Really? Can’t remember you ever mentioning about this place. I thought we were from Seoul all along.” Seungri uttered as they walked inside the small place. It was dusty and obviously haven’t been lived in for years. The living room that greeted them was looking very sad with the spider web hanging by the arms and the cushion looked like they were from the 70s with cheap flora print on it.

“This was our bedroom once.” He heard as his mother open a door to the only room at the place.

“Careful, mom. We don’t know what’s hiding behind the door.” He told the woman after seeing her opening the door and walking in the room without concern.

“We used to have a small box that I used to put our clothes in because I can’t afford a dresser or even a basket at the time.” His mother ignored his warning and told her story instead.

“Awe mom.” He came forward and engulfed her from the back, placing his arms around her shoulder.

“And there used to be a small fan here that you liked to sit in front of and made weird noises to it.”

“I was just a child and I bet most kids do it.” Seungri mumbled.

“But what I rem

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