Piece 46

Eyes On Me
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“Mum got admitted to the hospital again just now.” Yohan sighed from the other side of the phone.

“Oh my, is she alright?” Seungri asked worried about the woman.

“I don’t know yet. I haven’t got the chance to go to the hospital. Yuna called me just now, telling me that the doctor needs her medical book. I’m on my way home to get it. Can you help me grab it so I can just pick it up and you as well if you want to come. I figure we can save more time like that.” Yohan tiredly requested and Seungri can imagine the man rubbing his face in worry. He always gets stressed out whenever his mother or father gets sick. Seungri understands though. He acts like that as well whenever his parents fall ill.

“Sure, I can do that. I don’t know where you put it though.”

“It’s in my working desk – in the second drawer on the right.” Yohan instructed and Seungri without wasting any time, headed to the said room immediately.

He rummaged through the drawers and got frustrated because Yohan kept a lot of files, books, and papers in the drawer. With a sigh, he flipped through the items inside the drawer looking for a book with the hospital logo at the front.

“Why do you keep so much stuff here?” He complained into the phone but Yohan had long hung up so he was talking to himself.

Seungri didn’t find the medical book so he moved to the other drawers because Yohan might not remember the placement that well. He searched through the desk one by one.

“Flower?” Seungri asked to himself as he found a book with flower stuck to the cover. The flower had been dried so it still has its colour on. Yohan never like flower as far as Seungri knows. He would gift them to Seungri but wouldn’t like being given one. Said it was too feminine and useless.

Intrigued by the book, he got distracted from his searching and decide to open the book – to see what’s inside. The pages were dusty and the words were barely readable as the ink has already faded and some even smudge, so Seungri couldn’t get much from it.

However by looking at how there’s date written in each pages, he assumed that it was a diary. He snickered to himself as he imagines young Yohan writing diary every nights. That man just

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